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  1. Oh my gosh, this was great! Thank you so much for the review. Looking forward to your future cruises/reviews, especially the one with @Saint Greg onboard at the same time!
  2. Email. So I clicked on it and honestly I’m not seeing anything for a “free room”. The lowest prices I’m seeing are $80 and that’s for a cruise starting next weekend. I’m a planner and could never just book a cruise for next week. Also, I’m sorta confused by the “free room” thing. You also have to pay a $200 deposit and you get $200 onboard credit. Weird.
  3. I think those super cheap deals are on cruises that are departing within the next 14 days or so. Greg, remember when I posted those cheap cruises that I was seeing on my VIFP offers? I also think those offers may be for those who aren’t close to a port, so airfare would also be involved, and buying airfare on short notice is going to cost which would technically drive up the cost of the cruise. I don’t get casino offers since I’m not a big casino person. My thoughts are that they are trying to fill some space on these ships that are sailing soon and haven’t sold as well as they had hoped?
  4. How often are you seeing jugglers that you’d carry a prop cell phone for just that purpose?
  5. What did he think....he was one of the comedians or something? Pretty rude coming from a juggler if you ask me.
  6. Have you purchased Cheers yet? If not, maybe wait until you’re on the ship to buy it and use up a good chunk of the OBC. But I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that, you have way more experience crusing than I do 😀
  7. Oooooo darn.....I like Blue Iguana drinks better than Red Frog drinks. But then, my drink of choice is tequila, not really a rum person.
  8. Post the info on The Tribe thread and you’ll have those 13 in no time
  9. Oooohhhhh ok, I thought you meant you found it due to someone else leaving it or dropping it there
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