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  1. I read that passengers complained to Celebrity after getting off the Infinity about the poor WiFi connection and they got a refund. 😉
  2. I called yesterday and was told there were 281 cabins available. Over 100 were Inside & Ocean View. They went fast!
  3. Have you sailed on FPC & R&R? Did you like one more than the other? I would have considered that one if we didn't get on the FPC.
  4. I hope you can snag one. There is always someone who has to change their plans. As Vt said, every Tues at 8pm they post the cabins that are available. I'm not sure what the waiting list is.
  5. When I booked this morning, the only choice I had was Early show/Late dining.
  6. Great, I'll sign up for the roll call. They asked what size tee-shirt we wanted...do they run true to size or big?
  7. I booked a cabin for FPC 2020! So excited for our first FPC. Got online at 0600 PST and was able to get 1143, an inside cabin on deck 11. Our last cruise was on the Edge in Aqua & S3 so this will be quite the change. But I figure it's only for a week, we're there for the music, and only one deck above the OVC and bar. It's an aft cabin below the Roof Top Terrace so don't know if there will be noise from above. We'll have 17 days to recuperate and then we have a cruise booked in Aqua. Hope to meet some of you on-board!
  8. I was disappointed to read on the FPC chat that a couple said the service in the MDR was terrible and they felt rushed. The waitstaff seem annoyed when asked for coffee with dessert. They loved the entertainment and the staff from Star Vista. But they will never sail on the Infinity again. So I'm interested in reading your final thoughts. I know you didn't eat in the MDR. The writer said if the post was inappropriate they should take it down and they did. (it was longer) He is a travel agent with over 36 cruises and this was the least desirable of them all. (oh my) Having read that info, I still want to sail on the FPC. I'll be there for the music and let the other stuff go. Oh, also read that people were saving a whole row of seats in some venues and that didn't go over well with others. It's always something!
  9. Thanks for your great trip report. I looked forward to it every day. Do you think it's worth paying for Aqua on the FPC compared to the MDR? In Blu, you can eat at any time so is dinner faster? Probably no time for the Persian Gardens.
  10. That was nice to have the OVC open late. I was wondering if the dining room was empty with all the passengers going to the concert.
  11. I read that the line for Tommy James went from Deck 1 up stairs all the way down Deck 2 corridor.
  12. Congrats on snagging the suite! It's supposed to be difficult to book suites as they go fast.
  13. Those people are really into the costumes! LOL Yup, looks like you're right up front for the Beach Boys.
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