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  1. If you're wondering where you'll be docked in Amsterdam, you can check at the site below. Just type your ship's name into the search field and scroll through until you find your dates. Docking locations are shown on the map at the second link. https://www.portofamsterdam.com/en/shipping/rivercruise/berth-reservations-river-cruise https://www.portofamsterdam.com/en/shipping/rivercruise/berths-and-available-facilities
  2. FuelScience

    General question about excursions and ETA/ETDs of boats

    For whatever reason, Avalon doesn't spend much time in Tournon. We docked there in the middle of the night. The walking tour began at 8:30, and the ship set sail for Vienne at 10:15. I was at the chocolate shop when it opened at 9:00 and got my shopping done in plenty of time to make it back to the ship. DW took the walking tour and wasn't overly impressed, but I gave her chocolate and that helped her mood! For Playtennis's southbound trip it looks similar. They have the morning in Tain/Tournon and then sail to Viviers for an afternoon tour there.
  3. FuelScience

    General question about excursions and ETA/ETDs of boats

    So if you make your reservation for an optional tour on Avalon's web site or through a travel agent and prepay before the cruise starts, that tour is guaranteed to happen. Even if you're the only one signed up. If no one had signed up for an optional tour before the cruise and just a few signed up on the ship, then the tour wouldn't happen. I don't remember what the minimum number was. So again, if there's a must see tour, like the Pont du Gard, you should sign up before you leave. This policy may have changed, but that's the way it was in 2017.
  4. FuelScience

    General question about excursions and ETA/ETDs of boats

    Here's the link for the dailies. Let me know if it doesn't work. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0nz16ahW1fiaE9FVGtxbEpoWjA I second franski's suggestion for visiting the Valrhona chocolate store. If I remember correctly, it's about a mile walk from the ship's docking site, but easily doable in the time we had there. Let me mention one more thing. If there are optional excursions that you really want to do, you should book them ahead of time. It may have changed, but when we sailed the Rhone, Avalon had to have a certain number of people sign up for an optional tour in order for it to take place. If not enough people signed up, the tour was cancelled. The exception was for tours where people had signed up before the cruise. Those tours went ahead regardless of how many people had signed up. So if it's a must see, sign up before the cruise.
  5. FuelScience

    General question about excursions and ETA/ETDs of boats

    Playtennis, Are you sailing the Rhone/Saone northbound or southbound. If you're headed northbound (Arles to St. Jean de Losne), I can point you to the dailies from our 2017 cruise. That would give you an idea of port times, assuming that Avalon hasn't made major changes.
  6. FuelScience

    The Elbe river 2019 - not just water levels

    I noticed that the ships making the Amsterdam to Berlin cruises (CroisiEurope and Nicko) are all 83 meters or less. Does anyone know if larger ships can travel this route?
  7. FuelScience

    High water and tulip time?

    I can't say definitively, but my impression is that most of the sailing is done on canals and waterways which the Dutch control effectively. I figure that if they can keep Amsterdam from flooding--it's 6 feet below sea level--then they can keep things under control.
  8. FuelScience

    The Elbe river 2019 - not just water levels

    Notamermaid, Your post got my attention. I would love to take a northbound trip on the Elbe. I took a look and for this year none of Nicko’s Elbe cruises from Berlin to Hamburg (or Amsterdam) are set to accommodate English speakers. They do, however have an 8-day cruise—Stralsund-Baltic Islands-Potsdam, that will have a cruise featuring English tours and translation on one sailing in each direction. So an Oder cruise is an option for us English speakers. The most attractive for me would be the Berlin to Amsterdam cruise. Maybe next year they'll add a sailing date for English speakers. https://www.nicko-cruises.de/en/expose/dreams-of-the-baltic-sea/
  9. FuelScience

    Viking Rhine River A-B Embarkation Time

    I don't know if they still are, but Viking could be flexible. When we were finishing up a tulip time cruise back in 2014 we were in the ship's lounge waiting for our 9:00 a.m. ride to the airport. A couple showed up having just arrived with a Viking transfer to the ship. After sitting in the lounge for about 30 minutes someone from housekeeping showed up and told them that their room was ready and they could go ahead and move in!
  10. FuelScience

    What to do in Trier article

    Since Trier is a common stop on almost all Moselle cruises, this article may be of interest to those doing the Moselle this year. http://www.travelweekly.co.uk/articles/308944/what-to-do-in-trier-germany?fbclid=IwAR2j3N-7nqaaf4XzoVLiCU7NWG9ntV4NNJmTRr6JAX20wwIAwyp8Bo4B0wg
  11. FuelScience

    Rhine water levels 2019 and similar topics

    Thanks Notamermaid. I was thinking about making a similar posting. The other places where I’ve found a lot of river ships are Linz (I think that I counted over 35!) and Vienna (21 Viking Longships by my count).
  12. FuelScience

    AMAWaterways Rhine River Christmas Markets blog

    I've really enjoyed the blog. Thanks for sharing!
  13. That may not work. Avalon seems to be different in that they really do seem to want to get everyone--including those who book their on air--together at a meeting point and then transfer everyone to the ship at once. You should check with Avalon directly and see what they say.
  14. FuelScience

    Lisbon & Secrets of the Douro, Emerald Waterways

    You should probably post this question on the main River Cruise board rather than the Ports board. Also, there are 59 reviews at the URL below if you haven't looked there already. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/getreviews.cfm?action=ship&ShipID=1213
  15. FuelScience

    Viking Port Times

    Most lines don't list port times due to uncertainty associated with getting through locks and other variables. What river are you sailing, and what direction are you traveling? If it's a common route like Amsterdam-Basel, there's a good chance that someone might have scanned the daily schedule sheets from the cruise, and you could at least see what the times were on a previous cruise. They shouldn't change that much.