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  1. That's a good deal on the upgrade, there are 3 or 4 levels of suites above your room, which one are you talking about? Also when is your cruise?
  2. Tell us again what your credentials are and why your opinion should carry any weight. Please stop with the racist references, some of us here don't appreciate it.
  3. Back to the subject at hand. FDR inferred a day or so ago that the Terrace will not be like it has been by walking around, picking out your food, and they serve it to you. What they will do initially is have you sit down, you'll be waited on and given a menu of items that is on the buffet, then they will go and get it and bring it to you. Almost negates the idea of looking at something before you select it, but it should help with social distancing. Of course with 50% occupancy it should come off easier.
  4. I've missed Gettysburg out of that group, but I grew up at Shiloh, so I'm quite familiar with Civil War battlegrounds and cemeteries. The rest I've been to. I'd add The Grand Canyon, The Arizona monument, 911 Memorial, Air & Space Museum, The Arch and many others. Places I still want to get to are Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.
  5. And here I thought I was going to read about The Game Of Thrones.
  6. Seachelt is in Canada, that is why it's different.
  7. I've been to Alaska on Regatta. I certainly hope it sails. One of the things that I liked is that they stopped at smaller ports that I hadn't been to when I went to Alaska on Celebrity. We stopped at Sitka & Wrangell which seemed to be less touristy than Juneau or Ketchikan or Skagway. Are there any questions in particular you had? What lines are you used to?
  8. I believe that I've read that the deviation is rolled into the price, which it should be. As has been stated time and time again here, using the hotel through Oceania is generally never a good idea. The only reason I could see to do it is that you want someone to take care of everything for you, and saving money, or not spending it unnecessarily, is not important. The big benefit to taking the deviation is that you could go in as many days early(up to a point) that you would want to, as well as stay later. You can also go into another city instead of the embarkation port and then work your way there. Are you working with a good TA? They could give you a definite answer. If you do the math you will find that the hotel through Oceania is not a good idea. It's probably not too late to change it if you have already made that choice. Even figuring in the included transfers and the deviation it's still real expensive. PS< Olife has nothing to do with it, but it's easy to see why people think that with the way Oceania markets it. I think they like people being confused.
  9. When we embarked from Istanbul the first night was an overnight there and all the next day in port. We had the ship for our hotel, got up the next day and did tours all day. As we weren't worried about missing the ship and we didn't have included deviations at the time we just went in the first day. We got in pretty late and the traffic was horrendous, it took us over an hour to get to the ship, yet we could see it at various times during the transfer ride. We could have walked there faster at times but had our luggage. Great trip, it was the start of a B2B including at TA back to Miami.
  10. ORV

    AMEX offer

    I got it on my Everyday card. I had used one of these last year on a cruise that cancelled for Sept of this year. I had paid the deposit on it with my RCCL card and $500 on the amex to get the offer. The deposit was NRF and minus the $200 penalty I got an FCC for it. The additional $500 was credited back to my RCCL instead of the Amex, so I don't know if they would have taken it back or not. At the very least I recouped $125 of the $200 cancellation penalty. We had cancelled before Celebrity did. It was a mistake on my part as they cancelled before final payment. At any rate I activated the offer, but unless Celebrity is cruising by 12/31/20 I won't be using it. I'm booking nothing until cruising restarts.
  11. That was the one where it snowed on the decks?
  12. The videos came through so good I propose this idea for future webinars. Record everything you want to say and just play the tape. Poor Alex, hope he still has a job today😉 Seriously, I do realize these things are a nightmare to put on.
  13. Don't quote me on this but when you have an international leg and a domestic leg on your cruise I think there is a different air credit for each one.
  14. I've used Spain Day Tours on multiple cruises and have always been happy. The sizes range from small groups to a larger bus, so make sure you know what you're getting in to ahead of time. In Lisbon we used Top Ten Tours for a private tour as well as transport to the airport. I would highly recommend them. They were recommended to me by Mike Preisman that does great cruise reviews. You might have seen a few of them.
  15. I was looking at that in the O Club circular they sent out. It looks very appealing, 22 days from Venice. I'm sure that one is 2 segments together. If I knew for sure it would go I'd book it, but I"m not booking anything until the cruises are back up and going and we can see what the product is.
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