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  1. Appears as though Buddy will be in the team this week. Makes it his 300th game. Next milestone, 1000 goals. Currently on 940, which is 7th on the all time VFL/AFL LIST.
  2. If you are near the coast use seagulls as bird practice. They are plentiful, not too small and reasonably predictable in flight, or even just on the ground/water. This would allow you to go through, and get familiar with, the various capabilities of your camera, and to help choose those that you are most comfortable with.
  3. I’m still trying to work out how to properly edit this, but am happy with the capture.
  4. Also check the amount of medication you are allowed to take into a country. Often Customs specify 30 day supply without additional documentation (but an itinerary etc would be indicative).
  5. You can watch a video on here. Turn off the music. https://www.techradar.com/au/news/canon-eos-90d-official-marketing-video-leaked-confirming-rumored-specs
  6. Trying to walk the bug out of my system in rather overcast and flat light. Even the birds were mostly in hiding. Crested Tern Willy wagtail, a bit blurred but fun
  7. Is this along the Bondi to Coogee walk, or elsewhere? For those visiting Sydney, Bondi to Coogee it is a great clifftop and waters edge walk for a couple of hours. Around October, there are sculptures installed along the way.
  8. A selection of other critters. Not really sure what this is, but it does not look friendly This is a tawny frogmouth -- it is a nightjar, not an owl A wallaby, so cute
  9. Another outing while the weather was somewhat pleasant, which it is not now. Visited Serendip Sanctuary near Geelong in Victoria. Some yellow spoonbills having a chat Three whistling kites having a fly around A whistling kit up close (ish)
  10. Melbourne is generally a very safe city. However, it is a big city, with some of the normal challenges. So, normal caution is advised. I would have no issues walking down to the tennis. Walking back can be another issue — depending upon the rout chosen. Also noting that some of night sessions can extend to 2am or later (I went to one that finished around 3.15). As has been suggested, tagged along with a group coming back, or catch a tram. Certainly, don’t walk through the Kings Domain Park when it is late.
  11. You don’t actually fall off the edge in NZ. It only feels like it.
  12. 7 February? Date systems differ. Friday morning. Not ideal.
  13. As long as the heathens convert to the true code, all will be fine.
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