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  1. It says in the brochure that jeans are NOT allowed in the MDR but we've seen it. I personally don't like seeing them because the dining room is so elegant. Staff will not say anything. A nice pair of dress pants look so much nicer. Yeah, I guess I'm a bit of a snob lol!!!! I try and go with what the cruise line asks of us. However, I do like that they don't have formal nights.
  2. Last March we sailed from Honolulu to San Diego, final destination Miami. After departing Hawaii, we had an ill passenger who needed a helicopter ride back to Hawaii for hospitalization. We lost 22 hours of sailing time, turning around (we were too far out for the range of the 'copter) and then turn back around for San Diego. We arrived a day later in San Diego and lost two ports of call on our way to the Panama Canal. Because we had a reserved time to be at the canal, it couldn't be helped. While we were disappointed to have missed two ports, we were glad to hear that the ill passenger would be all right. Then, going through the canal, we were delayed once more by an ambulance picking up two more passengers from our ship. The ship's nurse was heard saying that she had never had so many sick people on board. Yes, we started out in Honolulu with the norovirus. I got it - twice. So, it is what it is. This stuff happens and we all have to learn to take life as it happens.
  3. We were in Havana this past April and they accepted US dollars, no problem.
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