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  1. I wonder if it’s a lack of enforceability. X and Azamara are basically saying “fine me, or penalize us. we’re not paying it and you can’t make us.”
  2. Looks like X isn’t following the polar code. There is no way they are retrofitting a Solstice class vessel for ice class standards. Jan 30 and Feb 13 in 2022 they have released two Antarctic Itineraries.
  3. Looks like Celebrity isn’t going to follow the polar code. Was wondering how they were gonna enforce that, and it seems there is lack of any penalizing authority to enforce it.
  4. i will check and get back to you. They are 4 and 8. Our youngest is our daughter. She loves the kids program, and we literally have to use threats of not letting her go as punishment. For that age it’s the typical coloring, face paint and some other group games from what I have seen. My son who is 8, is not as keen on the kids club as previous cruises. They seem to play some video games and other group activities such as Gaga ball, some type of puzzle game where they had to figure out how to get across a maze with unknown rules and other things. My son typically asks to go to the kids club but we have had some minor resistance this cruise compared to previous. It sure if it’s cuz he’s older, (our last cruise was in August so maybe the couple months is making a difference) or if it’s the counselors or he hasn’t found any good friends yet this cruise. He typically makes friends fast though. So far they have had kids dinner every night but the first. Hope that helps.
  5. First time on Ovation since we did the inaugural repo in May 2016 from Barcelona to Dubai on it’s way to China. Since then the ship has been repurposed for the AZ and Alaska market. Very interesting how they have removed almost all the Chinese signage that was on the ship originally. Only almost 300 Diamond and above. 198 D. 80ish D+, and 7 pins. With all the talk of the D lounge being over run, that is not the case here. Pretty full at 4:30, but typically still a seat or two. Concierge maybe at 25% capacity. Most we have seen is 20 or so in the concierge Lounge. Feels like your own private lounge. About 400 kids. Adventure ocean is not even close to capacity and our kids are typically 1 of maybe 20-30 or so in their respective age groups. Pretty uneventful trip so far. Have crossed the Tasman sea previously on The Emerald Princess and this crossing has been relatively calm compared to previous. Please feel to ask any questions, and I will do my best to answer. Only use our four total free internet days from being D+ so please don’t expect an immediate answer.
  6. as many others have stated, this is misinformation. I watch prices like a hawk and KSF is not a smoke and mirrors sale. We save thousands with KSF. RCI does not have age based pricing. Disney does, and as far as I know is the only mainstream cruise line to have age based pricing. NCL does not charge grats for a baby the last time I looked. Those are the only age differences I am aware of in cruise lines but there could be others.
  7. I have made many changes to a NRD. The one thing you can’t do without penalty is cancel. You can reprice all you want from my experience, but when you cancel you will be issued a FCC in the amount of your deposit minus the change fee.
  8. We were on beginning of August. They must have figured it out by Sept. Only maybe 10 guests that I saw had their card punched that cruise. Anyone else had a plastic holder. There were very few people with lanyards that cruise, likely because no one brings a hole punch with them on vacation. Lol.
  9. GS refuses to punch our cards on the Summit. We also asked the kids club to punch our kids cards and they refused as well. They stated they have had lots of issues with hole punches ruining the cards and only recommended the lanyards that held the cards in a plastic pouch. We ultimately just won some lanyards with a plastic pouch in some game and then detached the plastic pouch from the celebrity lanyard and used our own. I guess GS has been trained where to punch the cards now so not to damage the cards.
  10. We also used to maintain a non monetized blog, http://www.thesmallworldfamily.com with some family travel tips and live blogs in case you were looking for some more info. There are no advertisements or TA links.
  11. You register once and check them in and out. There are ratios of 15:1 for 3-5 and 25:1 I believe from 6-12. We never hit the maximum on our Oasis sailing, however on smaller ships we have hit the maximum. Keep in mind the Oasis is undergoing dry dock and from my understanding they are revamping the kids program into something more like Disney’s program. This may be a good or bad thing for your kids, but the bottom line is they are gonna lump the 6-12 in one huge space now and the 3-5 will have a separate space rather than have smaller groups. We have found we like the smaller groups better for our kids, but yours may enjoy having all the ages in one area for the 6-12. That happened on sailings with low kids numbers anyway.
  12. i agree. The DL is the least likely place I hear people brag about their cruises. I am much more likely to hear someone on their 4th cruise brag bout that than someone on their 40th or 400th. Typically, I have found that it gets to the point where most people just say « a lot ». When people ask me how many I’ve been on, I just say « a fair amount »
  13. I only suggested that as many on this thread are suggesting kids shouldn’t get ponts because they didn’t pay or pay less as a third and fourth guest. They pay the same as an adult third or fourth guest unless it’s KSF. Should the third or fourth adult not get any points. Giving kids points is an easy way to breed a future generation of cruisers. If they are Diamond at 18, then they are super likely to return as an adult with their children.
  14. Soooo.... should parents get the points for the kids since they paid? (My kids are 4 and 8 and each is diamond on their own points. My eldest almost has a block). I would definitely have been for taking their points and adding them onto mine. Woulda made Diamond after 3 cruises.
  15. did they extend it? We were on the summit in august and it was the standard 5-7 happy hour.
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