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  1. This is what I've tried to explain to people when I comment about how Oasis class isn't my first choice. I'm a rather social person, and the design of the Oasis class just isn't all that conducive for socialization. I have usually been "relatively solo" on my past cruises (when my son would go with me, he'd always be off doing his own thing as most teenagers would), and I enjoy meeting new people and chatting with them and saying "hi" from time to time as we see each other around during the course of the cruise. But on an Oasis class ship, everything is so compartmentalized that you can meet someone when you board and then never see them again for the duration of the cruise. It's not just the size of Oasis class, but the layout -- the big opening down the centerline of the ship separates the pool deck into separate units, plus the CP and BW neighborhoods and the Royal Promenade create even more units. Some people complain about Freedom class being "too big" but for me, it's just right -- large enough to have plenty of shade available in the Solarium (which Oasis class has almost none of), but compact enough that you're likely to run across new friends throughout the week.
  2. Actually, I've been researching excursions for ports of call on five of my upcoming cruises, and I have certainly seen mention of security deposits for ATVs, scooters, and motorcycles. If I recall correctly, it was more common for rentals where you went off on your own with the vehicle, versus the "follow the leader" type excursion where you're basically a kindergartener on a school field trip. But I definitely did see mention of security deposits more than once in my research.
  3. Sounds like there are umbrellas every couple of loungers on all the beaches/pools now.... is a clamshell really necessary if you have a free umbrella for shade?
  4. I don't understand why everyone is so concerned about rust spots.... every ship in salt water will have rust spots.
  5. Sorrento's is open until around 3am, and Cafe Promenade is open around the clock. You can also grab pre-packaged sandwiches, salads, fruit cups, etc., from Park Cafe and store them in the fridge in your room.
  6. But a simple kitchen-timer type of mechanism wouldn't require "technology" and battery changes.... although then we'd have to deal with people duct-taping the timer so it couldn't turn and use up their time!
  7. (and thanks for the Bella pic... I know I'm not the only one here who loves to see her!)
  8. Absolutely precious.... hope I can meet her in person next month!
  9. Another easy fix to the problem of chogs -- kitchen timers. This would work similarly to a parking meter -- when you leave, you set the timer. After the 30 minutes are up, a little flag pops up and your chair is now eligible for claiming by anyone.
  10. I was on Navigator of the Seas once, sitting in the hot tub in the Solarium. I watched a couple come and stake their claim, laying out towels and tote bags and books and such on two lounge chairs before walking away. At least half an hour later, when I couldn't find a lounge chair in the shade (I'm a redhead, must have shade), I took the belongings from one chair and put them on the other chair. I proceeded to spread out my towel and stretch out for a nap. Another twenty minutes or so goes by, and I hear the lady's voice with an indignant proclamation of, "SHE MOVED MY THINGS!!!!" I feigned sleep, and the couple gathered up their belongings and huffed off. If they didn't want their space taken, they shouldn't have left for an hour while they had lunch in the buffet. One of my biggest peeves about chair-hoggers is the families that insist on a separate lounger for each person, when the kiddies will be in the pool / hot tub / slides / arcade / buffet the ENTIRE time. If you won't have a butt in the chair, you don't need the chair at all. Use the kids' towels as pillows on the parents' chairs, and let someone actually use the lounger as it was intended to be used. I'd actually like to see the cruise line install some cubbies in the pool areas with a sign that says, "Using the pool/whirlpool? Place your items here to keep them dry, instead of on a lounger." That would free up a lot of poolside loungers that are used for nothing more than a place to keep a towel, sunscreen, and sandals.
  11. I'm not understanding what you mean by this? For starters, it's the OP's father that will be sitting in the wheelchair, and the OP (or one of her family members) would be pushing it. Secondly, why would someone sitting in the chair make any difference in what I stated?
  12. I see it at the Dollar Tree store all the time!
  13. Just want to add that my experience of price protection for the second passenger applies only when paying Full Single Supplement (double the fare).
  14. I often book solo, and my travel agent has assured me that the second passenger's space is always protected in a double-occupancy room, and I'm price-protected for the fare -- all I have to do is add the port fees/taxes for the second person, up to 24 hours before the cruise. This is with Royal Caribbean, not sure what other lines do.
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