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  1. Those Suites really do look good and you referenced my next question ... how is the noise level from above on deck 12? We try to avoid being under the pool deck and/or buffet restaurant after a terribly noisy experience years ago! Would you opt for the smaller deck 6 or the noisier deck 12?
  2. We are looking at what will be our first Celebrity cruise and are favoring a Sky Suite. Looking at the deck plans, I notice some of these have an angled balcony. Should this be considered a plus or a minus? Where is the pool that is reserved for suite guests on the Solstice class ships? Thank you.
  3. Several websites that I looked at did show a pool on the Sky Deck but after looking around more, I’m gathering that it is some kind of teen deck with a wading pool? And the Retreat area is a second pool aft of the main pool?
  4. We would be new to HA and are considering an itinerary for next year that has many sea days. Is there a 2nd pool on the very top deck and if so, is it open to all guests? What activities or entertainment are available on the Rotterdam to keep busy on multiple sea days? Thank you!
  5. The notion that people are interested in meeting the lowest possible acceptable level has been stated before. It’s a head shaker because no one would be even thinking something like that! We found all kinds of styles on our first Regent Cruise and very little interest in what others were wearing. While we did abide by the letter of the law, we saw many examples of technical infractions. Some people are more casual than others, just that simple. Perhaps it’s an age thing?
  6. Off the chart hilarious ... omg ... and to think this thread is just beginning!
  7. You can get very spoiled on Regent. Lobster tails (some nights cold water and some nights warm water) are available evert night in the main dining room for dinner. The cold water tails were delicious, a 4.5, grilled in butter. I did not order the warm water tails. Lobster is also available in the specialty restaurants, a whole lobster de shelled for you a 4.5 and a Lobster Tempura with a trio of dipping sauces was an easy 5.0.
  8. The weather is always a wild card but it’s worth trying for. When you are planning ahead, making specialty restaurant reservations and such, set aside a night when you are in port late as that’s the perfect setting for dinner on the balcony (not moving). With notice, you can order nearly anything you can dream of, even if it isn’t on the regulate menus. One night I had a whole grilled branzino and another night roast duck. Such a luxurious treat!
  9. I totally get it, felt the same way. We booked on board and are checking out several more! We also enjoyed our excursions but did feel like one or two people clipped everyone’s wings. Another great experience we had we had with the butler was having a custom designed dinner served to us on our balcony. I highly recommend this wonderful experience!
  10. We were new to Regent a couple months ago, also Explorer, and our reaction was much the same as the OP - wow! ... including the excursion issue as raised. We also had people on excursions that were rated active or very active, with specific mention that it was not recommended for those with mobility issues (sometimes steps and/or uneven terrain). In every case, there were interesting excursions available on those days that would have provided a better fit. Not sure how to come up with a good solution for all.
  11. Great reading so far! I don’t think the flight from Miami to NYC is long enough to watch a movie.
  12. I’m somewhat new to Regent so I’m confused by a couple things in this review. What is the significance of the food venue crew being mostly Filipino? Sorry if I’m making myself look stupid!
  13. Other helpful items include a couple of “fat outfits” because the food is that good. The last couple days you may find that your slacks and blouses are a pinch tight like we did. We bought gorgeous linen shirts in Greece that were a size bigger than what we normally are wearing these days to help “expand”our outfits! I would also suggest some basic meds like cough drops since colds have a way of spreading through the ship, confined spaces and not everyone is as careful with hand washing as could be, While everything is included and you can have all the lobster and champagne you want at no charge, each cough drop costs $1.00. Packing your prescription meds and other absolute necessities in a carry on as suggested by UUNetBill is probably the most important thing you can do ... and even when you don’t think you have to. We were flying home from St Thomas a few months ago when the plane was diverted to San Juan for a medical emergency. Given our options, we decided it was best for us to stay in San Juan for the night and fly out in the morning. Thinking we were just a couple hours from home, we checked our carry on and didn’t have our meds. We never let our meds out of our sight since. You just never know!
  14. Our very best food experience so far has been Regent. Everything is included and the quality, variety , and service are there. Not only is there made to order food on the buffet but you can get quite nearly anything you want made for you with just a bit of notice. No request we made was too much trouble.
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