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  1. So I have this theory on TP. While people are working, shopping, eating out, etc. they are using the facilities away from home. Supplies for most of these places would come through commercial suppliers. Now that a large number of people are at home there is a much larger demand on the local stores we use. Yes, we have an overabundance of hoarders out there, but there are other issues at play here.
  2. They don't return them because it is not a separate charge for the cruise. It is all included in one price. Doesn't make it right it's just the way they do it. You seem to hold a lot of ill will against Oceania. Holding those beach balls underwater gets tiresome after a while. Let it go. They didn't create this mess.
  3. Just cancel now and get your deposit back, no FCC required. Avoid all the angst you'll go through between now and then. .
  4. Being a big Lord of The Rings fan from my teen years I had a blast visiting Hobbiton in New Zealand.
  5. Ive missed all the antivaxers here you're talking about. Who are they again?
  6. Yes, I agree. I'd also love to know his/her background and expertise.
  7. I was going to tell you what Arima22 above mentioned, but I was a little slow. Fortunately you came here before you were in the penalty phase. Many people either never get an Oceania invoice or don't bother to read the cancellation terms. Then they want to come here whining about how they're being cheated. Most people's problems come from either lack of knowledge or just simple confusion. i.e., they just don't get it.
  8. And we have ten years of Oceania pictures in between. Here's one from 2015 at the top of the fort in Kotor. If you haven't done it it's quite the climb. Beautiful views from up there.
  9. Riviera by The Monster of the Sea, Costa Maya 12/19 Most current Oceania cruise.
  10. First Oceania Cruise, first time to Europe. Overlooking Florence, or as the cool people say, Firenze. 2009
  11. You can do groups with Zoom, which is what you see a lot on the news, you can also use Alexa Echo Show, which we've done with friends we usually see on the weekends but haven't in a while.
  12. Speaking of that what is the status on The World?
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