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  1. I have to think it is the same size as the Oceania bags - and they won't take two large towels.
  2. Have a terrific time Karen - those photos are working out very well indeed! Thanks and bon voyage! Gerry
  3. Personally I think this will get far worse before it gets better but it does seem that the Chinese authorities are doing their best to contain it - and taking steps that probably only they and a few other "totalitarian" governments can do. I also think that now we know about this flu (if it is a flu?) it will be easier to identify cases and treat them. WHO doesn't think at the moment that this is a World wide epidemic. I hope they are right. Statistics are what they are - the population in China is so enormous compared to other countries that clearly the numbers of people dying will be high there. It would be interesting to have a comparison of percentage of people who would normally die when they get the flu in winter and the percentage of those who have died due to the Coronavirus so far. Not much we can do about it anyway. And apparently masks are not very effective either - though if they make you feel safer, that's nice! Disinfecting and especially very frequent hand washing is essential.
  4. Regent has a reputation for treating its staff very well indeed... Maybe "Rallydave" will come in on this - he has sailed Regent in the past but now sails on Seabourn.
  5. I actually prefer trans Atlantic crossings to normal cruises and have done, to the best I can remember, more than 10 of them. Mostly on Regent but once on Oceania and once on Cunard. Why? Because the daily programme Regent - especially Regent - puts on is so rich. Lectures, usually with several lecturers giving a series of talks. Cooking demonstrations (and on Explorer and Splendor, actual cooking classes). Gym and pool if you use them. Golf putting course, paddle ball, shuffleboard etc. Lots of little competitions every day - "Baggo" etc. (Haven't done that...). And Trivia - every day. Above all though the glorious luxury of knowing that you can get up in the morning and do whatever you want to do all day long with no one calling you up to tell you to go somewhere! We have done TA crossings on Mariner, Voyager and Navigator. Loved them all and never once been bored.
  6. Bob - many thanks for yet more tips. Much appreciated. I am now off to find a YouTube tutorial on Snapseed... Rich - I (and I am sure others) are eagerly waiting for you to "lay the table". Travel safely to Barcelona and treat the ship kindly!! Bob, I and our spouses are both on the 14 March Splendor cruise from San Diego!! Gerry
  7. I haven't used TapaTalk but the person whom I quoted seems to have. What a great tip to use the CC test forum. Will give that a go!
  8. Sounds awful. To me, "coach transfer" means by bus. Now I understand what you are saying. With a bad knee being squashed into an economy seat is not something I would want. And Silversea is supposed to be a really good cruise line? Maybe now they are owned by RCI things have changed.
  9. A bus transfer ?? that is 39 hours and sounds frightful. Or do you mean economy class seats on a flight? Would certainly be faster but also uncomfortable.
  10. I copied this from a post last autumn which might be helpful - I am going to try when we are on our March cruise ... >>
  11. Given the fact that she will be on a trans-Atlantic cruise it is more than likely that in order to get to a dentist will take some days. In which case a good pain killer would help. For me there is no question - I would get it done before I leave.
  12. I totally agree. The onboard doctor can give painkillers but s/he is not a dentist. Very likely s/he could do an extraction. But certainly not a root canal. Having just had one of those I suggest she get it done before you cruise. The only thing that hurts about it is the bill!! There are such things as medical evacuations in the mid Atlantic - but I doubt you and your wife would care to participate in one. Last time we were on a trans-Atlantic the ship had to change course for a medivac and get within 500km of the Azores. A naval helicopter with long range came to pick the patient up. But its maximum range was 1000km... the patient was picked up and apparently recovered. It was a bumpy night though because we were going at full speed!! Best not to experience this from the patient's point of view!!
  13. Why post the same thing twice ?? Probably best to ask if this thread can be removed so people can focus on your first thread...
  14. Explorer suites are on Explorer - Splendor Suites on Splendor. BAsically same deck plan and same suites with perhaps a slight difference in the colour of the decorations between the two ships. There are Grand Suites - and Grand suites however. The stern Grand Suites, the ones with the huge terraces, are smaller inside the suite than the forward and mid ship Grand Suites. So if size in the suite matters to you don't pick the aft ones (784 and 785). To me it all depends on what the cruise is! If weather is going to be warm to hot - I want more space outside. If to Alaska or Scandinavia or japan etc - I would take the suites with larger interiors. Something else to note: In the Grand suites that are forward you won't get much use out of your balcony when the ship is underway nor at night. The movement of the ship creates a lot of wind so being outside is neither easy nor pleasant and at night the amount of outside light is restricted in any suite around the Bridge for navigational reasons. Also the Grand Suites forward on deck 12 have been reported as being noisy in the evenings due to the Observation lounge being right above. I don't know if this has been fixed on the Splendor. If you want to see photos of suite 784 on Explorer look at post 12 on this thread:
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