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  1. MSG is in a lot of western food. Look for flavour enhancer 621 on the label. Sausages, cured meats, soups, etc.
  2. They have been chips as long as I have had teeth. Never crisps, except for English migrants. This is the brand we had Growing up in Perth. Say CHIPS right on the pack.
  3. One very hot and humid day I was looking to get some dinner in Singapore after various wandering around. I was in one of the markets under the residential towers in China Town. Drinks stall holder looked at me and she asked/stated : you an Australian. You need beet. She was correct.
  4. Potato scallop (cake) scalloped potatoes As you realise, we have a very adaptable language.
  5. Then, of course, there are regional variations. We always called those crunchy things in a bag potato chips. Crisps was an alien concept growing up in the west. Two others: Parma (correct); par I ( an abomination from nsw). potato cake (easterners, mostly); potato scallop (correct).
  6. Hungry Jacks is the Australian name for the Burger King chain. When it was first being opened here, there was already a shop called Burger King which had the name registered. So, a new name was required. Certainly still around in Melbourne.
  7. All food groups covered. Dietician’s dream.
  8. Two teams not playing very good football/pretty awful football. Nil all draw.
  9. Amusing scene at end of Eagles’ game. Nic Naitanui handed Adelaide’s Reilly O’Brien a new mobile phone. O’Brien had blamed his old, broken phone for tweeting out his uncomplimentary game plan of how to beat Naitanui in the game.
  10. Proper Australian Tom sauce. Named for the rosella parrot.
  11. When my daughter was about 8 or 9 she had some friends in the local sea scout troop. So, she wanted to go and see about joining, too. A visit to the club rooms, looking at the signs, hearing the early part of the intro by the leader. She was out .. Not putting up with any of that god stuff, or queen stuff, or the silly uniform stuff, always has been strong willed.
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