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  1. That is probably what we will have to do. Having a cheque is complicated because we live in Switzerland (where we have not used cheques for 30 so years) but we could send it back to the US to be deposited. I have spoken with our TA about a cheque but she says since everyone at Regent is working from home they cannot write cheques at the moment. Presumably the credit sent to the "dead" CC will bounce back to Regent, at least I would hope so. Thanks - good advice!
  2. Pcardad - very interesting information especially point 6 in your previous post above - "6. If that credit card is closed and the credit doesn't go through, a Regent Rep will call your TA (or you) and arrange for another means of processing the refund." Because we booked our 14 march cruise a very long time ago (maybe 3 years) we had two credit cards that had been closed and which we had used for (a) down payment and (b) upgrade of suite payment. Both were credited appropriately by Regent. One of them, linked to my husband's prior brokerage account, we were able to recuperate thanks to our broker. The second, charged to a Visa card that had been cancelled by Citibank and replaced by them with a Mastercard, is in limbo. Regent credited the card on 20 May. Our personal banker cannot find (!) the previous card and Visa says we didn't have one with them - hard to believe since we had had this card since the 1970's! Do you have any idea what to do?? Will the funds return to Regent and then they will contact our TA? I have spoken with her and she doesn't seem to be sure about the procedure either...
  3. We were credited today with around $4600 which Regent had sent to a credit card we no longer have... money came from the original credit card company. Now all we have outstanding is a charge on another "defunct" card. Hopefully we can sort that soon. Still nothing from Regent towards our expenses for getting back to Switzerland from San Diego on 14 March.
  4. Same date on the refund as ours. Great news for both of us!! Take care - hope we might cruise together another time... Gerry
  5. Nothing regarding the airfare... will let you know once I learn something. Stay well!
  6. It is wonderful news - but a bit complicated. Two of the cards we used no longer exist. One was replaced by our bank because of new T&Cs for non US residents and the other closed because of a change in brokerage accounts! So we have the respective people sorting this out. The bulk of it has been refunded to our TA and they will be sending it on to our US bank account via wire transfer. Generally it takes a few days to get something posted on a CC account but I am hopeful that by the end of next week all this will be sorted.
  7. SusoeQft - please adjust your spreadsheet to show a FULL refund done on 20 May for our March 14 Splendor cruise. We have been refunded every cent we paid to Regent and in fact this is the full payment - we were waiting to board the ship when the cruise was cancelled. Gerry
  8. When I turned on my computer this morning I had an email sent last night from my TA. Regent has issued a full refund to us for our March 14 Splendor cruise. To say I am relieved is an understatement.
  9. Indeed Sheila - another time another place !! IF ONLY we had received notice of the possibility of cancelling our cruise 12 hours earlier we more than likely would have cancelled... I got the email while waiting in the lounge about to board our flight to SFO, bags were already on the plane.
  10. liptastic and SusieQft - thanks so much for your kind words and empathy! To be fair we didn't do our air with Regent but I am not happy at this long wait for reimbursement. We were on Swiss ZRH/SFO and then should have been on Swiss MIA/ZRH. (Swiss dropped that route around 10 March). We got to the US a couple of days before Trump closed the borders to Europeans. That didn't give me a warm and toasty feeling! Then the cruise was cancelled less than 20 hours before we would have boarded. We were lucky to get AC flights via Toronto but then Trudeau closed Canadian borders to all but US nationals (which I am not - I am Swiss) the day after we flew from Canada!! it was touch and go. I really appreciated your lovely thoughts! It helps... Stay well! Gerry
  11. Cancelled cruise - Splendor 14 March 2020 Requested full refund of cruise fare ($34k) 15 March 2020 To date (15 May 2020) - nothing received Also requested reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses to get back to Switzerland - $15'500 in total for the flights and hotel. Regent has all back up requested. So far - no refund. Gerry
  12. This is the first time since our Splendor cruise was cancelled (14 March from San Diego to Miami) that I have been able to bring myself to read threads on CC - that's how bad it hurt. I heard this morning from a fellow passenger from Australia that he had received a refund of the cruise fare but nothing so far for his out-of-pocket return flight costs. I have not yet received anything...
  13. Our 14 March Splendor cruise was cancelled 20 hours before we were to board the ship. It cost us USD15'000 and change to get home to Switzerland from San Diego. We are still waiting for our refund (somewhere around $35'000) from Regent. Swiss already told us they would refund 50% of our airfare for our travel Switzerland/USA/Switzerland because we only used the outbound leg. That, at least, is honest of them. I will never, ever, forget the feeling of total helplessness being stranded in the US with borders closing. Luckily we were able to get Air Canada flights to get home. Not going through that again. Ever.
  14. It's OK - after 14 March I doubt I will ever want to cruise again...
  15. Unfortunately Regent only did this for two years. Basically Circles of Interest were offered on various topics. On the Voyager TA cruise we chose Art and History. At most ports we had specialised tours which included historical sites, art museums etc. There were lectures on board too. On the Lima/BA cruise we chose the Falkland Islands war. The leader was a Royal Navy Commander and he spoke several times about various aspects of the war. By chance a member (like us) of the circle was a British army General who had led the "mopping up" operation after the war. Both men were fascinating. Then when we were in Port Stanley we had a tour of the battlefields, lunch at a farmer's house at Goose Green and our guide was a man who was at the radio station there throughout the Argentinian occupation. It was a fascinating experience. I think we paid about $300 each for these circles. I wish they would do them again!
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