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  1. I would chose #4, the best of EI. Rano Raraku (moai quarry) & Ahu Tongariki (15 moai's) are the 2 must see places. John
  2. Hanga Roa, is the only tender port of Easter Island. It is a short walk from the 'center'. No restaurants near the tender drop-off aerea, not that I am aware off. Sometimes if the sea is too choppy they tender at the other side of the island at the Anakena Beach. That beach is not really fit for tender landings so the ship crew has to improvise and therefore it is not done often. Getting there by ship is one thing, getting off is a different matter. Sometimes the ship will not tender because it is dangerous for crew & pax. Getting there is a gamble, you never know if you can get off or not until the ship reaches EI. Hope this helps. John
  3. Just got this news from my TA. Very sad to hear. Waiting for a confirmation from Seabourn now. John
  4. I can still see this voyage the one we've booked, Nov. 29, 2021 Santiago-BA on the website but all suites are marked as unavailable and when I'm logged in it says: 105 days until departure. Some confusing info. John
  5. That was a cruise to Alaska and had only 1 day of rough weather. We did had some ship motion but it was not that bad, anyway not to us. I think you will like the 'room' and the balcony. John
  6. When you sit down in the balcony, you still can see the water. 😁
  7. This is the view of the balcony of room 7018 of the Regatta , which is the same as the Insignia.
  8. This is the view from 6039, it is obstructed but ok. I would choose this cabin again. 🙂
  9. Baz-t, I was not allowed to use my FCC for an onboard booking, my TA had a discussion about that with Oceania UK, unfortunately. Being loyal doesn't always pays off I guess. 😑 John
  10. Isn't the FCC only applicable for new bookings? In Belgium (also UK office) it is. John
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