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  1. So, your TA is suggesting that you attempt to defraud a cruise line and you're considering doing it?
  2. Private transfer? Have the hotel you're staying st pre-cruise recommend/reserve one. Taxis? Half a shipload of folks will be jockeying for far too few unreserved taxis. Self-employed? With plenty of advanced notice, your clients will understand.
  3. Scheduled for 6 AM, arriving at 6 AM and debarking at 6 AM are often very different things. Depending on the itinerary (don't know where the cruise starts or order of ports), there might be a thin silver lining in that French Polynesia Border Patrol may Board and clear folks days before the ship reaches the islands. That would shave some time off getting to the airport. But, I still think that making that current AM flight faces too many "what ifs."
  4. I am betting that, whatever may be the nature of your professional endeavors, if you are a valued worker, your scheduled responsibilities could be rearranged with enough advanced notice. Worth a discussion with whoever?
  5. Sadly, there are some folks on CC that would actually follow your implied suggestion.
  6. So, you're suggesting that a forged document (with the potential to violate a whole slew of national/international regulations/laws) is a good idea?
  7. Sorry but, with the bio-dad being "out of the picture" for years, your suggestion is terrible advice in terms of the potential damage to a family that has "moved on" should he be located and engaged in any contact. Lawyer - judge- document- passport(s): takes care of all the hard stuff for future travel (and a bunch of other stuff).
  8. We have found that bundling services in large cosmopolitan locations works out wonderfully in terms of planning ease and cost. At the small hotel where we've stayed in Rome (close to the Spanish Steps), the manager/concierge has assembled a driver and guide that we use separately (transfers) or in conjunction with a licensed guide (for certain attractions like the Vatican). The custom deal, which includes airport/ship transfers and those half/full tour days, when we may want the driver and/or guide, works out to be much less expensive than separately booked private group tours and limos or even shuttles. Of course, like the popular hotel itself, all must be booked many months in advance.
  9. Plus 1 If the booking codes used by O for your flights are not upgradeable, you are SOL for getting FF points upgrade.
  10. OP: Religious person? Pray for a monster air schedule change and ask to have your ticket assigned to a different airline. (may not work in this limited equipment location, but good to know for the future).
  11. Handwritten note in a small, empty, corked bottle saying something like "I can handle rough seas if I am anchored to you."
  12. ... especially since that handsome ransom would go far to bolster that mediocre Social Security check. 😁
  13. Perhaps not "necessary." But, IMO, the wise thing to do is to always "cover every base." Of course, OP could always rely on that often provided CC advice of "you'll PROBABLY be okay," which is second only to "that SHOULD work."
  14. Pretty much every premium/luxury line (e.g., Oceania, Regent, et al.) require that all passengers on all itineraries present and often surrender a valid passport
  15. And, if you keep that flight out at that "way too early" time, work will be the least of your concerns.
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