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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I feel like luggage is going to be our biggest issue - we are combining several trips into one, so we are packing heavier than usual for us, but definitely keeping in mind we need to stay small and light for maneuvering. I've been trying to do my research, it's looking like we might be better off staying off the island. Doesn't sound like we are going to need 5 days to see Venice, so we might catch a train to visit another relatively close city as well.
  2. We will be spending 4-5 days in Venice prior to boarding our ship. Anyone have any hotel recommendations - or at least areas to stay in?
  3. Anyone else sailing on this cruise? We’ve made it halfway - but our connecting flight from Mahé is delayed. Just wondering if anyone else is also here in Seychelles trying to get to Mauritius.
  4. My daughter's first cruise was 14 nights at 8 months old. I don't think age has much to do with it. I doubt he will be bored on the ship - in fact my daughter, now 12, would rather stay onboard at the ports (she has now been on 6 cruises). She loves the activities, swimming & kids club. After the first day, she has made friends & enjoys every second. I think he will have a blast!!
  5. I know there is some political unrest in Reunion right now. I've heard rumors that a couple of cruise ships are changing their itinerary and avoiding this port. Has anyone had a change? Which cruise line are you on?
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