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  1. Hi Mr. Steelers, My biggest fear about going on a cruise is this. Your on a cruise ship with 3,000 passengers and only one has to come down with this horrible virus. Now I’m locked in my cabin for 14 days and then I’m locked down again in some army base for another 14 days. This is what’s keeping me from booking. So this year it’s the new Rowboat for me and my family. So for me I don’t care about any kind of upgrade I may receive for booking a cruise this year. BTW Your picture of my first rowboat brings back a lot of good memories. 😁 Your Friend, The Captain of Rowboat, Tony
  2. Hi Mr. Steelers, I hope you have a great time on all your future cruises this year. I think I will be cruising only on The Rowboat this year. Just to be safe. After all the Rowboat isn’t that bad. The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  3. I totally agree with you. I think a lot of people will be thinking twice before getting on a cruise ship after all this. Tony
  4. Hi everyone just like everywhere else Boston is very quiet. I just wanted to stay safe and be careful going outside. I hope this puts a smile on your face. Check out what my wife is up to See Photo. The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  5. My wife said seeing Alberto. 😳 😩 Tony
  6. Sorry my wife made me do it. The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  7. To all my Cruise Critic friends. I have already posted a picture. I just wanted to say Thank You!! for sharing some of the best photos I have seen on Cruise Critic. The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  8. I just called Princess there main number at 1-800-774-6237 the girl said the e-mail was from Princess. She even received one herself. She said ”It’s not Spam’’. Tony
  9. I love this picture. When I seen it I couldn’t stop laughing. The Chair Hog 😁 😁 The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  10. I remember when we completed our 15th cruise. We both received a Black Member Benefit Card with our Captain’s Circle number. See Photo. Tony
  11. Things are a little crazy in Boston right now. I just purchased a car with the all the money from the cruise I had to cancel. See photo Tony
  12. I totally agree with you. Tony
  13. It sounds like a pool my wife would love. I hope someday we will try it. After all the virus problems are over 🤞. Tony
  14. I for one don’t believe it. If they do resume you got to be crazy to go on a cruise now. That’s just my opinion. Tony
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