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  1. THIS is why I hang around Cruise Critic. Yeah, we've got some bad apples here and there (thank the heavens above for that "ignore user" function!), but by and large this is a group of wonderful people who love cruising!
  2. If you have your own skates and have room in your luggage / weight allowance, BRING YOUR OWN. Any rental skate is going to have been abused horribly. Even experienced skaters can have trouble skating in a rental skate with non-existent edges!
  3. In what way were your words twisted? You said: We want to know why you think the daily amount would be acceptable for 7 days but not for 14 days? It's a per-day amount, so the number of days you are on board is going to (rightfully) increase the grand total, but it's still the same cost per day. If you ate on the ship and slept on the ship and bathed on the ship for 14 days, that means that the crew members worked on your behalf for 14 days and deserve to be paid for those 14 days. Reducing what the crew members get paid because you would rather take a longer (and more expensive) vacation for a cheaper price while depriving hard-working crew members of their rightly-earned salary is unconscionable.
  4. In addition to the "highlight and choose quote selection" method, you can also quote the first message, type your reply, then scroll up and quote the next message -- it will pop it up in the still-open reply box. Another method is to hit the "+" button that's next to the "quote" button on each message you want to quote, then click the "quote X message" button that shows up.
  5. Great, so now the Chair Hogs have invaded the dining room as well as the pool deck and theater? What's next -- dedicated stalls in the public toilets?
  6. I told a bartender to "surprise me" on Majesty a couple months ago when I had the Refreshment (no booze) package, and he made me a "MasterCard" -- strawberry daiquiri on the bottom and mango daiquiri on the top (colors like the MasterCard logo). I'm a big fan of the peach daiquiri, and I don't normally go for peach, but it's very yummy. IMO, the booze takes away from the flavor of the drink so I prefer the virgin versions, but that's just a personal preference.
  7. Order the virgin version and a shot of the booze. This is how Royal serves it anyway -- they don't mix the booze into the drink in the blender, the blend the "smoothie" part of the drink and pour it and the booze into the glass.
  8. As for the RCL rules about proximity to a parent, blah blah blah, I wouldn't try to "switch rooms" on board so much as "get extra keys" to family members' rooms. As long as room capacity (number of available beds) and proximity to parents is confirmed in the Cousin Rooms before booking, the two extra kids who are booked in rooms with single adults can just use an Extra Key to move into a Cousin Room, rather than officially switching rooms on Royal's books. (If doing this, I would be sure to tip the Cousin Room cabin attendant extra cash for the extra work of making up the fourth bed, since the room would only be qualified for the gratuities/daily service charge from the three assigned occupants.) Any purchases made on the room key would be charged to their original room account, which can be paid for by their parents rather than the single adult in the room -- each passenger has a separate account. Muster station capacity is also not an issue -- the child would go to the muster station of the single adult they are booked with, not the muster station of the room they are sleeping in. And the child doesn't have to be within proximity of a parent's room if the single adult is considered to be their guardian for the purposes of the cruise -- I've taken my son's girlfriend on a cruise without her parents, and I'm her guardian on the cruise. It will take lots of research to find room configurations that work, and I definitely recommend working with a travel agent who is familiar with Royal's booking policies (some special "certification" course is not needed -- just familiarity with how Royal works), but there is nothing wrong with avoiding Single Supplement for the single adults by booking a child into their rooms and having the child sleep in an available bed* in a different room (*or even on a couch that isn't technically a bed, or on blow-up pool raft, or on a pile of blankets on the floor.... kids can and do sleep ANYwhere -- I think most of us have been to a slumber party / sleepover as a child where there are 5-10 kids on sleeping bags in the middle of the living room floor!!!). Just make sure to compensate any affected room attendants with cash for their extra work, and enjoy the family cruise!
  9. Except for the sofa that they just take the cushions off the back and make it up as a bed.... it's basically like a "day bed" -- twin size, no pull-out.
