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  1. Anyone else sailing on this cruise? We’ve made it halfway - but our connecting flight from Mahé is delayed. Just wondering if anyone else is also here in Seychelles trying to get to Mauritius.
  2. My daughter's first cruise was 14 nights at 8 months old. I don't think age has much to do with it. I doubt he will be bored on the ship - in fact my daughter, now 12, would rather stay onboard at the ports (she has now been on 6 cruises). She loves the activities, swimming & kids club. After the first day, she has made friends & enjoys every second. I think he will have a blast!!
  3. I know there is some political unrest in Reunion right now. I've heard rumors that a couple of cruise ships are changing their itinerary and avoiding this port. Has anyone had a change? Which cruise line are you on?
  4. We are booking the 12 day southbound Denali by rail Cruisetour. I agree with you, it is difficult to get much information about the land portion. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Hi All! I'm in the process of planning a family vacation with my in-laws. We will need a total of 3 cabins. Myself, DH & DD have cruised before but this will be our first time to Alaska. First cruise ever for the rest of our party. I'm currently looking at doing a cruisetour in mid-July on either the NCL Jewel or Golden Princess. There is also a possibility of the Coral Princess. Anyone know of the best cabins on any of these ships? We are looking at Oceanview rooms. We will be taking the southbound route, so I'm thinking we need to be on the port side? Although if going through passages, will this really make a difference?
  6. Where did you go to get your passports stamped?
  7. We are cruising out of Miami. So taxis are the cheapest option both ways? Our FLL flight departs at 3:20pm.
  8. We will be flying into Miami on the morning of our cruise (arrive 9:20am). We are flying back out of Ft. Lauderdale. Are cruise line transfers our cheapest way to go?
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