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  1. It would be nice if there were a "scooter license" issued on board... everyone using a scooter would have to successfully navigate an obstacle course in order to be assigned a scooter license (like what motorcyclists have to do). If they don't pass the scooter test, the scooter is taken away from them and they're issued a standard wheelchair for the cruise instead. The people who are able to drive one are able to continue doing so. The people who have never used one before and didn't bother to practice at Wal-Mart before the cruise and don't have a clue what they're doing can get pushed around instead. Safer for everyone.
  2. It really depends which terminal you're using, too -- Royal Caribbean's new terminal in Miami is amazing, we had no lines for anything. (One thing that was different -- you check in first, THEN go through security before boarding.) Like others have said, if you arrive sometime after 11am, you'll be able to check in and board without having any kind of wait at all.
  3. Packing cubes for the win. Unzip the cube, put the whole thing in a drawer or on a shelf. Unpacked completely in a few minutes. During the cruise, dirty clothes get dropped into an open suitcase under the bed. At the end of the trip, zip up the packing cubes and place in the suitcases. Repacked completely in a few minutes. On arriving home, clothes still in cubes are clean and can be put away. Dirty clothes go straight to the laundry room, and the suitcase goes to storage.
  4. I agree. Not a fan AT ALL. Love my insulated cup on the pool deck! This looks like something you'd get at a theme park. Blech.
  5. Grounded the ship, it tipped over partway, and people DIED.
  6. I've seen the slot needing a card for master room power on at least one Royal Caribbean ship... maybe Freedom? I'm not sure. I often have an old hotel room card in my luggage, so I just use that. Or a library card, whatever. Amazing that they even have to go to such lengths, though, to prevent people from leaving the lights on when they aren't in the room. How thoughtless!
  7. Some people don't carry a purse and don't have pockets. It's just a personal preference.
  8. Plenty. It's an island in the Caribbean. Beaches, snorkeling, rum factories, shopping.
  9. Nope. I don't carry a purse or wallet. I keep my credit card in my phone case (between my phone and the case) and have done so for probably five years or so. Never a problem. When on board the ship, I don't need my credit card with me, so I stash it in the safe and put my Seapass card inside my phone case instead. Never a problem.
  10. Right? Just the "per person service charge" would be more than $125/night for a family of four, and you'd still have to add on the actual cost of the room and taxes! I think I'll just stick with my cruise vacations! 😎
  11. For all the people who complain about the "gratuity" or daily service charge on most cruise lines, I can only imagine the gnashing of teeth over this from the Comfort Suites site: Hotel Alerts: The following tax and charges are applicable. 12 Value Added Tax, 11.2 Resort Levy, 5.00 USD per person per day Housekeeping charge, 17.87 USD per person per day Utility Surcharge and 8.96 USD Hotel Service Charge per person per day. 40.00 USD added to the rate for 3rd and 4th adult, plus Valued Added Tax. Children 16 years and over are charged as adults. Children 12 years to 15 years are charges 31.83 USD per child per day (Housekeeping, Utility Surcharge and Hotel Service Charge), not included in total. Can you imagine if the cruise lines charged a 12% VAT and 11.2% Ship Levy on each passenger's fare, plus added $5 for housekeeping, $17.87 for utilities, and $8.96 for "hotel service charge" (whatever that is... maybe the front desk employees?)??? If the cruise fare for two people was $2,000, the VAT and Ship Levy would add another $240 and $224, respectively, for a total fare of $2,464, and then you add the roughly $200 for port taxes for two people to come up to $2,646. Then at the end of the week, an additional $445.62 would be due for the various housekeeping, utility, and hotel service charges. That $2,000 cruise would end up being $3,110 without purchasing a single drink, specialty dinner, or anything. I'm gonna have to remember this outrageous $31.83/person upcharge the next time someone starts complaining about the measly $15/day gratuity/service charge on most cruise lines. At least that fifteen bucks also includes the food servers for every meal you eat on a cruise ship.... if you were actually staying at the Comfort Suites, you'd have to fork over extra money for each meal plus the tip for each of those meals, in addition to the $32/person/day you're already paying to the hotel!
  12. Pretty sure you only get four wristbands per room, so they'd have to purchase two rooms.
  13. Sounds awesome! I would also recommend using something like the app Waze, which will let you know of any traffic problems and reroute you automatically. Some drivers in Florida are... uh... "unique"!
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