  10. I didn't save them, but you can see them at a blocked site. I'll post the links -- just remove the ???? and substitute the word blog in their place (if I post the actual link, it will get blocked here). Three night: https://www.royalcaribbean????.com/cruise-compasses/mariner-of-the-seas/fri-2019-09-20-0000 Four night: https://www.royalcaribbean????.com/cruise-compasses/mariner-of-the-seas/mon-2019-09-23-0000
  11. Intent isn't necessary for a charge of homicide. A few years ago I sat on a jury for an Open Murder case (the open charge meant we could have found the defendant guilty of First Degree or Second Degree Homicide, or not guilty). The way it was explained to the jury is that homicide is when a person's action causes a death and that action was something that a "reasonable person" would think could reasonably result in death, regardless of intent. For example, if you kick someone in the leg, nobody is going to expect that to kill someone. You'd expect a bruise, possibly a broken bone, but not death. If you asked the average person at your local mall if they thought it was reasonable to think someone could die as a result of getting kicked in the shin one time, everyone's going to say that they would not expect a single kick in the leg to cause someone to die. While it COULD result in a bruise/blood clot that COULD break off and it COULD travel to the brain and COULD kill someone, that would be an unexpected result from getting kicked in the shin -- it's not reasonable to expect that type of outcome. On the other hand, if you asked the average person at your local mall if they thought it was reasonable to think someone could die as a result of getting bashed in the skull one time with a baseball bat / tire iron / golf club / pipe / whatever, everyone's going to say that they would not be surprised if getting bashed in the skull with an object caused someone to die. They might survive and be fine, or they might survive and be brain-damaged, or they might die -- all of those are within a reasonable realm of possibility. Even if you didn't INTEND for the baseball bat bashing to kill the person, it's totally reasonable to think they could die as a result of getting bashed in the head with a baseball bat. So, let's put that same test to this grandfather's actions. Grandfather placed toddler on the railing. Railing is four feet from the floor, and 100-ish feet from the concrete pier below. Grandfather did not have an adequate hold on the toddler to prevent her from falling off the railing. Now ask the average person at your local mall if they thought it was reasonable to think that a toddler could die from falling off a railing that was 4' above a hard floor on one side and 100' above a concrete pier on the other side -- anyone with half a brain is going to tell you that a toddler falling off a railing could hit their head on the floor and die, or plummet to the pier below and die -- and there you have your grounds for homicide. It's totally within the realm of possibility that an unrestrained toddler could fall off a railing that is 4 inches wide -- even professional gymnasts can fall off the balance beam, so it wouldn't be the least bit surprising for a toddler to fall off a railing that size. It's also within the realm of possibility that the toddler could die from falling off that railing, regardless of whether they fall the four feet to the floor or the 100 feet to the pier. If she fell to the floor instead of the pier, she MIGHT be fine or she MIGHT be brain-damaged or she MIGHT die -- all are within the realm of reasonable possible outcomes, so it wouldn't be surprising if she died as a result. A reasonable, responsible person would not place an unrestrained child on a railing, whether it was 4' above the floor or 100' above the pier, because a reasonable / average person would expect that serious bodily harm including death could be the result of that action. You may not have intended to kill the guy when you smashed him in the head with a baseball bat, but it was reasonable to think it could happen, so you shouldn't have swung the bat unless you were willing to be charged with homicide. The grandfather did not intend to kill the child when he placed her on the railing, but it was reasonable to think it could happen, so he shouldn't have placed her there unless he was willing to be charged with homicide.
  12. Broadway shows don't appeal to everyone, so I wouldn't even consider that in the mix for popularity. Mariner is popular with families -- proximity to Orlando is one factor there, plus the "amped" items -- the jumping pad, the water slides, Flowrider, etc.
  13. I don't think it's about the ports so much as about the demographic of the cruise itself. Repositioning cruises tend to have lots of "seasoned" cruisers who know about and participate in Roll Calls and all the various activities (M&M, cabin crawl, slot pull, poker run, bar crawl, trivia, etc.). Those cruisers are also more likely to know each other from having cruised together before, and so the Roll Call thread becomes a place for them to also just converse in general. A standard week-long cruise is going to have a lot more first-time or once-in-a-while cruisers who probably don't even know about Cruise Critic or a Roll Call thread.
  14. I like to book private excursions, and the Roll Call thread is great for finding others to join in the meet the minimum required numbers. A recent cruise this summer had a lot of solo cruisers (thanks to no single supplement) and we arranged for a bunch of us to link up to dine together at night, or meet up for lunch on sea days, or team up for trivia events, or gather as a group for Cards Against Humanity, etc. I've also seen Roll Call threads set up cabin crawls so people can see different room categories, Slot Pulls in the casino, bar crawls, etc.
  15. I've never gotten an email saying my docs are ready -- I just know to download what I need from the Cruise Planner check-in area.
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