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  1. Maybe before plans are being made for a cruise in the next couple of months, it’s time to take pause to see if the nearly 30 ships still stranded at sea can ever get find a port that will allow them to dock and disembark first? Am I a party pooper because earlier today when Spain reported that they had to take over an ice skating rink to use as a morgue, I didn’t think about whether I could take a cruise in the next couple months?Should we focus rather on whether we can get enough hospital beds and ventilators into New York City in time to prevent people from gasping for their last breath out in the streets?
  2. Omigosh, talk about a small world ... hello again! As I recall, we had a terrific table with lots of swapping and trading of oysters and other goodies ... just a lovely day! Bob, that’s just the trouble! Most days, well at least half, we opted for just splitting the cheese tray. To be fair though, how would that make the pastry chef feel? We simply felt obligated not to hurt anyone’s feelings so we sucked it up and ordered dessert to split too. I had to repost your caramel popcorn sundae picture. Easily the best picture I have ever seen of it and besides, it is soooo good that there’s never too many pictures of it.
  3. Here are a couple of our cheese plates from about a year ago. They were so good that we found them to be our dessert of choice. The top one is from the cheese cart at Chartruese.
  4. There were 5 cheeses with perfect accompaniments like dried fruit, nuts, and honey on the cheese cart in Chartreuse. The other restaurants had a slightly different cheese offering. All are completely included and there are no extra charges. There are very few (if any) extra charges of any kind on a Regent cruise. Once we can get back to cruising, join us on board!
  5. Didn’t do my captioning right but the other pictures were from a seafood lunch in Croatia, featuring local oysters.
  6. First time laying eyes on the cheese cart in Chartreuse ... Words not necessary.
  7. Gerry, my very best to you for a safe journey home. I look forward to meeting you on board someday soon to return your gracious toast to me.
  8. Thank you, Bob, I did think of this aspect of things. We have never taken trip insurance so it never even crossed my mind. You make a good point and to be fair, I didn’t think of that either. With everything going on and living in a very hard hit county, we were discussing how concerned we were about some of our local merchants that we have known for years. At the rate we are going here and carefully following the spread over the last 3 days, it’s likely that some (perhaps many) will lose their business. Just got us in a very philanthropic mode.
  9. Thanks for the update, Taxman, things are moving so quickly! The one you mentioned off Marseille looks to be an Aida ship. We were docked next to one recently, it looked huge and had a very bright logo.
  10. I stand corrected as there are 4 ships in quarantine with confirmed Coronavirus. An english ship off the coast of Freeport, Bahamas where they are refueling and getting food, but are not permitted to dock. Two silverseas ships and the Azamara Pursuit are all in South America. What a mess!
  11. There is a Silverseas Cruise in Recife, Brazil with a passenger testing positive for Coronavirus.
  12. Oh, it’s no wonder. Whenever there is the fear of different ideas and change, it can be common for the “old guard” to lash out at those that disagree with them. Not everyone can be open to change. Definitely a compliment and so sorry if it came across as backhanded! The atmosphere on board is fabulous, fun and relaxed. There’s people from all walks of life with all kinds of different opinions and they are all getting along just fine, having a great time together. We haven’t come across the rigidity on board ship during our 3 cruises this year that feels dominant here on the boards. For example, no one seems to care a whole lot about what the other guy is wearing or whether the clock has struck 6pm and the carriage is going to turn back into a pumpkin.
  13. Not sure I would take the 2021 world cruise risk either. In addition to the 2022 world cruise, we have deposits down on 2 other cruises, both of which we are likely to cancel because they are both next winter. Tough times for us all!
  14. I hear ya, a FCC in the amount of the world Cruise is far more generous than anyone should consider! We have a deposit down for the 2022 world cruise and that gives us the luxury of seeing what will happen with the virus from the seasonal aspect.
  15. I agree with both of you! We were just talking about the very same thing here at home this morning since our county (and surrounding counties) are under a recommended voluntary lockdown. Actually made a similar type of suggestion on a different thread and it was not appreciated (to say the least). I hope and believe many people will be generous at this most difficult time.
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