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  1. Hi to all my Cruise Critic friends, It’s going to hit 90 today so I’m going now (4 a.m.) to the Rowboat to head out to Cape Cod for the day. Hi TTEllis, I remember shooting off the back of the Costa Riviera. You paid $5.00 for 5 shorts if you hit all the clay Pigeons you got to keep shooting. Well after 18 in a row the guy took the gun away and we both were laughing 😁. He said I was to good. Two days later I got a call and was asking to go to the back of the ship. Someone wanted to talk to me. When I got their it was the Captain of the ship. He like to shoot Trap and asked if I could help him. I gave him a few helpful hints and he was hitting almost every one of the target. The next day my wife and I was invited to have lunch with him. We didn’t eat Clay Pigeon. 😁 The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  2. Nice video Tom. I hope they all get back to work soon and they are all safe. Tony
  3. Balsamic chicken sounds great. But there’s nothing better then baked clay pigeon after you shot your first 100 straight in Skeet or Trap shooting. 😋😋😋😋 The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  4. Mnocket, I totally agree with you on your definition of SAFE on a cruise ship. Tony
  5. Hi to all my Cruise Critic friends, I know you guys are kidding me ( I love it 😁 ) I just have to say I never drink at all when I’m shooting skeet. Bourbon or Wine don’t go together when your using a shotgun. The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  6. I totally agree with you. If there’s no vaccine the cruise lines will be lucky to fill a Third of the cabin. Tony
  7. Hi all my Cruise Critic friends, Lets get back in the water. The weather in Boston is great so I’ll be heading out early in the morning. I’m going to try my luck at fishing. I’m a Skeet Shooter at heart but we all know there’s no skeet shooting off the back of The Rowboat. Please wish me luck. The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  8. Hi to all my Cruise Critic friends, It was another hot day in Boston. So I took the Rowboat out to be disinfected. it was very easy and efficient. As you cruise out of Boston harbor it’s done in10 seconds. See Photo. 😁 The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  9. Hi Donswife, God Bless all of you who work in nursing homes. That’s by no means an easy job. I just like to wish you all the best and please be safe. Tony
  10. Hi to all my Cruise Critic friends, It was a great day on the Rowboat. Off the coast of Main when my granddaughter’s started to jump up and down. They both said look papa there’s a shark. I have never seen one swim by me while I was on the Rowboat. I looked at my son and we were thinking about the Movie Jaws. Mike said dad I think we need a bigger boat. We both started to laugh. I started the engine and we were out of there. Tony
  11. Please let us know when you actually Receive your refund. Tony
  12. I would like to know how much does the cruise line keep or make from the auto gratuity?? I personally don’t think all the money is divided amongst the crew. Tony
  13. This is just my opinion. Princess should be ashamed of them self!! It’s been almost 3 months and that’s the best answer they can come up with. Tony
  14. Hi Diane, It’s still Hot Hot in Boston so I’m staying on the Rowboat for a couple of days until it gets a little cooler and less humid. I’m going to Main on the Rowboat. My Son and granddaughters want to spend the night on the Rowboat with me. 🥰 😁
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