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  1. As an update to this in case someone reads it later. We paid $65 to royal Caribbean back in March to get the downlink approval emailed me to us to get off in Rome and come back the next day in Livorno. I was assured that the crew would be informed of our request approval and that’s what I was paying for. When I showed it to guest services on board they looked at me like they had no idea what I was talking about and kept assuming we wanted to get off for good in Rome. All the paperwork they sent to our stateroom gave the impression they though we were NOT returning. Our stateroom steward was shocked that we weren’t getting back on board. We made every effort to clarify to him and his boss(just happened to see him in the hall at the same time) that we were returning the next day in Livorno. I took the paperwork back down to guest services and they said they had to call their own manager to make sure it was fine. The manager said it should be okay and that the security team would be informed. We had to leave our passports with guest services the night before Rome and pick them up before we departed in Rome. The security guy saw our cards were deactivated and thought he needed to take our sea pass cards. I said that we were getting back on board tomorrow and we needed the cards to get through security and that we should have new ones waiting on us (this is what guest services told us). He called because he had not been informed of our situation and after a quick call he handed me back my card and wished us good luck. Now. Rome. Was totally f’ing worth it. Because of our new flexibility and prepurchasing of tickets we were able to quickly get into Rome and headed into the colosseum and went to the lasagna church before walking to the pantheon, having a look around, into another church to see Michelangelo’s Moses and then walking to the Vatican. We had reservations at 3 for the Vatican and got the audio tour. The Vatican was not as packed as i had been led to believe but still very busy. We were able to check out a few areas and then decided to make our way to the Sistine chapel( our goal) we stayed in the Sistine chapel for about 45 minutes and just took it all in. Afterwards (while everyone else was headed back to civitavecchi) we went to this awesome pizza place with a 30 minute wait(was insanely well worth the wait) got amazing gelato and went to check out the trevi fountain before heading Back to our hotel. We walked 13.5 miles that day. Never felt rushed though and got to have an awesome dinner surrounded by friendly Romans and woke up the next day refreshed and headed via train to florence. The train was about $150usd for the three of us. And we got into florence before the people from our boat could get there so we took in the sights in relative comfort and again got amazing gelato from the Lindt store near the Duomo. Afterwards we took the train to Pisa because my son wanted to eat pizza in front of the leaning tower. And then headed back to Livorno to meet the boat. We took a taxi from the Livorno train station and made it through almost all security and when we told them we left yesterday and came back. They had no friggin idea what we were talking about. And again they had to call and get new sea pass cards made for us. They were not waiting for us and no one was informed to expect it like we were told. But they did their best to listen when we had to explain it (which we did a few times) and were impressed that we made it back to the boat. Lol. So all in all if you want to do it. It seems possible. Just bring your paperwork and be calm when explaining it. It all worked out and none of them are mad at us for leaving. And then night we were gone was comped gratuity wise which basically covered the extra fee we paid. It was 100% worth the extra 15 minutes total of hassle with security to get it done.
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