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  1. Welcome to CC. The CD and other staff have more to do on what you may experience than the ship.
  2. Unlikely an O class ship would do anything but 7 day cruises.
  3. The numbers listed in their SEC fillings seem to all be double occupancy (or single for solo cabins) numbers and all the rest of the ships are pretty close to real numbers.
  4. That limit will apply outside of the DL - nothing changed since March.
  5. Price drops for sold out categories are possible but are difficult to get and are probably very minimal on non-Suite cabins.
  6. Please, please, please don't quote lengthy posts (or edit before posting) for such simple question - your fellow CC posters with carpel tunnel syndrome caused by excessive scrolling will appreciate it.
  7. Probably not and it's not really BOGO but 1/2 BOGO. If you are D+ this may come out better than buying ahead in the planner but you can't count on availability.
  8. Because just as you experienced, the RCI IT system is probably just as bad for the CSRs - he just didn't want to tell you he couldn't fix it either and instead screwed it up somehow (or the system did).
  9. Yes, though he would have been right if it was a ship with Suite class.
  10. I don’t get it either, like folks who want to remove grats won’t just choose traditional?
  11. I did some searching and it seems to be limited to Europe and Dubai sailings; you get to opt out in NA, Asia and Australia.
  12. Pretty sure planner prices are dynamic, even in the UK, you will have to keep checking. The availability of the drink card varies.
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