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  1. HillBilly Bob

    What's in the empty space next to my room

    Crew cabins are below water line.
  2. Try HAL next time....
  3. HillBilly Bob

    Breeze...chairs on deck under lifeboats?

    Most likely, the staff, crew and management will not permit any obstructions near the lifeboat area. This is strictly an emergency area and they do no need any "stuff" in the way.
  4. HillBilly Bob

    Need advise fast please

    We remained captive on the Legend (last trip) until 2PM. You just can't depend on the weather.
  5. HillBilly Bob

    carnival FTTF

    There are too many other things you can enjoy with your money than FTTF. Patience is a virtue when it comes to sailing the high seas on any cruise line.
  6. HillBilly Bob

    New Sunrise Departure

    Received this today, January 29, 2019 from CCL
  7. HillBilly Bob

    Benefit to booking future cruise on the ship?

    The excitement of being on the ship might keep you giddy....but I would rather spend time at home searching for the proper venue, port and destinations. It is so easy to just grab a cruise and it might not be exactly what you really wanted. There is no advantage of booking on board so take your time and do your research. Bon Voyage!!
  8. HillBilly Bob

    Happy Hour and other ways to save $ on drinks

    Casinos are shut while in any port. They can only open in international waters.
  9. HillBilly Bob

    Dining Waitlist

    Slipping them a twenty won't hurt either.
  10. RCL just had a teen death in Haiti when falling from Deck 8 on the Ovation. Sad
  11. HillBilly Bob

    Carnival Stock

    Legally, they probably have to list an end date. Of course, they always renew the offer for another year. Whether they offer an extention or not, I will keep my CCL stock since we have had a 30.01% increase in value.
  12. HillBilly Bob

    Random (lame? Haha) question about CPAPs

    Just like my meds, I don't want it to "disappear". They are a very expensive machine and I carry my CPAP machine with me so I know its exact location.
  13. HillBilly Bob

    Carnival Stock

    I just did an inquiry re: stock requirements for OBC. I received this week an email from Guest Services. They also said that this will be good through July 31, 2019 sailings. Hopefully, this perk will be extended. BTW....a fax machine is about as antiquated as a Western Union telegram. They need to offer email to fulfill the requirements for OBC. Response By Email (01/14/2019 03:44 PM) Hello William, IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING YOUR SHAREHOLDER ON BOARD CREDIT The shareholder benefits are currently only applicable to sailings through July 31, 2019. In order to apply your onboard credit on your reservation, you will need to submit a current statement after March 31, 2019 when the new shareholder benefits are released. Please fax or mail a current statement after that date to fax 305-406-6102 or mail to: Carnival Cruise Lines Attn: Guest Administration 3655 N.W. 87th Avenue Miami, FL 33178 Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Hamlet Somarriba Guest Admin Carnival Cruise Line
  14. HillBilly Bob

    does Carnival Magic have a gelato station?

    I get a kick seeing passengers filling their tiny cones at the soft serve machine. I take a water glass and get a soft serve serving.
  15. HillBilly Bob


    First thing everyone needs to learn while cruising is PATIENCE!! Schlepping around luggage just seems to be futile misery. The only thing I carry on is my CPAP and meds. Everything else will appear at my cabin. I have been on a couple of ships where the elevators are shut down while luggage is being distributed throughout the ship.