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  1. It's not showing for this Sunday's Oasis sailing, so unlikely to be on the app for any subsequent sailings.
  2. 1,000 points required on cruises 5 days or less, 1,500 on 6 days or more. 1 point = $2.50 run through slots or $5 run through video poker.
  3. Not trying to be snarky, but you got a lowball offer because your normal play is just 350-500 points per cruise. Normally you're just barely on their radar at with enough points during the cruise to earn a DOU card (1,000 to 1,500 points, depending on cruise length).
  4. Why?? VIFP status is completely unrelated to the Milestone program.
  5. Anything on the casino bar menu, which includes non-alcoholic frozen drinks.
  6. On Harmony last month I was charged for two towels when I had only borrowed one towel the whole cruise (and turned it back in with my SetSail scanned). Of course the charge didn't post to my account until the morning of debarkation, but thankfully there was no line at Guest Services once debarkation started. They reversed the charges without issue.
  7. Or take a break from babysitting a table full of luggage during embarkation lunch or debarkation breakfast.
  8. What if someone with FTTF or a Platinum or Diamond has the straggler's room on the next cruise? Now the cabins that need to be ready first are the last the steward can clean.
  9. It depends on the ship. On the ships with the new card readers (with LED touch screens) on the slot machines, the system is capable of managing a separate bank that you can play with but not cash out to your regular player bank. (Let's say you put $10 of FunPlay on the machine. If you bet $5 and won $5 and were back at $10 and then cashed out, the $5 you won would go to your regular player bank and the $5 remaining FunPlay you hadn't gambled would go back to your FunPlay bank.) On these ships, slot players get their FunPlay loaded into that FunPlay bank and table players get FunPlay chips the they can gamble with but not cash out with. Winnings on FunPlay chips are paid out in regular chips, which they can then cash out. The ships with the older card readers with buttons you physically press are not capable of managing a separate FunPlay player bank, so on these FunPlay is paid out in cash at the cashier's desk.
  10. I've searched the RoyalUp threads and haven't seen this scenario so I figured I put this out there... if you're travelling solo and submit a RoyalUp offer, be aware you could be "upgraded" to a studio cabin. I'll be on Harmony in two weeks, originally booked in an interior. I made a pretty low RoyalUp offer (just slightly higher than the minimum bid) to upgrade to an oceanview a while back and today got an email that it had been accepted. The notification email said I was upgraded to "Ocean View", but when I looked at the updated invoice and checked the deck plan for the upgraded room I saw it was actually a "Studio Ocean View". So while I'm happy to have the oceanview, I wasn't so happy about the smaller square footage (or that they charged the double occupancy bid price for a single occupancy cabin).
  11. No reason they should show Priority. Useless advice from Sparky2.
  12. Just priority boarding and debark, none of the other FTTF benefits.
  13. From the FAQs on Carnival's website: Staterooms (on ships listed below) are equipped with non-stocked mini bar units, which are designed to maintain the temperature of beverages. Please do not use these units to store medications that have specific temperature requirements. Should you need to store medicine, please refer to Medical Services for additional information. A small, personal-sized cooler no larger than 12" x 12" x 12" is permitted as a carry-on luggage. The following ships have non-stocked mini bar units in all staterooms and suites: Carnival Breeze, Carnival Conquest, Carnival Dream, Carnival Elation, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Glory, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Legend, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Magic, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Panorama, Carnival Paradise, Carnival Pride, Carnival Radiance, Carnival Spirit, Carnival Splendor, Carnival Sunrise, Carnival Valor, Carnival Victory, Carnival Vista and Mardi Gras. The following ships have non-stocked mini bar units in suites only: Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Fantasy, Carnival Fascination, Carnival Imagination, Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Sensation. The Carnival Sunshine has non-stocked mini bar units in all suites and in staterooms on decks 3, 5, 10, 11 and 12.
  14. Just a warning--those are mini bar units, not refrigerators, in the cabins. They are not designed to get as cold as refrigators or to keep food at safe storage temperatures. How well they work and how cold they get varies from one room to another, but generally they take a while to chill anything you put in them, and the more you put in them the longer it takes to chill. Would I eat yogurt at lunch that I had put in there at breakfast? Probably, but only the same day.
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