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  1. We always choose staterooms right opposite the elevator/stairs, no noise at all.
  2. Although I haven't been on Celebrity yet (been on 92 cruises but because we are diamond plus on Royal, that makes us Elite Plus on Celebrity) we are currently booked on the Edge for this December, our first Celebrity cruise. With this being said, my sister/brother in law are diamond on RC and they tried their first Celebrity cruise two months ago and went on the Equinox....they loved it! My brother in law who always finds negative/fault could not find one thing wrong with the Equinox! They loved it so much they are currently on the transatlantic sailing on the Edge a two week cruise which the Edge gets back to Ft. Lauderdale this coming Friday. They love the Edge also, but said there are more music venues and many more bars on the Equinox. They loved the Observation lounge forward on the Equinox, but the Edge has the Eden on the aft. The Edge gives you choices of MDR's, so you can try all four and be in a different dining rooms. They said the Edge is more subdue in coloring where the Equinox has yellows, blues, reds more color. I chose the Edge because I prefer newer ships but I get on the Equinox sometime next year too. Bathrooms on the Edge are much larger they said. They went to check out my cabin and sent me photos of the hallway and I am on deck 6. There is NOTHING wrong with deck 6 and they met people that had cabins on deck 6 and everything all quiet. You have staterooms above you so there won't be any noise. I also chose deck 6 because I can walk down 1-3 flight of stairs and not need the elevator alot of the times, which is nice. The casino is on deck 4 easy walk down the stairs from deck 6. I also think its centrally located. Either way you go you make a great choice.
  3. More food!! 😮 About the extra cleaning, they should be doing that all the time, my opinion....( of course hire more workers so the current workers don't have an overload of work).
  4. Nice photos thank you! Your getting me very excited, I been on 92 cruises so far and the Edge be my first Celebrity cruise in December, can't wait! The nice thing, we start Celebrity out as being Premier Elite! I just don't know what I am going to do as all that food looks excellent, I guess I can try alot of food but keep the portions tiny?🤔
  5. Yes, hearing so many people hating the smell in Eden why do they do it knowing people don't like the smell?
  6. I am also not a fan of porchetta, what will they replace it with?
  7. I went to cruise mapper to see how many ships are in port that day...Silver Whisper gets in at 8:00, Nieuw Amsterdam 13:00, Celebrity Edge 15:00 then the NCL Encore at 17:00....that would mean in Old San Juan Pier there are 4 ports for docking all four ships?
  8. I know thanks, but which pier? 1,3, 4, 6 Old San Juan or the Pan American Terminal 1 or 2
  9. Hello, What pier does the Edge dock in San Juan?
  10. Thank you, I tell my father in law no shorts for him, he won't be happy but he have to deal with it.
  11. Sister and brother in law on the same cruise as you and they hate Eden and the incense smell and also said the music is all boring. I would imagine you be able to use Magic Carpet in a couple of days.
  12. Ok, so I assume the Edge caters to an older crowd that would explain the pianist, violin and cello...I was hoping there be more of a different type of music like an actual 3-5 piece band (guitar, drums, etc.). We are both 56 and really love listening to live bands, music between the 70's and up. I guess we won't be getting that on the Edge...we are new to Celebrity, this will be my 93rd cruise but our first on Celebrity, but we will be Elite Plus since we cruise alot on Royal Caribbean. My sister/brother in law are currently on the Edge (transatlantic sailing) and they telling me all about the Edge, pros and cons....they also cruise alot and this is their second Celebrity cruise and they love the Equinox so much better. The Equinox they said had alot more variety of music and more of what I am looking for.
  13. My brother in law took a photo of the rock and text it to me I saw it very clearly sure it was dark but there were plenty of lights on it to see it fine.
  14. Sorry I didn't go back to the other thread.
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