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  1. Good point in taking the photo of the valet luggage tag. I never put anything valuable in my luggage and the worse thing I could loose if my luggage went missing is my brand new luggage lol. I don't mind buying new clothes...actually, I lost weight and I could use some better fitting clothes ha. Thank you everybody.
  2. Oh wait, we used a credit that we had with the airline, although we did have to pay a bit more for the new flight so I assume they use that credit card?
  3. Hello, We have a question, when using the luggage valet we understand it cost $25 per person/luggage but how do we pay the luggage fees from American Airlines if we don't have our luggage to check at the airport?
  4. Hello, We are big slot players but I heard the Edge has a small casino and not many slot machines as other cruise lines have. My question, can you let us know any of the names of the slot machines that is on her? I looking at the photos and I only seeing machines with diamonds, video poker, super wheel....do you recall any of the progressive machines, we love ocean world, buffalo, can you let us know any of the slots that is on this ship?
  5. I also will be on the Edge on the 15th but we have to disembark asap to make a flight out of Miami for 10:50am, I think we make it walking our luggage off the ship.
  6. Thank you everybody. We will walk our bags off the ship and wake up early to stand online. My concern in the cab, was thinking uber but read that took longer...not worried about the drive to the airport on a sunday but do know the airport be packed, we have tsa and we will check bags, we well know that airport to get to the gates especially for a small plane will be the farthest, but we hoping to get one of those trams to get us there. Our plan is if we don't get a cab by 9:15-9:30 we have a hertz car rental waiting for us around Port Everglades, that be our back up plan.
  7. Why can't I make the flight, if I can get off the ship by 9am the drive to miami on a sunday is only 32-35 minutes and that still give me time to get to the gate.
  8. What time did you get off the ship, did you do self assist or received a number?
  9. Don't you have to disembark by number or when you do walk luggage off you don't need a number? What time should we line up to get off and I assume it be on deck 5 correct?
  10. Thank you everybody, that is our plan if we won't make the flight we rent a car and drive.
  11. Hello, My sister is currently disembarking on the Edge, she stated that your given a number to get off the ship even if you want to walk your luggage off. I will be on the Edge December 15th but we only can fly home into Jax Florida out of Miami (10:40am flight) as we don't want to sit in Ft. Lauderdale airport 8 plus hours to get a flight home. She also stated there are no cabs when you get out of the terminal that you ask for one and they remotely call a cab for you and that the line is tremendously long for getting a cab. With this being said we have a few questions and hope you can assist us. 1- How do we get a low number so that we can get off the ship asap and head to Miami for our flight? 2- Is it true that there are no cabs lined up outside the terminal and they are specifically called for you? (our experience with other cruise ports is they have hundreds of cabs lined up outside the terminal) 3- What time do you feel we should get ready to wait for disembarkation and be on deck 5 to get off the ship, considering we need to make our morning flight out of Miami? 4- If we hire a private car service, is there a special place outside the terminal that the driver can go to meet us....(how would we find our driver) 5- Is there uber or lift at the terminal and if so, is there a special location for them to pick up passengers? 6- If we hire a private car service is there a designated area outside the terminal for the driver to park and pick us up and us finding him/her?
  12. Thank you for your input. We do not go to shows. We prefer a long take your time dinner. But isn't there a late show for other people to attend?
  13. Thank goodness they were close to land and got them to Miami, great medical care in Miami!
  14. Hello, my question, for those who have had select dining and chosen their specific dining times online prior to the cruise, have you ever had to wait for a table in the dining room and if so, about how long of a wait to have a 7:45pm dinner?
  15. Thank you. On the Oasis class ships my other half did karaoke with the band playing in Dazzles a few nights on each cruise.
  16. Thank you, we don't get to hear many reviews on the Mariner...I am booked B2B for March 20th, but going to jump to Celebrity Edge in two weeks to give Celebrity a try. Does RC have face recognition check in in the terminal? Do they have live band karaoke?
  17. I am going to give you my opinion, and for those who argue with me, I will not respond. I have been on 92 cruises so far (we are both 56), most with Carnival (because the prices allow me to take additional cruises per year, but I never would have Carnival be my only cruise for the year) as well as RC. We have been on two Carnival ships this year, with that being said, the negatives just keep piling up for us and my other half no longer wants to travel with Carnival and we spoke about all the negatives we experience and I decided he was right and we cancelled the first sailing out of Port Canaveral on the Mardi Gras....I thought the Mardi Gras being their largest newest ship be really nice, but looking at the deck plans and the fact she holds up to 6k people she is going to feel very crowded inside the ship. There is only a small area of main public area and that is the atrium, if you look at the size of it (yes its three levels but it is more just open air space) you see how small it is and what I mean. Our last two Carnival cruises this year we found they were even more skimpy on the bacon at the breakfast buffet, in fact, we were on long "traffic jams" at LEAST 20 minutes waiting to get through the line and the bacon is the problem and the buffets just aren't set up properly...for instance, the maple syrup is at the end as well as the jelly and such and when people have got their food they take up time using these items, which cause a longer traffic jam for those in back of that person on that line. They really need to put the condiments at another area so that the traffic can flow better. We found the lunch buffets to be very limited, in fact, even on the Breeze we only had a meat carving on embarkation day, there were no other meat carvings available for the remaining six days and the choices of food are very lacking...surely many will argue because there is guys burgers and such but to be honest guys burgers are full of grease and fat and the fries are so limp and greasy we can't eat that kind of food and the sandwiches, how about I ordered a turkey sandwich to have ONE SLICE of turkey and a tremendous amount of mayo and a soggy piece of lettuce as well as the tomato, sorry it was inedible!! Food is subjective and I prefer eating healthier and having better and more variety in selection available to me and that is what RC does in their buffets...you get alot more variety/selection on RC. Carnival offers the sea day brunch and it is very good. We found the Breeze at certain points to be traffic on the promenade deck and we have been on all Carnival ships and its just not the same. People above say the food on Carnival is better in the MDR oh my, I am not going to go there...but I have to give you an example, if you get the prime rib you find it to be totally full of fat and not much meat...where on RC you also get prime rib and it is much better and alot less fat. Both cruise lines give enough assortment of appetizers, salads, main courses etc, but the desserts on Carnival are always much better. Late at night on Carnival you only are able to get pizza (after 11pm) where on RC you know, they have sandwiches, cookies and such available as well as pizza. Stateroom beddings are both equal, both very good. If you get a balcony room, balconies are much larger on RC. I totally get and understand the fact your tired of the same decor and that is one of my negatives about RC their ships all tend to look the same....we like to experience variety in decor on our ship to feel like we are on a different ship, the reason why we are booked on the Celebrity Edge for December 15th, we cancelled our October Carnival cruise and my sister/brother in law have taken the transatlantic cruise (Celebrity Edge) that just got back two weeks ago from Rome to Ft. Lauderdale, they loved it so much that they are currently again on the Edge and boarded her yesterday. They took many photos of the food and I tell you, all I can say is WOW and AMAZING!! Grilled steaks, chicken to order in the buffet, a tremendous amount of great food selection and variety, it blew me away, I just can't wait to try Celebrity, so perhaps you consider that too. Entertainment is always much more of a plus on RC if that is important to you. If your into trivia RC offers it more. Their drink package is unlimited on RC and you have a 15 maximum drink on Carnival. Yes, RC costs more but you get what you pay for.
  18. Good!! What time did you actually get off the ship, trying to see if we can get to Miami and fly back home for a 10:50am flight, if not, we live in northern florida we will rent a car and drive home.
  19. What time did you get off the ship? Please go to your doctor and have your foot checked.
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