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  1. Back in Feb and Mar the number of people infected worldwide was significantly lower. The chances of someone with Covid boarding a ship are now notably higher. While they can stick every protocol in the book to help mitigate this issue, nursing homes on land and prisons are still having outbreaks. Any efforts at mitigation (social distancing and masks) have only been met with pushback by the general public. The lack of any generalized societal effort to stop this in the US is not making it any easier for the Cruise ships to sail. There are just way more people with Covid now, and any mitigation efforts the cruise lines put in place will likely either not be followed or be inadequate compared to just the sheer number of people that will likely board with Covid. Even with testing many test negative at the beginning of their illness yet still have it so even testing people prior to boarding will not stop it. There is just no good way to get cruise ships going at this time.
  2. Cruises will not sail Sept 16th out of the US. Just not happening. Nothing will have changed between now and then that will makes cruising any safer. Unless the fundamental risk of Covid is altered somehow (vaccine, miracle drug, mutates to become significantly less virulent) the risk of an onboard outbreak is only higher now than it was back in Mar when cruises were suspended. Given the CDC viewed cruising as a danger before this was a total raging pandemic on every continent, I don’t believe the actions Americans are taking now is gonna convince the CDC to allow Cruises from the US anytime soon.
  3. In my case and many of my others, a huge chunk of money comes from Medicaid and Medicare payments.... that’s the government. I don’t think the government employees are getting to see the money the government saved on Medicaid and Medicare so they can go on more vacations. It’s just savings for the government to help cover their trillions in debt. While paper losses, the stock market can cause trillions to disappear at the drop of a hat. My investments are strangely up for the year, but I know that’s not the case for the majority. Money just disappears into thin air when the market crashes. While some may “win” by shorting, way more are losing when the market crashes. While ultimately someone on the money chain is potentially saving, in many cases that cost savings does not translate into direct consumer savings. If an insurance company is saving because no one is wrecking, all that cost savings is not necessarily ending up in a bunch of consumers pockets. It just lines their bottom line at years end. Having millions file for unemployment is not balanced out by the businesses saving millions of dollars because they aren’t having to pay their employees. It doesn’t work that way. Money needs to move.
  4. I am late 30s. Most of my friends are early 30s to late 40s. Many in the medical field with good pay. Covid slaughtered patient volumes and Cares has done minimal to assist most practices. Most salaries cut anywhere from 10-30 percent across the board. Many of my friends in healthcare in other positions also greatly effected. My friend who is a peds dentist had to close up shop for 6 straight weeks. Have some that own restaurants and other businesses and they are crushed as well. Let’s not even talk about my friends who are hairdressers.... I was buying gift cards and just treating them to some meals for days to help them out. Don’t think I need to pay for a haircut the rest of the year. If you are retired you only have your 401k/403b to worry about and it’s rebounded for the most part. I know my funds are strangely up for the year?!?! If you are in the working world.... right now it’s just pain. Lots of pain.... My family and I leave for badlands/Yellowstone/Tetons/glacier next Tuesday for two weeks, but I was lucky and spared the bloodbath as my line of work was not affected at all. Everyone single one of my friends has taken a hit sadly.
  5. I’d say RCI stating that prices will go up is a pipe dream. Unless they scrap a ton of ships to reduce cabin numbers significantly, the supply is going to far outweigh the demand. Between the economy and all the unemployed along with anyone who is not unemployed taking pay cuts due to decreased business, unless they drop prices significantly there won’t be enough cruisers to fill the ships. I know many of my friends have foregone their vacations this summer to make up for Covid losses, and many who are unemployed, and many who just have decreased income. I know I am not the only one who knows many who would have taken a vacation otherwise but can’t.
  6. Who knows. It’s the stock market. It’s consistently inconsistent. Could be $46.41, $40, $30, $25, $20. It’s basically a game. It goes up when they cancel cruises half the time. Just buy in when you are comfortable and sell when you feel you made enough. It is nearly impossible to time the exact peak or trough.
