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  1. Woohoo is right!! Fantastic bid. I hope you totally enjoy. My sailing is sold out in the upper categories, so fingers crossed.
  2. Thanks DiverJohn. I want to enjoy everything beginning to end. I have never had the spa pass in my cruises before, so looking forward to something different.
  3. It's similar for me on the Epic also. After I purchased the pass for a 10-day cruise for $249, my confirmation said the pass started the day after we board at .....5:01 pm!! No one has been able to explain. I would have thought it would be available after we set sail, not the next afternoon!
  4. Thanks Molole and Jamie. Just what I thought. There is so much information about bidding, that I wanted to ask first. This is one of my favorite threads here. Everyone is so very helpful!!!
  5. Does anyone think that printing put your edocs for your current cabin, impacts in any way your chance of getting an upgrade on your bids? Thinking that they may feel that you are satisfied with the cabin you have. Has anyone printed edocs and have their bids go through. I do understand when you get down to the last few days before sailing, you would have to print them. Just wondering if all you wiser and more experienced feel it makes a difference?
  6. These look quite handy and I like the way they attach to the rods. By any chance, do you have a link to these? I have looked at tons on Amazon without finding these!! Appreciated!!
  7. Rich, my suggestion is to get the tags for walk-off as they are issued for that reason. Then there is no problem. Are the tags all gone at this point for you? Why do you not just get the tags? The simplest solution, then you can relax and enjoy the remainder of the cruise. I will get the tags even though I will do a late walk off. Thanks Bird. I will vacate the room on time. The room stewards need all the time they can get!
  8. Hi Rich. When I walked off the Epic in 2017, I still had to have tags. They were dark green(may vary by ship/sailing), and I was surprised at how fast they went. I think it is their way of telling how many people to expect to take advantage of it. They have to arrange staff numbers. It was hundreds on my sailing. Now, I will be honest in that I did not note if everyone had tags on disembarkation morning. We were all lined up in order of arrival, no line cutting. It was very organized. One guy had a portable trolly for his mega pieces of luggage(family and transatlantic). I would say, get the tags.
  9. Yes, but you would have to put your luggage out the night before if you wish to collect where the luggage is held after the cruise. You are free to have a slow and easy breakfast and go off when your luggage label color is called. To be honest, I am not sure re 10:15 am disembark time. I have never stayed that long. I am sure there are experts here who can guide you re the times!!
  10. CazV, that is exactly what we want to do. A casual breakfast, collect bags and enjoy the last few moments.
  11. My hubby and I have done it!! There was no downside at all. If anything, it was an upside as we just let the fun continue!! It was better than going home( even though we love it too). For us it was the same port, so off the ship, check-in again, and happiness continues. Guess you can tell I love to cruise! Any excuse( mine was it's cheaper than spending the weekend at home) Lol!!
  12. Perfect perfect!!! Just the answers I needed. Just wanting to enjoy those last few hours, and the limo is arranged for a later pickup.
  13. Hi everyone. I've done self-assist walk-off previously for a very early departure off the ship. This time, however, we have no rush and still wish to walk off with our luggage at the end of disembarkation time. We will find a quiet spot. Is this possible, or is walk-off restricted to early departure only? We will only have one bag each. I prefer to keep my bag with me at night in case I forget something with so little luggage. Thanks for your answers!!
  14. Hi there. I had the ocean view room directly opposite 6535. I told my room steward that I had really hoped to get 6535 instead due to the size. She told me I should be glad I didn't. Lots of noise/banging from people on the stairs apparently, especially at night. She said it's not a restful location. I have no idea personally but thought you would like to know staff opinions. Hope this helps.
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