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  1. Does it sound like a place where you could by boat stuff?
  2. There was a big fight when pharmacists wanted to get approval to give flu shots. AMA very unsupportive. I believe that the outcome was that the injections have to be given by pharmacists are another holder of certification of training to give vaccinations. One of my sisters is a psychiatric nurse. A couple of years ago she had to undertake the extensive training to get certified for community nursing work.
  3. Monday afternoon, only about 102F. Today cool and raining.
  4. A Japanese-Australian colleague used to complain about a local Japanese restaurant. He kept saying all the staff, except sushi chef/owner were Malaysians.
  5. They are using Salisbury Cathedral as a vaccination centre in the UK.
  6. My guess is that they are taking the action against Princess for letting them on the ship in the first place. Negligence, duty of care etc. Make an argument that Princess already knew of Covid, there were official warnings about, and the Royal Princess issues in Japan had already happened. Does anyone know if this is a class action, with these people named as the applicants?
  7. Some are loaded into phials and then the dose for injection is drawn out. Others are loaded into single use syringes, which seems to be the Astra case. Flu vaccinations are usually done from single use syringes. More precise measurement and less waste. Less chance of cross-contamination.
  8. CSL commenced the manufacture of Astra here in Melbourne sometime in November. Batches have to undergo an extensive safety and quality control process, then sent to another factory for loading into syringes. All of this is going on before TAG has given approval for use.
  9. Oh no. History is repeating: Traffic was brought to a standstill on the Eastern Freeway at Doncaster on Monday morning after a truck carrying toilet paper burst into flames. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-25/eastern-freeway-lanes-closed-by-melbourne-truck-fire/13088522
  10. Love a good Char Kwai Teow (no prawns). Got a ragu bubbling with lots of Shiraz in it. Rigatoni ready to cook.
  11. We are hardy stock down here. You get used to wearing them after 5 or 6 months. Nice fashion accessory. Medical exemptions are available.
  12. Pfizer is the first one on order. Astra is another, with a lot more doses because it is easier to store and transport. Novavax has just been given approval to apply for approval with the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Means all documents, data etc have been made available. The number of doses Australia is ordering is not just for our population. A commitment has been made to supply many of the Pacific and South Pacific nations. Good for them as part of our international aid. Good for us because when we eventually travel there, we will have a strong degree
  13. Health Secretary Professor Brendan Murphy advised that the Australian Government will not be seeking to procure Moderna’s vaccine, due to the similarity with Pfizer’s.
  14. There is a strange, but true report of dose availability and syringes. The vials officially contain 5 doses, drawn off individually. However, each vial also contains a little more vaccine which cannot be accessed. So, they are trying to get hold so a special type is syringe which can draw out the last bits to make extra doses available. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2021/01/22/pfizer-vaccine-doses-syringes/
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