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  1. Scenario: Day one of the cruise when everyone is getting their bearings & exploring. I got into a lift with two excitable young lads of about 14-15. Lad #1 - Wow, does this lift go sideways? Lad #2 - Dude, that's the door close button Every time I get in the lifts now I remember that conversation
  2. I'm on the same cruise 🙂 My understanding is that it depends on weather conditions & currents, but they either head north to around Newcastle, or south to around Wollongong and just do a really big, slow circle. They don't go much further north/south than that but as DDG41 said, they are out in international waters so you don't get to see any coastline.
  3. I travelled loads when I was younger (land travel) and shared with strangers with no problems at all. Now I'm older and rather less tolerant it's not as appealing - even less so on a cruise where you can't escape. I don't cruise that often as I pay a single supplement, but it's so worth it to have that small space all to myself.
  4. Hmmm, difficult question ! I was there a bit over 18 months ago and did the ships tour on Carnival. Getting to see and snorkel with the turtles was great, but the reef is better at Janek Bay (saying that, I didn't snorkel a long way out and apparently it is better the further out you go). The glass bottom boat was fun, and seeing the dancers at lunch was too. The food was pretty good. The lighthouse was closed when I was there so we couldn't go up it. We did see scuba-divers, but they were with a separately organised tour (and I don't think even on the cruise) so you might be able to organise something separately if you want. I really enjoyed the day trip, but for me I don't think it was worth the price that Carnival charged. If you could get it cheaper with a scuba tour (and want to risk getting back to the ship on time) that might be a better option for you.
  5. There's a Uniqlo in the Midcity Centre - about halfway along the Pitt St mall. Lowes on the corner of Pitt & Park as previously mentioned and Myer (on Pitt St mall) You should find what you want at one of these three. Otherwise Westfield (big shopping centre, again on Pitt St Mall) has some menswear retailers but they're probably at the more pricier end
  6. Carnival (at least in Australia) have a good reputation for seating solos together, particularly if you book Traditional Dining and the later seating.
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