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  1. Your questions will have to be answered by CCL...since no one here has the power or authority to make a definitive answer.
  2. I have a better time and keep my consumption completely checked! LOL😁🙂
  3. The dividends are not a bad thing....vbg......the more you own, the more you earn.
  4. Per new requirements, NCL is now banning ALL door decorations citing safety reasons. Soon it will be industry wide.
  5. I did what you do and punch hole in end and attach with zip tie. NEVER has one come off....and they are only needed to get your baggage to your cabin. After that they are in the trash and no need to go to an additional unnecessary expense.
  6. Moral of the story...NEVER book a cruise for other family members. Tell them when you are sailing and they can join you when they purchase passage. Easy Peasy. Consider that they might NOT WANT to vacation with you and have other plans for THEIR vacation time.
  7. I think we can all agree on that issue. It's just a matter of time. Ask your cabin steward and they will help you with any of your CPAP needs.
  8. AND....you will need it IF you need to fly back to your home country in case of emergency.
  9. Moral of the story .....not ALL family members and work associates should vacation together.
  10. How much is a third person in a cabin typically? Usually, ONE too many. ...LOL Have a fun Bon Voyage!
  11. Well....it they don't make it to your cabin.....you can pick them up in the "Naughty Room" when you debark. VBG & YMMV! Bon Voyage
  12. The PR Governor has resigned....things should settle for now.
  13. This is why I make a "packing list" for travel.....and two copies! One for departure and another copy for returning home. That way I can be reminded if I have anything left behind. Works for any travel.
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