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  1. So I have a multiple cruise cancellation conundrum. What happens if you are booked on a 7 day cruise in July and it gets cancelled. Then you use the FCC and $600obc on a 5 day cruise in August. But what happens if the 5 day gets cancelled? How much OBC will you get for the next cruise? Will you get the original $600 or does it get bumped down to $300? According to several other cruisers’ PVPs you will only get $300obc On JH FB page, his assistant says you get to keep the $600. I’m not sure what/who to “believe”🤷🏻‍♀️ Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. mine was fixed yesterday. The rest of the FCC was applied and I’m suppose to have $30 refunded to credit card. I also see my OBC. So for now, everything looks good!
  3. Looks like there will be a floating hospital ship picking up sick passengers 🧐 “An outbreak management and response plan to provision and assist an affected cruise ship that relies on industry resources, e.g., mobilization of additional cruise ships or other vessels to act as “hospital” ship for the infected, “quarantine” ship for the exposed, and “residential” ship for those providing care and treatment, including the ability to transport individuals between ships as needed;”
  4. I did this today. My reschedule cruise is $30 less. My pvp said it would go back on the original card. I told him I’d take obc but he said it had to be put back on the card.
  5. I have a cabin on hold until April 21st For a July cruise because there is a “glitch” in the system that’s not transferring the entire amount to the new reservation...essentially the amount of a deposit I think. But it’s also charging and then refunding $43 million dollars. Anyone else get this today? So my options were to: 1. Pay the deposit of $250 and then they would refund me that deposit plus the difference in the 2 cruises “within 30-60 days” 2. Keep the booking as a hold until April 21 and hopefully the glitch is fixed by then (Just to be clear, my cancelled cruise was booked online at carnival. And the rebook is being handled by a PvP when I called the main carnival number. ) the screenshot is from someone in my cruise group who has the same type of issue.
  6. I’m supposedly going to be on a reduced pax cruise May 23rd. We thought of some ideas...many were suggested during a vodka martini party....really just vodka neat if I’m honest. 1. upon embarkation everyone will get a lanyard with purrell hoooked on it, and a weeks worth of masks with carnival emblazoned on them. 2. free alcohol to kill the germs 3. Every other table and chair will be removed. 4. half the number of pool chairs set 6 ft apart 5. 86 the ice cream cones. Bowls only. 6. elevator people ....I think there’s a fancier name for this (bellman?) so no one ever touches an elevator button 7. pop-up handwashing stations with timers playing the electric slide for 20 secs. 8. complimentary Lysol spray and wipes in cabins 9. employees will all wear those plastic face guards. 10. spa and gym will be replaced by more bars..for the free booze 11. Serenity area - safe zone for the over 70/ immunodeficiency crowd. 12. Debarkation - mandatory5 minute corona test result to get off (probably need this to get on the ship as well.)
  7. Per recommendation by our EJ guy (for what that is worth), we have a limit order at $7.
  8. Something else to think about is that the higher price will have a ripple affect on other things. Like price of insurance. And if you don’t get insurance or something happens that’s not covered by insurance, you’ll lose more money than if you book the lower fare. And if the cruise gets cancelled due to corona, that’s more money tied up in FCC if you don’t take the refund.
  9. Not really a sale. Here you can see the difference. It’s a 7 day cruise. But in Texas, you really only get 6 days. So about the same as if you just bought the package.
  10. JandJinTX- wonder if they aren’t offering if you already have casino offers with drinks🤷🏻‍♀️
  11. Shows up under “Today’s Deals” for me. Not for my husband who has a weak casino offer.
  12. I have one on April 30. I don’t see any advantage in cancelling before March 31.
  13. This was posted by someone to JH’s page so I wouldn’t consider it official yet
  14. The cancellation mentioned operations in North America. However, technically, I believe San Juan is in Central America. And there some cheap flights right now ($100 RT from Houston) Wondering if it might be a contingency plan!
  15. https://www.carnival.com/content/lowest-price-guarantee.aspx For those booking now and rates fluctuating, just thought I’d mention the 2 day price guarantee. I booked last Wednesday and then Thursday it dropped another $30pp. I tried calling for 2 days but then found an online form! It took from Saturday until today (Wednesday) to get a reply back. But I got 110% of the difference! So $66 back in OBC. Use the link at top to file a claim.
  16. No worries. This is for Liberty of the Seas, so not sure if it’s specific to the ship. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a whole nother group of guidelines for oasis class ships! 😉
  17. So are they suppose to charge you corkage fee if you just bring a glass? My thoughts were that we would just pour a glass each night and leave the bottle in our room.
  18. We’ll definitely do that. Probably bring a glass with us to dinner and then drink a glass from the purchased bottle. That’s our plan right now. But someone told me you're only suppose to drink that wine in the cabin? Not sure if that’s a rule or not though.
  19. Thanks everyone. This works out well. We put the men in a cabin so they can get the drink package and ladies in a different one so we won’t have to. We’ll sleep where we want. My Sister in law and I won’t drink but a couple glasses of wine with dinner so this will work out great.
  20. 2 couples are at a table 1 couple has the drink package, 1 couple does not. 1 with the drink package orders a bottle of wine at the 40% off price. Who can drink it?
  21. I snagged that 7408. Been looking at it for a few days but it disappeared for about an hour today and decided I better get my deposit in! My SIL also got the only 300 sq ft (besides the handicap one) Panaramic Oceanview. It’s looking like a ghost ship currently, unless there is just a ton of guarantee bookings. Pretty much every cat I looked at had all but one or two cabins avail.
  22. Here’s a couple thing I noticed while trying to use the offer... It’s only giving me a 6 month window. The entire $200 obc is given for all cabins AND it doesn’t matter how short or long the cruise is. I can use it for assigned and unassigned cabin options. The rate is about $5 more than the VIFP early saver. Still haven’t figured out what the exclusive pixel offer is. (I did buy $150 worth of pics while on the last cruise)
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