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  1. Yes your right! Maybe it is from Cesaers not sure but I saw the card in the mail it states NCL free cruise and certain dates to pick it up. Thinking positive!
  2. My adult kids have the drink package promotion and our Cruise is in May and their rate went down by $30 today. We don't have that special but the $200 obc and ours went down by $30 too. All depends on what promotion you booked under. I would email or call your pvp. Good Luck!
  3. Yes I think that you are right! My husband will say we don't need it as we only do cruises. Not sure how to convince him.
  4. Thanks again! We cruise in May & August!
  5. Ok makes sense then I would have to send in my current passport card even though it isn't expired. Or do I wait until it has expired the following year. Thanks!
  6. I check my rates daily and also have an alert from a cruise app to send me emails when my price drops! We have 2 cabins too. Happy with a $30.00 drop on the Horizon made my day and having a PVP makes it so very easy to change.
  7. Sounds like what we want to do. Thinking our friends will use the 10% off on us and hopefully they can put it in our name.
  8. I believe it is from the Cosmopolitan but they are also Ceasers too
  9. Yes we are a closed loop Breakaway 5 day out of Miami. I have had no problems on other lines with the card. When it expires I will get both the book and card. Trying to figure out how to get the book but we don't plan on anything else but cruises and yes I know its good to have. Thanks for your helpful information.
  10. I just emailed the site for passports asking if I have a card how to get a book. Thanks your reply was helpful!
  11. I still don't see card listed. Thanks!
  12. Thanks I just emailed NCL and they said they prefer the book then a birth certificate. They didn't say anything about the card. I haven't had any problems on other lines with the card.
  13. Hi we are looking to travel on NCL in August first time. We have sailed other lines and just used a Passport Card. I have read on their website that they say to use a Birth Certificate and drivers license if you don't have a Passport Book. I can't find anything about the card. Thank you!
  14. Hi our friends have a voucher for a free 7 day cruise! They are picking it up at the Casino it is from In Vegas next month. My question is we want to travel with them. Do I just get their cabin number and try and find something close by since I don't have the casino offer. I am guessing this number is just for casino offers. But they have never been on NCL offer is from hotel. Any other suggestions?
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