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  1. This will be our first time in a Neptune suite and plan on using the concierge for making reservations and other things. My questions is, do you usually tip with every request or just at the end? Also, what is an average tipping amount if we mostly used them for dining reservations? Thanks for any information you can provide. I know crew members on these ships work hard and I wouldn't want to short them.
  2. Thanks for the great reports! We sail in a little over 3 weeks and hearing about your trip is making me even more excited! You had mentioned that the Canaletto was supposed to have their new menu by now. Were you able to confirm this and have you been able to try the new dishes yet? Looking forward to hearing more about your journey and seeing the menu, when you have time! Safe travels and thanks again for the reports!
  3. I always use the patches when I am on a ship or airplane but I KNOW I get motion/sea suck. (Tested it a couple of years ago on a short two hair flight.....long story short, it wasn't a short enough flight 😨). If you're not sure you are, I do think what you've been has been working. You know what they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it. I tend to agree with grsnovi, it may not has been seasickness. Also, I've been on 2 previous Alaskan cruises, my third one coming up next month, and I don't ever remember them having really rough seas.
  4. I wonder if you order a half portion of an entrΓ©e, such as a risotto, for your appetizer if they would consider it two mains?
  5. Thank you so much for the info. I’m even more excited now!
  6. We'll be aboard the Oostedam June 30th. What was your overall feelings about the service and the things to do onboard? How was service in the mdr? What was your overall impression of the crew and ship? We'll be in a NS (for the first time, our 20th wedding anniversary cruise), were you in a suite and did you utilize the Neptune Lounge? Did you have good cabin stewards? Did you have fun? 😊 Thanks for any information! Welcome home! Edit: Please ignore this attachment. I have no idea how I took a screen shot and attached it to the reply. I probably couldn't have done it if I was trying. LOL I've tried to edit and take it off but to no avail. It is now forever part of history.
  7. Great! Thanks for the quick responses. I love formal teas and my DJ will definitely enjoy the walking chocolate buffet 😊.
  8. I will be on 2 different cruises this summer, one leaving June 30th on Oosterdam to Alaska and one in July on Zaandam for a NE/Canada cruise. I was on the Eurodam last May and they did not do the Chocolate Extravaganza. I assumed because it was only a 5 night cruise but now I'm wondering if they've completely done away with it. Also, the afternoon tea was not served in the mdr. It was served in one of the lounges, with very little seating and the service wasn't great because of the amount of people in such a small space. Has anyone been on either the Oosterdam or Zaandam recently and would know if they still do the chocolate extravaganza and where the afternoon tea was served? Also, do they still elevate it to a high tea once per cruise? Thank you in advance for any information you can provide!
  9. Thank you all for the links and wealth of information and knowledge from your experiences. It gives me a lot to think about and time to plan. I love researching things (and researching reviews) for our trips so I think this gives me a great direction to head in and see what works best for us. Either way I'm sure we'll have a great time! Thanks again!!
  10. My dh and I are in the process of planning our 20th wedding anniversary cruise to Alaska on the Oosterdam in June. We're all booked and are now looking at our ports and what to do in each one. Have any of you chosen to do non-HAL shore excursions and, if so, what are the pros (besides price, I'm assuming) and cons of "going rogue"? On past cruises we've always booked our excursions through the cruise line and thought we might be missing out on other/different excursions and/or better pricing. Also, we always see the vendors at the pier hocking their tours and excursions. Has anyone had luck with no preplanning and just taking your pick from the companies at the dock? Thanks in advance for any insight!
  11. I wrote to HAL's "guest relations" about our disappointment after having booked a Neptune suite that now most of our perks will be available for purchase to anyone for A LOT less than we are paying for our suite. Yes we have more room but part of the reason we booked a suite were for the special "suite only" perks. Basically their reply was arguing one point of my email about how much less some cabins are and a 'you're more than welcome to rebook to a lower cabin and add the club orange' comment. That was pretty much it! Not even so much as a "we're sorry you are disappointed" or anything like that. HAL is free to do what they want. They can treat well paying, loyal customers however they want and think we will keep returning for more of the same. I do like HAL's smaller ships and service but I want to feel like a company appreciates me as a customer as well. After this booked cruise with HAL I see no point to be loyal to them in the future. They obviously don't need my business or care about my satisfaction so on to another cruise line where I can be treated like just a dollar sign for much less money! Very disappointing. HAL's response: Thank you for your recent correspondence with Holland America Line regarding your upcoming cruise on board the ms Oosterdam departing June 30, 2019. Our guests in lower priced Suites have always been able to purchase a Suite Amenities package to give them quite a few but not all of the Neptune Suite amenities. So the ability to buy a lower rate Suite and get some of the perks of the higher rate Suite is nothing new. Of course people who purchase lower rate Suites also have rooms that are at least 100 sq ft smaller and have considerably smaller verandahs and in many cases not as luxurious bath facilities etc. Also unless we were able to compare which promotions the people who paid less are booked under it is impossible to compare as a rate that is $1700 per person less may be under a promotion that does not offer the Explore 4 amenities. It would be your prerogative to book a smaller, lower priced suite with less amenities and purchase the Club Orange yourself but again you would be sacrificing a considerable amount of square footage and potentially quite a few amenities that are not included in Club Orange. Please feel free to contact us if we may be of additional assistance or visit us online. We look forward to welcoming you onboard in the near future! Kind Regards, Michael
  12. Howdy, neighbor! Small world! Thanks for the information. It looks like Sitka has an annual parade (yea!) so that will be fun! I'm also arranging a golf outing for my husband so he will be excited!
  13. Thanks, Towhee! Looks like we kind of neighbors, too! We're in Camas .
  14. Thanks, Karen! It's also my husband's birthday so any extra little celebration will be fun. 😊
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