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  1. My son's GF (17yo) ordered pasta with butter at Olive Garden! LOL Always a stand-by!
  2. Are you saying they wouldn't give her a copy of her original birth certificate with the original spellings on it?
  3. The highlighted part is the part I was remembering -- she wants her birth certificate in her PREFERRED name to match her current documents. Doesn't say that she can't still get her ORIGINAL birth certificate.... just that she can't get her PREFERRED birth certificate without a legal name change.
  4. It's a beach. Sit down on the sand, pucker up, and blow up anything you want. (If you're asking if there's an air compressor you can use for inflation, that answer would be no.)
  5. Per Michael's responses on Facebook the night it happened, it was a guy who had been married two months.
  6. I'm all about fridge magnets. Take up no space, don't need to be dusted.
  7. Where the heck do you think employee wages come from, in ANY industry???? You, the customer, are paying for the wages of the employees at McDonald's, Target, Sony, Chevrolet, ANY type of business makes its money off what the customer/client is paying for. It isn't any different than the super-expensive luxury lines that don't have tips -- you pay several thousand dollars more for your cruise, but you don't have to pay for tips. Either way, YOUR money is used to pay the employees. New York City recently passed a law making a minimum wage of $15 for ALL employees. Now people in NYC are complaining that food prices have risen too much. Where the heck did they think that the money for the higher wage was going to come from? Businesses don't have a closet in the back that is just filled with a money-printing machine.... in order to pay more in wages, they need to take in more from the customer. It's not rocket surgery, folks.... it's pretty basic stuff.
  8. I clicked on the link that AF-1 posted: Then I copied the code that was generated on that page, and pasted into the relevant box in Account Settings ( https://boards.cruisecritic.com/settings/signature/ ). I backspaced over my previous one for Symphony to delete it, added the text to indicate my completed Symphony cruise, then clicked "SAVE" at the bottom of the page.
  9. Actually, breakfast for the unwashed masses is Windjammer on debarkation day, not in the MDR like with The Key.
  10. On Symphony with you last week, I had the letter with an access code in my stateroom.
  11. This is the part that I think we all ASSUMED but that isn't actually they way it happened... from what I was able to piece together bit by bit as the story evolved over time. I think (again, based on what the OP has told us, in haphazard fashion), that the OP's mom was trying to get a birth certificate IN HER PREFERRED NAME so that she could get a passport IN HER PREFERRED NAME. Nowhere do I recall seeing "they wouldn't give her a BC in her ORIGINAL name because her current identification is in her PREFERRED name"... just that they wouldn't give her one b/c the names weren't right. If I get some time after finishing some other stuff, I'll go back and find the pieces in this thread that are making me think this way. The OP's writing style and habit of only providing parts and pieces of pertinent information make it difficult to ascertain exactly what the issue is.
  12. I realize that EXACT bridging documents don't exist -- that's the whole reason that the passport request was denied (or rather, kicked back for additional documentation). However, the OP has already stated that the mother has cruised multiple times with just the original birth certificate and the current identification. Her documentation DOES suffice for both the cruise line and CBP.
  13. Lunch at Chops is included in the price of The Key on Embarkation Day only.
  14. I didn't do breakfast on Debarkation day, and I wasn't in a suite of any kind (was in a lowly interior, in fact), and from the time I left my room on Deck 6 at 8am to when I was on the sidewalk catching a ride to the airport was maybe ten minutes, and that's mostly because I had to stop and rest my bum knee a couple times. Forgot to mention, I was on the exact same cruise you were on, the Great Canadian Spring Break on Symphony! So maybe something to keep in mind for future cruises out of Miami's new terminal -- the "debarkation priority perk" isn't really a thing with the way the new terminal moves people through so quickly. If you get priority seating for shows as D+ and you don't use the exclusive activity times, you may be better off just paying for lunch at Chops and a multi-device internet package. I've waited in a debarkation line on other ships in other terminals that seemed to not move for hours and hours (perhaps a slight exaggeration... but that's how it felt at the time!), and in cases like that, I'd have paid for The Key just to bypass that line, other perks be damned! But the way they have things moving through Miami's new Terminal A, unless you really really need that sit-down breakfast, debarkation's not much of a deal at all.
  15. Actually, I don't think that "fact" was ever established by the OP. I'm not going to bother going back and reading this whole entire drama-filled thread, but my recollection was that this all started because the OP's mom was denied a passport b/c the birth certificate she sent in didn't match the name she wanted on the passport. Rather than go through the steps to validate and verify her identity under the alternate spelling (which several other people here have claimed they were able to do themselves), and rather than going through the process of having a legal name change done through the courts, they wanted the county clerk to issue the mom a birth certificate with the preferred spelling on it. That's my understanding of why they were "denied a birth certificate" -- not because her current ID doesn't match the original name exactly, but because the family wanted it issued the preferred way, not the original name. That's why I said, time and time again, that the mom should get a copy of her original birth certificate, her marriage license, and her driver license and just travel with that combination. A birth certificate for Margaret Jones and a marriage license for Peggy Jones becoming Peggy Smith and a driver license for Peggy Smith is going to satisfy the cruise line at the beginning of the cruise and it's going to satisfy Customs and Border Patrol at the end of the cruise. The ONLY entity that is being persnickety about the birth certificate name matching the preferred name is the Passport Office. Nobody else. The mom has cruised multiple times before with the original birth certificate and her driver license, and for a USA-based closed-loop cruise, she could do that again. Mom could go on the cruise, then when she gets home she could either do the documentation validation verification process for why her name is spelled differently than on her birth certificate, or she could go through the courts and get a legal name change for a couple hundred dollars. If I've remembered something wrong, feel free to point it out. But I've put these theories up multiple times and the OP has never once denied anything I've said, and in fact agreed with me that the documents are all the same name, just different spelling variants of that name. I believe that the differences are even less extreme than the "Margaret vs Peggy" example I've used throughout this thread -- it's more likely to be something like "Marguerite vs Margaret" or "Margaret vs Margret" or "Marjorie vs Marge". If Mom presents to the cruise line or to Border Patrol with documents with the same basic name and the same exact date of birth and the relevant bridging documents, she won't have any problems at all for a USA-based closed-loop cruise.
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