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  1. S&S cards are no longer distributed at check-in. They are now in a sealed envelope in the mail holder next to your cabin door.
  2. You can also all go through regular check-in together.
  3. Actually, I would suggest not quitting your day job if you thought you were funny.
  4. The P/D cruiser and anyone in the same cabin get P/D check-in. Only if your children are in a separate cabin with only minors do they get P/D check-in with you. If you explain the situation to the port personnel, they may grant an exception, but don't count on it.
  5. What if I'm wearing my VIFP lanyard for my S&S? Or drinking out of my VIFP Tervis tumbler? Is that uncouth and offensive?
  6. They didn't scan his card because they can see and check off everyone in the same room as present once one person's S&S is scanned. Saves times scanning the card of the everyone in the cabin. Why did they still flag you as not present? Because Carnival's IT blows.
  7. Agree. Anyone hanging out in the stairwells or in the vicinity of the muster stations will get firmly ushered along by the muster staff.
  8. One night was Italian in the Harmony WJ in October.
  9. There could be cancellations, or people currently in a JS could get Royal Up upgrades to higher categories.
  10. Supply and demand, particularly the limited supply of solo cabins, sometimes drives the price higher than a regular oceanview at 200%.
  11. I've compared numerous travel and cruise insurance policies over the years and have never seen one that would reimburse a portion of cruise fare if you got sick or quarantined once the travel started.
  12. 🙄 The point was why Plats don't always get #1. 🙄
  13. Carnival does not. The corkage fee is only charged in the dining room. They don't do it shoreside, vs. for example Princess who has ship employees collecting it after security for people who brought on more than their allowance.
  14. I was on the first regular sailing after amplification. The draperies in my cabin looked new; not sure if they replaced draperies in all cabins, or my cabin just happened to have needed new draperies.
  15. Guest Services can book tours and Behind the Fun when ShoreEx is closed, e.g. if ShoreEx isn't open yet when boarding starts.
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