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  1. C&A points only post AFTER you cruise - only call RCI 10+ days after the sailing IF the points don't show up.
  2. Could be like now where the extra points don't show up automatically - sometimes you need to call.
  3. Maybe RCI's naming hasn't caught up with the dry dock change - that looks like one of the new cabins where the DL was overlooking the boardwalk. @Ourusualbeach probably has the answer.
  4. I guess the complaining overwhelmed them.
  5. So why would give RCI you something free (extra point) when they can get more money from others?
  6. But their health ministry had enough regulations in place to thwart Aida from restarting in Germany. MSC and Costa have some pretty tough rules to follow in order to cruise.
  7. RCI wants new money - they already have yours.
  8. Cases in Italy are double than at their peak in March but I have yet to hear their cruises being shut down.
  9. Sorry, I keep assuming folks are talking about the topic of the thread. There are plenty of other threads in which that topic is discussed and when some real news comes out, plenty of new threads will be created.
  10. Not sure what else is there to find out - seems like all the details are already in this thread (or on RCI's web site). Now, speculation (and complaints), there'll be plenty of that. Biker, who wonders how many different threads on this topic will be started before the end of the week.
  11. No it doesn't - that could very well be to keep bookings down due to ships reaching capacity limits.
  12. Until it was posted recently there were no details on what RCI meant by "Double points" - when you go off assuming things you may be disappointed, like the folks who assumed it would be for existing bookings as well.
  13. Where was square one - this is a brand new promo.
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