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  1. Can someone explain the logic of why some small changes have to go through your travel agent? A couple of really simple things required multiple calls and emails that seem highly inefficient for everyone. 1. Upgrading from Natural History Tour to Tundra Wilderness Tour. Under excursions, it says there is an option to upgrade but you have to go through the TA. I don’t understand why you couldn’t just add this just like any other excursion. 2. Removing a transfer because Princess doesn’t offer one the day we fly in. Just for clarification, this is for an Alaska Cruisetour. Transfers were automatically added (not included, but added at checkout) and the NHT is included with original price. I figure there must be a good reason, I just don’t know what it could be!!
  2. As for the ports, is it an all day long line thing or just first thing when you arrive?Our excursion in Juneau is asking us to be the first ones off for an 8:30 tour. I’m wondering how early we should line up. 🤪 We are on Royal in a couple weeks.
  3. I’ve been following your blog and appreciate you posting the patters. I think you are the only one doing that “live”. I feel like I’ve seen people put their blog links In their signature area (but don’t quote me on that!) so maybe that’s an option for people to find you. If I read the patters correctly, it looks like they haven’t offered the $10/$20 Royal tea yet? Trying to figure out when that happens so I don’t make specialty restaurant reservations the same day. Have a wonderful trip. I’ll be getting on when you get back off in Vancouver. 😉
  4. May 25-June 6 Royal Princess Cruisetour - Northbound (Vancouver to Fairbanks) 7 night cruise followed by 5 night Land Tour May 23-25 - Pre-cruise stay in Vancouver with a day trip to Victoria Participants: My mom (60s) and I (40s). My mom is more active than I want to be so we have no mobility issues. However, She has nixed any small plane tours. My dad was a pilot and had a sesna that had several emergency landings over the years so she’s not a fan. As of April, I haven’t figured out all of our excursions yet, but so far: Vancouver - Day trip to Victoria including V2V to get there and the Prince of Whales Tour that includes Butchart Gardens and 2.5 hr sunset cruise back to Vancouver (it actually leaves from BG so no need to go back to DT Victoria) 4 hour Vancouver City Tour- I found a good deal on Groupon for this. Ketchikan - not sure yet Juneau - Adventure Bound Tracy Arm Fjord Cruise Skagway - A combo train/tour...not sure which one. Trying to do glass blowing at Jewel Gardens too. Whittier to Anchorage - Transfer that include the Alaska Conservation Center. I’d really like to upgrade to the one that includes the Alyeska Tram, but not sure that’s possible on a cruisetour. Anchorage - not sure yet. Denali - Tundra Wilderness Tour, One of the dinner shows, maybe a hike Fairbanks - Gold Panning/steamwheeler tour with lunch I’ve posted the pre-planning stuff on our modest travel blog. It includes a lot of cost analysis and budgeting costs. https://momandigo.wordpress.com/category/to-alaska/
  5. I remember when those connoisser tours were such an insane price. In fact, if I remember correctly, at one point they were all the same price no matter how many nights you chose. I figured it was a price glitch. Glad you were able to snag one.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I’ll email my TA now. It’s good to see others have been successful even if it takes a bit of work.
  7. Fishywood- I hear ya. Which is why I did mock booking on the Princess site. And indeed, the charge is on there as well (see pic). The price was a good $1000 cheaper through the online TA so it was worth it to me. I’ll eat the $86 if I have to but seems a bit ridiculous to pay for something I can’t use. Skynight - yes I paid already. When I asked about them, I was told it was for land transfers for cruisetours...which I just figured was part of the actual transfers during the cruisetour. Didn’t realize they were for airport “land” transfers until I got the specific itenerary in the cruise planner.
  8. When I booked our Alaska cruisetour online, there was a “Transfers” fee of about $86 added on the last checkout page and no way to deselect them. According to our itenerary, these are for airport transfers on embarkation (Vancouver) and the last day of the cruisetour (Fairbanks). However, we have added days to both ends of the tour independently, and Princess says they only do the transfers on the specific arrival/departure days. I did the chat thing and they said I couldn’t get a refund or obc. So then I called and they said I would need to get my TA to remove them. So bottom line, has anyone been able to get refunds or even OBC for airport transfers they can’t use?
  9. Thanks Bubbs! -They have some interesting tours but none from Whittier that I could find and they’re a bit more expensive. It if I can’t do an add-on, I’ll compare it to my DIY version. Just to give you an idea. The cruisetour above (~$400-500pp over the price of cruise only) includes 5 nights princess hotels, train, and $215 pp worth of tours (Denali NWT, Fairbanks gold/steamwheeler/lunch tour, and Alaska Conservation Center.)
  10. Alaska NB/SB in May (shoulder season) is an exception to the rule. The prices keep going down. If they track like last year, they never go back up...except for suites sometimes. (I know this is the case with cruises, not positive about cruisetours) The reason I’m interested in this cruisetour is my DIY land trip comes nowhere near the deal of the cruisetour.
  11. Has anyone successfully added an Alaska land tour (or switched to a cruisetour) after booking just the cruise? And within the 75 day window? If so, was the pricing based on current pricing or your original booking price. So if you look at the first picture, Balcony (BF) and Obstructed balconies (bw) are the same price for the cruise only portion. The second pic is the cruisetour prices. Strangely, there are big differences in balcony vs obstructed. Anyone know why that would be as I would think that part only pertains to the cruise part? Or does it also have something to do with the type of land room you would get?
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