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  1. Because of the way our medical system works, I can't just phone my doctor. I have to make an appointment which is going to mean potentially taking time off work for an in-person visit. It seems silly to go through this for a letter when I already have a prescription on-hand for the needles. Which is why I was originally questioning whether Celebrity cares about this "letter".
  2. Thank you. I recall in the past the Aquafit was free but wasn't sure how things were more recently. We shall see
  3. Yah, I just can't be bothered to go see my doctor at this stage (a few weeks before we depart). Especially for the purpose of getting a letter saying I am allowed to have needles.
  4. I'm a big aquafit/water aerobics fan and am wondering if the recent Celebrity sailings have this on offer? We are scheduled to sail on Equinox in November and I am really, really hoping to get some aquafit classes in. Has anybody recently returned and can answer this question? If yes, class size? Cost? Free? Time of day? Many thanks! 🏊‍♀️ Marie
  5. I called mid-day today and it was 75 minutes on hold. Call itself took about 5 minutes. I could hear a baby crying in the background -- poor guy sounded stressed. The perils of working from home.
  6. Hello fellow wise travelers. I am going to be cruising with needles for the first time in November. I called Celebrity today to ensure a sharps disposal container is made available in my room upon embarkation. The call was smooth enough, but I wasn't expecting the request that I bring a doctor's letter "proving" that I need use needles. I asked if it was OK to simply bring my prescription for the needles, and he said that would definitely not suffice. Question: Does anybody have any experience with Celebrity actually checking for this doctor's letter when boarding? The needles are super tiny, and the medicine itself is in a "pen". The whole set-up is very low-profile (and it's not insulin). I am doubtful it will get noticed when my carry-on bag goes through the scanner at embarkation. It's also not life-saving medicine so if it got lost/denied at embarkation, I would survive.
  7. Ensuring my spouse and I have full medical coverage was one of the last pieces of the puzzle that I needed to figure out before I felt comfortable cruising again. Fortunately I was able to confirm that my company's plan through Sun Life does indeed include coverage for COVID-related medical (and quarantine) while on a cruise.
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