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  1. brillohead

    Newbie needs help !

    Also, the menu is the same regardless of which dining room you're assigned to, so it's just a matter of decor.
  2. brillohead

    When part of a party cancels

    Does anyone in the other cabins want to join you in the villa???
  3. brillohead

    Disinfecting your cabin question.

    Patient rooms are cleaned daily and after a patient is discharged. I don't work in an "exam room".
  4. brillohead

    RC deluxe drink package question again.

    Actually, @Joebucks, you are wrong on your last point. You CAN buy the drink package partway through the cruise, as long as there are at least four days remaining. However, I totally agree with your first point. Most people shouldn't bother with the drink package, and instead set aside that amount of money for their bar bill and pocket any savings.
  5. brillohead

    Independence of the Seas Questions

    If you really don't want the suite, you can "downgrade" to a regular room, too.
  6. brillohead

    Independence of the Seas Questions

    You also didn't PAY for the same suite amenities that would be available on other ships. Price out the "same suite" on an Oasis or Quantum class ship, and you'll see the difference.
  7. brillohead

    Upgrade- double points on suite?

    OP -- have you checked to see what the price would be to just upgrade yourself, without bidding? Because I've heard of self-upgrades being available for less than the bidding program.... and if you self-upgrade, you DO get your double points for a Junior Suite or any variety of Actual Suite.
  8. brillohead

    Disinfecting your cabin question.

    I'm a bit of a germophobe, but I'm a REALISTIC germophobe. What do I do? I wash my hands. That's it. Any time I'm in a bathroom, I wash my hands. Any time I'm going to eat food / floss my teeth / put gum or a mint in my mouth, I wash my hands. Any time I'm going to put my hands on my face, I wash my hands. Been cruising since the 1980s, and never got noro/GI bugs. I don't lick handrails or tv remotes, and I wash my hands. I'm an RN, and I take care of people with influenza, rhinovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza, metapneumovirus, RSV, norovirus, C. diff..... and never catch any of them because of proper hand hygiene.
  9. brillohead

    RC deluxe drink package question again.

    If you will have more than two soda/pop drinks per day, get the package. One at lunch, one at dinner, and one at a show -- it's worth your money.
  10. brillohead

    RC deluxe drink package question again.

    If purchasing on-board, you're probably looking at $70/day, and there must be at least four days left in the cruise to purchase. As stated, you are only charged for the days remaining, not the days already gone by. Definitely do the math to determine how "worth it" the package is. I know some people who break even by lunch, and others who never even come close to breaking even. How many port days, and whether a private island (Coco Cay or Labadee) is one of those ports should be one factor in doing the math. Four port days, with none of them being a private island, makes it much harder to get your money's worth. How many latte/espresso/cappuccino drinks, bottles of water, breakfast fresh-squeezed juices, and alcoholic drinks one is likely to engage in EVERY day is another factor. You may have eight drinks one day, but only four another. Many people would be better off with a soda package or refreshment package and then paying for drinks individually. You don't HAVE to pay for a booze package, by any means.
  11. brillohead

    burial at sea

    I'll come with you, if you need a buddy for support.
  12. brillohead

    Meet and Mingle Idea

    If you don't have the invite in your room the first day, I recommend asking the Loyalty Ambassador. The M&M is often held on the morning of the second day, so if you wait too long to track it down, you'll miss it.
  13. I think the empty tables in the specialty restaurants are not at all to do with tipping and everything to do with the fact that they've been priced way out of line with what you receive. For really snobby foodie-types, the MDR might not be acceptable, but for the vast majority of people on a mainstream cruise line, the MDR's offerings are more than adequate. If I can get a decent meal for "free" (included in my cruise fare), I'm not going to want to spend another $50/person on dinner. The MDR on RCI might not be "the height of luxury" but then again, the cruise fare on RCI doesn't suggest that it will be. If you want/need/expect five-star cuisine and service, you go on a luxury line and pay five times as much (and gratuities will also be included in your cruise fare on that type of cruise line). If your typical meal at home is either something you cooked yourself after a hard day at work (and then you have to clean up afterward) or a chain restaurant, then the MDR on RCI is going to be absolutely acceptable. And the majority of cruisers on RCI are people who fit into that demographic. And for the love of all that is holy in this world and the next, can we stop complaining about gratuities already?
  14. Symphony is the biggest and shiniest diamond in the jewelry box for Royal Caribbean right now.... so it costs more. Oasis and Allure are the same size, but without a couple of the newest features (slides, Wonderland, escape room). If you want to save a big chunk of money and the slides and such aren't your big draw, you can go on an older Oasis class ship. You get to experience the zipline and Central Park and Boardwalk and the carousel and the sheer magnitude of all that is the Oasis class experience, but you don't pay the premium price. It's like buying a slightly-used car versus straight of the showroom floor.
  15. brillohead

    Soft drinks on the Oasis?

    I think soda is around $4 and water is around $3. A glass of ice water is free at any venue.