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  1. Hi everyone!! We are thinking of trying out MSC in the next year or two. We would like to try one of the new ships in the Caribbean, probably February 2021. We have always booked our cruises through Costco, but MSC is not serviced as far as I can tell. Would you recommend finding a TA or booking directly? I know we're not supposed to ask about specific companies here, but I'm just not quite sure of the best place to start. I was hoping to get some OBC or some other perk that a TA may provide. Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Hey everyone!! I'm on the Getaway leaving this weekend from New Orleans. I'm trying to decide which internet package I need. My choices are Unlimited Wifi or Unlimited with Streaming. My reason for needing the internet is that I need to be able to work some on the trip. I have to access the web for some small files to download and I will need to be able to upload files in the range of 5-10MB each. Am I ok with the regular internet or should I pay the extra for the "streaming" one?? Does anyone know the difference in bandwidth between the two? Thanks!! Chris
  3. Sthrngary Thanks very much for the info! Your review was terrific! Very helpful! The video posted above was great to get a visual of the area as well! Thanks again everyone! This is why I love Cruise Critic! So many helpful people here!!
  4. Awesome! Thank you all for the info!! Much appreciated!
  5. Hi there! We are cruising in a week or so on the Getaway out of New Orleans. Due to the ncaa championship, I had to book a hotel close to the airport. I've read it's best to get dropped off away from the actual Port terminal and just walk a short distance. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!! As a side note, I'll be creating a YouTube video from this trip so if there's anything you would like me to cover, just mention it here and I'll make sure to get some footage. Thanks in advance for your feedback! Chris
  6. We were on the Escape two years ago and all the playoff games were on. Some just in the casino. I remember one of the games being on the large screen in Spice H2O.
  7. Hi there! Thanks for all the great pics and info!! Really enjoying it! I'm debating taking some work with me on our trip (Jan 12th) Is the internet reliable enough to upload files? (smaller than 15mb) I'm flexible in the time of day. I was thinking of upgrading to unlimited. Any thoughts on this? Thanks! Chris
  8. Hey guys, I'm going to try and attach a Google photo album of the dailies from our Eurodam trip in December. Let me know if you are able to view them. Chris https://photos.app.goo.gl/quNhRA8QGgtnaAib6
  9. Thanks for the info! At least it allows me a 1st night discount pre-cruise. Hopefully we can negotiate for a couple more onboard
  10. Hey Everyone! I just booked a 5 night cruise on Equinox for January 4, 2020. In my cruise planner it doesn't show options for dining packages? It shows a discount for 1st night dining in Specialty Restaurants but not a multi night option. Is this just a web glitch or is it not available on shorter cruises? We usually book Aqua class, but a regular balcony is $600 less. So I thought we could just purchase a Specialty restaurant package instead. Our main objective with this cruise is to get on the Equinox post "Revolutionizing" Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!! Chris
  11. I think as long as you are flexible, you should be able to have the Captain perform the ceremony. I would suggest talking with the cruise director as soon as you get on board to make arrangements.
  12. For us it was the Captain. We were very fortunate in that, we were the only ones doing the vow renewal on this cruise. It was a great experience and well worth the price. First class all the way. The Cruise Director coordinated everything and the Captain was very gracious with his time!
  13. I was able to get the later flight. Does anyone know if luggage direct is offered from San Diego? I tried signing up for it, but it wouldn't let me choose San Diego for the airport. I'm assuming this is because it's not offered from this port?
  14. Thank you all for your feedback! It's been very helpful in thinking through this. I don't think it's worth the risk. I agree with your assessment that it's better not to end the trip with a stress filled day! 😉
  15. Hi everyone! We are debating on heading home right after our cruise on Eurodam out Of San Diego. Is the airport close enough to make an 11:15 flight? The next option is 3:45 and I'd rather not sit in the airport all day. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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