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  1. If I didn't get exactly what you were trying to say, then I assume others didn't either. Make it real simple and don't add any other data: Fare increase: $xx OBC: $xx. Biker, who would not think of the fare increase option until the OBC is at least 3-4x fare increase.
  2. After being at anchor off Singapore for almost the past three months, Radiance is on the way to Hong Kong. Singapore seems like the "it" place for ships to hang out now - more than in Manila Bay. At least 5 more ships on the way.
  3. While that may be true, some folks here can't be bothered to look up exchange rates to see what the numbers really are. Again, if you want feedback, make it easier on the posters. Biker, who would not be sucked in by the OBC at the cost of higher fare.
  4. When you reprice, the perks (including OBC) at the time of reprice are in effect. To get meaningful feedback, all the numbers should be in one currency with accurate math. @TravelerThom may have feedback.
  5. That was all speculation, not so sure all this talk of her going to the scrap yard is happening any time soon.
  6. Might as well start the questions: When RCI starts cruising from there, what's the best way to get to port from LHR?😇
  7. While looking for any updates on Scarlet Lady which is at anchor off Genoa, I found that there's a ship with an AIS transponder of Valiant Lady, but it's a small Canadian registered fishing boat not the VV cruise ship (which apparently is not far along enough to have its AIS transponder on yet).
  8. You can see for yourself at any number of ship tracking sites, like this one: https://www.cruisemapper.com/
  9. You may eventually need one to fly.
  10. Touch-less delivery of food seemed to have worked for probably millions.
  11. The marketeers have obviously failed at messaging since it's the opposite of that.
  12. Sure it is, if you never interact with anybody you can't catch it.
  13. According to reports, using the automated link gets around the restrictions you get by calling.
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