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  1. There is a parking garage adjacent to Terminal J. Last time there, it was $22 per day. But it is super convenient.
  2. Keep in mind that in Miami, Regent ships usually dock at 6 am. Luggage will begin to be unloaded at 7 am, and completed around 8 am. Debarkation begins after all luggage is on shore (8:00-8:30) Then, everyone is expected to off the ship no later than 9:30. That is your time window.
  3. Rich: Did you stay up late last night and check out the Cape Cod Canal ?
  4. Rich: I am excited to see another Random Notes live. It has been a while. Have a great trip, and give our regards to Ginny and Shauna. I love the Regent bling in Shauna's travel photo !
  5. Miami is unique. Port procedures in Miami require all luggage to be removed before anyone can disembark. Regent has no control and cannot alter the schedule. Procedures in other ports around the world don’t affect Miami.
  6. Bill is correct. Of course you could carry your luggage off the ship. But that would actually be slower. Nobody is allowed to leave the ship until all luggage is removed and positioned for retrieval. If if you take your own, you would have to wait for a elevator. Then you will walk past everyone else’s luggage in the security hall on your way out the door.
  7. It was a pleasure meeting you and David on this voyage. You are definitely one of best Live bloggers on CC. Your beautiful pictures and unbiased commentary were fantastic, and I looked forward to checking your posts each day. Safe travels, and we hope to see you again on a future adventure.
  8. If you don’t use the bathtub, you can also gain extra storage by requesting a tub cover and clothes rod above the tub. They will provide a plywood cover over the tub, and that is great for storing luggage and parcels. The clothes rod is great for coats and extra clothing. This needs to requested in advance.
  9. They will pick you up from the airport, since you are not in a hotel.
  10. Same as any other city. Regent will provide transfers via bus. Private transfers (limo or van) can be purchased via Regent. Each airport has its own requirements for ticketing and security times. Typically 2-3 hours for international flights is recommended.
  11. The only way to arrive early and get the transfers would be to use Air Deviation via Regent, and purchase the pre-cruise hotels via Regent. In that case, you would get the transfers. If you fly independently, you will not get a transfer to the hotel. If you take the included hotel via Regent, a transfer to the ship would be included.
  12. Yes. If you fly with Regent included air, and use the included hotel, you will have 2 transfers. Both are usually on buses.
  13. Yes, if you use the included Regent air program. If you take the air credit and buy an airline ticket on your own, then the transfer is not included. However, you can purchase a transfer in advance. Transfer is usually via a bus.
  14. This happened to our daughter on her last cruise. She was Gold on her pre-cruise land tour, and therefore had no special benefit. When she got onboard on Day 1, she became Platinum immediately. Destinations gave her a refund on the discounted amount on each prepaid shore excursion that she had booked prior to the cruise.
  15. Not sure what you mean by "events". If you are talking about the pre- and post- cruise land tours or hotels, you get the 10% discount as Platinum, or 25% as Titanium.
  16. What you are looking for is called the "Welcome Home Offer". It is similar to the onboard booking savings. It is a credit, or discount, on your cruise fare. The amount varies by cabin category and voyage length.
  17. Posted by JMARINER, on thread RSSC Navigator Refurbishment 2016 I do not know where you got that the hull was built in the 50's? How is your Russian? Спущен на воду 23.08.1991 (Launched Hull August 23, 1991) This is what it was supposed to end up looking like. "She started life as AKADEMIK NIKOLAY PILYUGIN a warship for the Soviet Navy. She was laid down Admiralty Yards of St. Peterburg in 1988 as a warship with an ice strengthened hull and was to be fitted with powerful satellite antennai to monitor NATO Navy's. Before she was completed the Soviet Block collapsed and building was suspended. In 1997 she was sold and re-named BLUE SEAS, then she was towed to Mariotti's yard at Genoa Italy for conversion to a cruise ship" "The Seven Sea Navigator packs in four main engines, two to port and two to starboard, each a Wärtsilä 8L38 (specs) designation, manufactured in Finland and developed 5,280bhp – in total, an output of 21,120bhp. Propulsion is by way of fixed-pitch propellers. Her service speed is registered as 17.5 knots " If you look closely at the Russian shipyard photos of 1991 you can see the distinctive square a area around the anchors. One assumes that Radison bought it cheap. The upper decks were completed by the Russians but none of the spy equipment was ever installed. Mariotti yard cut off almost everything from the waterline- deck 3 and up. This is supposed to be a pic from Russian mothball area in St petersburg c 1991+ This is the ship in Italy before reconversion. You can see the squared off back end at the water line that is/was supposed to be fixed. J
  18. Private Internet Access (PIA) works fine on all 4 of the ships. I have never been denied access to using this VPN. However, the slow data speeds are even slower using the VPN. But you can then access all of the blocked addresses onboard, including YouTube, the Apple Store, and the like.
  19. If you have refundable SBC (OBC), just ask Reception for the cash. Then give it as a gift anonymously. If you have non-refundable SBC (OBC), this poorly released program does not apply to you.
  20. The Crew Welfare Fund does still exist. However it is not being pushed. There is no onboard publication that I can find to suggest it, and zero mention in the daily program to acknowledge it as the better alternative to the new Gift Certificate program. This new sales push is baffling in my opinion.
  21. Apparently Regent has abandoned its longstanding tipping policy and the suggestion to donate to the Crew Welfare Fund. The following was published in today’s “Passages” on the Mariner: Crew Gift Certificate Program Our warm and friendly crew always aims to go above and beyond to make you smile. Now there’s another way for you to recognize those crew members that made your experience even more memorable. As a part of a new program, you can reward crew members for particularly exceptional service with an onboard gift certificate. Visit Reception (deck 5) for details and to purchase. As an FYI, this can only be done with cash or refundable OBC. Non-refundable credits cannot be used.
  22. Not correct. Best Price Guarantee applies when another applicable public promotion offers a better price on the cruise guest has selected. Guest will be able to take advantage of this new promotion plus the added benefit of the applicable Onboard Savings by having their travel agent call Regent Seven Seas Cruises to have the new promotion added to their reservation (subject to availability). Should there be a price reduction after final payment has been paid, the difference will be given to guest in the form of a Shipboard Credit, suite upgrade, or a Future Cruise Credit at Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ discretion.
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