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  1. I disagree, but I'm not going to get into a pissing match over it, because it's a non-issue.
  2. I honestly don't recall where I read the "alcohol not a factor" part, but I remember it being mentioned in the early days. It was likely one of the Spanish-language media reports that I read via Google Translate, as most of the early info was coming directly out of Puerto Rico. And I have to believe that if Royal had evidence that the grandfather had been drinking, it would have been included in this motion to dismiss. Bar receipts and/or video of him drinking would have been easy enough to produce along with this video of him holding her out the window, and would be further evidence in Royal's favor.
  3. Authorities did not believe alcohol was a factor.
  4. I didn't need to be there to know that any time the cruise line/ship cancels something, they refund your money for it.
  5. Have you checked to see which rooms are still available on your sailing? Also, have you checked to see what exactly an "obstructed" aft view really is? Unless you simply cannot handle the thought of any piece of steel between you and every speck of ocean view, the aft views aren't really what I would consider to be obstructed -- it's not like there's a lifeboat in front of your balcony blocking the entire view.
  6. Or do the math and figure out if you're better off just setting money aside to pay by the drink. Especially since you say you won't want to drink every day.... and figure in your drinking in port when you're not on the ship.... just do the math. If you're going to have six beers a day on sea days but maybe only two beers on board on port days.... it's going to be way cheaper to just pay as you go.
  7. There are sales periodically... just watch for prices to change and purchase when it gets to a price you can justify. If the cost of the package is more than the cost of the drinks you would consume, you don't HAVE to get a package -- just buy each drink one at a time as you go. If your daughter isn't 21yo, you don't have to get her a package at all, either, even if you and your spouse do get the booze package. Or you can get her a soda package instead of a Refreshment package.
  8. Regardless of type of phone: 1. Turn on Airplane Mode. 2. Turn on Wi-Fi. 3. Connect to Royal's Wi-Fi. That's all you need to do. If you have set up Wi-Fi calling ahead of time, you can make phone calls and send texts anytime you are connected to the Wi-Fi. You don't need a special app, and the person you're calling or texting with doesn't need a special app. You just use your phone normally while you're in Airplane Mode and connected to Wi-Fi. Most (if not all) US-based cellular providers support Wi-Fi calling. Just google your provider name and wifi calling for instructions about how to set it up ("Verizon wifi calling" or "AT&T wifi calling" or "T-mobile wifi calling"). Then once you have it set up, you can try it out at home before you leave. Turn on Airplane Mode, then turn on Wi-Fi to connect to your home internet. You can now make phone calls or send texts just like you normally would. (Don't forget to turn off Airplane Mode before you leave your house again, or your phone won't work!) I actually use Wi-Fi calling at home, because my house is located in a dead spot for my cell provider -- I never have more than a single bar of signal strength here. My phone recognizes the lack of signal strength and automatically uses Wi-Fi calling when I'm here, because I just leave it enabled all the time. When I'm out and about and have access to an actual cell signal, my phone recognizes that and uses that instead. (Just like how your phone uses your Wi-Fi for internet at home, and uses your data plan for internet when you're out and about.)
  9. You can link your reservations yourself through the Cruise Planner. You just need the reservation number, last name, and DOB of the other party to link them yourself -- doesn't matter if anyone used a travel agent or not.
  10. Why would you buy four packages if not all four of you drink soda? If only one of you would make use of it, just get a soda package for that one person. Also, if you're in two different rooms, each room can bring 12 cans/bottles of soda on board.
  11. What a silly statement. Of course they did. 🙄
  12. It's not just possible, but extremely common. Guest Services won't bat an eye at your request.
  13. You can still do all of those things.... don't knock it until you've tried it. There are now a bazillion lounge chairs and shade umbrellas for free on all the beach areas, improved buffet areas with hand-washing stations, and a tram to take you to the back side of the island if you want. You don't need to do the water park, and you don't need to do the pool -- just go to the beach, play in the water, relax on a lounger, and enjoy your totally free beach day.
  14. You could discuss it with the Cruise Director / Activities Team on board to see about getting it listed in the Cruise Compass.
  15. I don't know why you can't believe that some employees are actually happy in their jobs, grateful for their jobs, and come back year after year, contract after contract, long-term with the same company. (Makes me wonder what you do that makes all the employees you talk to so miserable.) People don't return to a company five, seven, ten times when they're not being treated fairly or compensated according to their contract. And for the record, I've always left my daily service charge intact (and even voluntarily added more when on a hurricane-extended cruise), plus added cash.
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