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  1. BDRebel

    Mention Bermuda Triangle?

    Where I work, 85% are on Monday or Friday. Strange how everybody gets sick in conjunction with the weekend.
  2. BDRebel


    You just can't hide it!
  3. BDRebel

    MORE very bad changes made on Princess ships????

    It could be the definitive happy hour!
  4. BDRebel

    EZair reserved seats

    The westbound flights are BA flight numbers, operated by American. The BA flight (operated by BA) is Copenhagen to London. The American flights are SAT-DFW-FLL and LHR-DFW-SAT.
  5. BDRebel

    Mention Bermuda Triangle?

    They will never know until the UFOs try to beam them aboard! Wait until the end of the cruise to tell them, then use it as a teaching moment that you can't believe everything on the TV (or the internet!)
  6. BDRebel

    MORE very bad changes made on Princess ships????

    I have a cruise coming up in a couple of months. I will decide then how important the chair and/or table are to me then. In the meantime, I have no plans to cancel that cruise, and I will probably enjoy it just as much. BTW, they have changed the pictures on the website - at least for the Regal. They no longer show the chair or table, and the desk chair is a bit different. The diagrams of the rooms still show them, as do the pictures on the reservation pages.
  7. BDRebel

    EZair reserved seats

    I booked through EZAir on British Airways/American Airlines. I was able to reserve seats on both. My TA was able to reserve the seats on American at the time of booking. For the BA flight, I had to go into their website myself, sign up for their frequent flyer program and then reserve seats.
  8. Note that on the LE discount on RCCL, the offer extends only to local and state Law Enforcement. It does not extend to Federal Law Enforcement.
  9. BDRebel

    Pros and cons of my room on Royal Princess

    My preferred area is up to the front. I would find that cabin to be in my target area.
  10. BDRebel

    Walkie talkies

    And which of those 4000 threads contains the info asked? Wouldn't it have been easier to answer the question (or skip over it) than to answer rudely? OP - walkies do not work well inside the ship due to the steel walls/decking. Also, radio transmitters, such as walkies, may be illegal in some countries visited. Most lines offer a free app that allows messaging through their wifi network.
  11. BDRebel

    Celebrity versus Princess

    I have been on the Celebrity Solstice, as well as Princess' Royal and Emerald. Celebrity was very similar to Princess in most things, but, to me, is like comparing modern art to classical art. The crew on both are magnificent, the food is excellent, the facilities are kept clean. Celebrity has larger rooms, but no walk-in closet. Although I would sail Celebrity again in a heartbeat, I prefer Princess.
  12. BDRebel

    No immigrations checks at ports of call ?

    Most of the time, they will only open your safe to find your passport. If you leave it somewhere else, you will be stranded on the island until you can contact the State Department to get you paperwork that will enable you to fly out. I find it easier just to keep my passport with me.
  13. BDRebel

    New to Princess...what's it known for?

    My guess would be "Classic Cruising". The decor is mainly gold (brass) and wood textures. Classical music is prevalent (with a good mix of other genres throughout the ship). The shows are more modern sets and music, but are well arranged. The cabins tend to be a bit smaller, but still well appointed with a walk-in closet. The vibe is relatively laid-back and relaxing, although there is still a night life (they don't roll up the deck at 9:00). I have seen kids on the cruises, but they are not as prevalent as on Carnival. They do have Kids' clubs, but I am not sure of how others rate them. Overall, it is a very well-behaved cruise (both kids and adults), and the service is excellent.
  14. BDRebel

    Age limit on excursions - enforced?

    The age limit is set by the company providing the excursion, not by Princess. It is actually probably set by their insurance company. If they allowed your daughter to participate and she got hurt, not only would the company's insurance not cover it, they would probably cancel the entire policy. Although they may allow her to participate, I would seriously doubt it.
  15. BDRebel

    Medallion update

    The machines are being retrofitted to allow you to place your medallion against a reader, the same way you would slide your card into a slot. The tables are also set up with a reader.