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  1. Theredofshaw

    Medical facility on the Oasis

    I believe they have basic life saving capabilities. I'd strongly suggest travel insurance if not already purchased.
  2. says it right on their suite perks page. I'm on RCI's side on this one.
  3. glad ya came back! was an entertaining read!
  4. Theredofshaw

    Diamond+ Polo Shirts?

    better than starting a new one like the hundreds of "what to do in X port" or "where to stay when departing Miami"
  5. hucifer!!! we miss you hucifer!!!!
  6. Someone pass the popcorn. Just caught up and waiting for more!!! ;)
  7. Theredofshaw

    Always wondered.................

    technically whites are only authorized during designated months, however, with it being the Caribbean they may be authorized year round due to the heat. like Suppo says, don't think anyone will know the difference nor really care.
  8. Theredofshaw

    Has anyone ever hit a jackpot on slots on the ships?

    nice! by the way, the tail end of that story can't be right, no way you're in that age range ;p
  9. Theredofshaw

    DEP and security question

    not a problem, hope ya'll enjoy your cruise!
  10. Theredofshaw

    DEP and security question

    As a Navy recruiter, as long as they are aware it shouldn't be an issue. We have ours fill out a form with the details of when and where they'll be and prior to them leaving for boot camp, they will visit MEPS again. If they all have the same procedures, before swearing in that 2nd time to active duty they'll ask if there are any changes to their clearance. The recruiter should have access to his clearance still and can update it if it is still a ways out before he ships to boot camp. All cruise ports (with the exception of some middle eastern countries) from my experience have been non-issues. Realistically, he is only going to be there a few hours. Even us already on active duty and those who have higher level clearances are approved to hit central/south american cruise ports. The investigator on his background may ask him some questions about what he did while there but as soon as he drops the cruise word and what I assume will be a tour or beach time, that's probably where it will end. on a side note, where in missouri? I know another recruiter in the KC area.
  11. Theredofshaw

    Barcelona. Shuttle from airport to hotel?

    We did the bus. Went smooth. Had to cab it back when we left due to time of day (ungodly early). Cab deliberately took us the long way and tried charging extra. Took a photo of his id and vehicle, emailed the company and was refunded once we got home.
  12. We loved Sabor on our Allure Med cruise a couple years ago. Their margaritas were outstanding! My wife usually only has one, think she was up to 3 one night. We ended up eating there twice.
  13. Good ol king neptune. Had my experience with him while on the USS Reagan back in 2008. Do they do a ceremony of sorts on cruise ships as well?