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  1. Those are probably people who have heard it a million times before. But to me anyway it means welcome home...
  2. You just spoilt the surprise!! A shame... but you are right - it is a lovely welcome to Switzerland or in our case "welcome home" !!
  3. Arriving in Zürich you will more than likely come into the E gates which are in the middle of the field. You have to go downstairs and get the shuttle train to the main terminal. It runs every 2mns and takes 2mns about and is FUNNY!! Enjoy it! Then follow signs for connecting flights and you will come to Immigration. This is where you enter Schengen. After passport scan you go to your gate for the Lisbon flight. Which is more than likely in the main terminal building. ZRH is one of the most efficient airports to arrive/depart at. And there are plenty of shops/restaurants etc in the transit area in the main terminal. (Fewer at the E gates...) . As with arriving in FRA you do not get your bags in ZRH - they will arrive in Lisbon with you. And no more Immigration after ZRH.
  4. There is a shuttle train between the terminals in FRA. But that doesn't make it an easy transfer - signage is really terrible even for German speakers like us! You won't need to get your baggage there - but you do need to go through Immigration since you are entering Schengen at FRA. Then there will be no further passport control at your final destination - just Customs for the luggage... which is a "non-event" as a rule.
  5. I have not sailed on Explorer but I have sailed on all the other ships. The PH suites are listed A, B, C depending on the deck they are on. Mariner for example - PH A is on 11, B on 10, C on 9. I think you will find the same pattern on Explorer or Splendour.
  6. Your way is nice - like booking a train ticket and being able to see the seating plan - and it is clearly preferable. But since cruises are booked very very long in advance and with Canyon Ranch anyway they wouldn't make spa appointments more than 3 months out I have no problem in sending an email to their contact person and then waiting a few hours for an answer! It is far far better than my having to remember to stay up late to talk with some in California!!
  7. If I go onto a website and book an appointment via its contact form I consider I have booked this online. Clearly you don't! But come on - does this matter ?
  8. If you re-read what I said you will see that I made no mention of booking treatments via the Regent website. You booked them in advance via the Canyon Ranch site which had separate sections for Regent, Oceania, Cunard etc. And my bookings were made via that site. (I tried to call them once but nowhere did it say they were in California (!) and with a 9 hour time difference I preferred to go via their site).
  9. You have been able to book on board treatments online for years... with Canyon Ranch and the predecessor which I think was Carita of Paris... so nochange here...
  10. You are not remiss. You are on a cruise to enjoy it and NOT on a cruise to”entertain” us. We can wait. And we will. Please enjoy every second and don’t be cncerned about us!!
  11. I think it fair to say that a high percentage of women on cruises use the spa at least once during the cruise. Massages, hairdressing, manicures etc. Lower percentage of men I suppose. On Regent the "spa people" do not approach passengers to use their services. There are ads - "reminders" really - and specials from time to time in the daily "newspaper" but unlike main line cruising no "sales announcements" at all. If you want to go to the spa you do so. If you don't want to no one is going to chase after you. (But I think you are missing out on something...) I had not heard of Steiner but I have heard of Elemis. They (I think) run the spa in the First and Business class lounges at LHR. And I suppose on other shipping lines too. I won't miss Canyon Ranch which I considered overpriced both on Regent and Oceania. But I will be trying the new spa out.
  12. Fabulous photos - and thanks so much for the underwater one!
  13. Clearly bringing the "profit centre" in house. I haven't seen any prices yet but I have to assume they will be in line with Canyon Ranch... If I were running Regent it would make sense to me.
  14. Hope you can take some photos of the underwater life...friends who go to Sharm in winter say that the marine life is abundant and very colourful.
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