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  1. About every other page in this very long thread, the issue of bidding when the ship/categories "looks" sold out is addressed. They want to have bids in place in case of a cancellation, you may not be seeing all the inventory and sales/marketing info to RCI.
  2. I guess a lot of Ps got in there ahead of them. @twangster didn't seem to have any issues last sailing.
  3. That may have been another motivating factor - have folks use up their swipes faster because most want the convenience of putting in the booze when the drink is made. This will be like the coffee card - you don't know how many swipes the drink will cost you.
  4. So, how many cynics say this was done to get folks out of the DL, since on most ships this drink can't be made there?
  5. This is why it is better to book and cancel later, than try to add at the last minute.
  6. $360 ZI (inside) GTY and $420 XB (balcony)GTY. The pricing pattern has been weird in that the inventory is still quite high yet the prices have kept going up - the pricing low point was about a month before final payment which is also weird.
  7. If someone can't afford the grats, they can't afford the fare needed to get free grats.
  8. Of the unlimited variety, don't think so.
  9. Two explanations: there's usually a "From" in front of the price and RCI IT.
  10. A general rule of thumb for all drink packages is that the break even point is about 5 drinks a day.
  11. Just don't expect it everyday -the Seaplex is a busy place with lots of other activities. Biker, who enjoyed pickleball on Anthem.
  12. The one in 270 on Anthem/Ovation is pretty good and seems the same to me.
  13. If you get expedited check in for your Anthem sailing you won't need either the app nor a paper SetSail pass - the facial recognition in the expedited lane will take care of it.
  14. I think you are - enjoy whatever view you have from your balcony.
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