  7. Thanks! Hopefully Santa isn’t effected by Covid. From what I hear it hasn’t hit the North Pole. Not sure how the factories staffed by elves will function with social distancing. From what I hear the elves are packed in even tighter than the meat processing plants. Most elves tend to be in the younger demographic so they likely will be ok, but I definitely worry about asymptomatic transmission to Santa. He is high risk for sure.
  8. Remember it on Oceanic on Premier. That was a long time ago
  9. thanks for clearing that up. Was very vague from your post. I recently got into scrabble to burn time, so an official scrabble dictionary would be great.
  10. I am arguing because you responded to a post which I posted which was a general post and not in response to anyone in particular. You had previously responded to a post in which I stated that I told people to be patient and that it would likely drop 40-50 percent for everyone feeling some FOMO about not buying RCI stock. You stated that was unlikely, and that the current ride up would be sustained and “many” would agree. I stated “many” would argue that it is just as unlikely for the RCI to maintain at its current level given lack of revenue. I was simply stating that “many” (the market) clearly agrees it was overvalued at $75 dollars. Hope that sums it up.
  11. I would say while that is part of it, it’s the fact that the run up was based on the fact that many were hoping for the “V” rebound for the economy. Also compound that with the fact that many going into cruise stocks do not actually pay attention to the cruise lines like we do on CC and don’t realize just how dire it is in regards to a start date. If you talk to the average person, they assume that cruise lines will start on the date they announce EVERYTIME. Us on CC and paying attention to the cruise industry know this isn’t like Disney or Vegas and there are many more factors into restarting the cruises. The average investor thinks “Disney and Vegas is open. Cruises are coming in month or two most likely. Time to invest now.” They don’t realize that it’s not as simple as reopening the doors with new protocols like land resorts. Cruises deal with countries, ports, being in the middle of the ocean without access to hospitals in minutes, repatriation of crew, and possibly passengers, and the cherry on top, the CDC. The average person isn’t paying attention and just thinks they can restart at the push of a button.
  12. I would say many would agree at this point that it was overvalued. Down to around $45 premarket or 40 percent from its recent high of 75.
  13. Waivers don’t matter if negligence is involved. All it takes is for a crew member to deviate from their cleaning policies, or forget to clean some elevator, and some lawyer will state that RCI’s deviated from the cleaning policies agreed to by CDC. Now would I or other people view deviation from cleaning “negligence?” It would depend on the level of deviation, but it definitely opens the cracks to litigation. Despite signing your life away when you go skydiving, if you skydiving instructor is found to be negligent in the maintenance of the equipment, or intoxicated or some other reason which causes your death which is not due to something standard occurring, there is a potential for a lawsuit. When we went to several Orlando area attractions, Legoland and Aquatica included, despite them stating certain rides and water slides were to be disinfected after every ride, I only saw that happen on one ride. It was very random which rides would be disinfected after every ride. It was very hit or miss. Them deviating from their stated cleaning protocols, opens up a crack for a lawsuit to slip through.
  14. I am more than well aware of all the reports of people labeling deaths related to coronavirus that were never tested for it. Regardless of the labeling, there has been a significant increase in the number of deaths in many countries, and it’s not all because people are avoid medical care to avoid being exposed to the virus. I had two friends that went to NYC to help out the hospitals there, one a travel nurse and one an EMT. It’s definitely the real deal, and the pics they had and stories are not just made up. My friend who was a nurse was a skeptic prior to going there. Didn’t even social distance prior to leaving. Kept throwing parties, which we did not attend. You can believe that people aren’t dying from Covid all you want, but just saying that Covid isn’t increasing the number of deaths in the US doesn’t make it so. To balance out all the “deaths are just being labeled Covid despite no confirmation” deaths, you also have all the deaths prior to the major outbreak that were likely missed that were labeled “flu like illness” and had a negative flu test and were never tested for Covid as we didn’t know to test for it then.
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