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  1. This is where the need for the slogan of #stayathome comes into play. If I go out, I'm only a risk to myself and others that are out as well. If you stay at home, most believe you're longer at risk.
  2. We may have to agree to disagree on this. The world has to learn to navigate around and through this dreadful situation. The facts are that no everyone can stay at home. And while opening up means that the potential loss of life occurs to those that venture out, then so be it. It is their personal choice. But those that are concerned, or afraid they might be infected also have their personal choice of staying at home. We as a people have to understand and respect one another. So whether you & I differ on going out or staying home, we must respect one another's reasoning for doing so.
  3. Not sure the Cafe' Promenade could handle the volume. Again I wouldn't use it everyday, but there have been some port days I'd have used a Grab n Go in a heartbeat as opposed to fighting a crowd in the WJ. Item selection for the Grab n Go would be the key though. If packaged right, this would be an idea that has merit.
  4. No. No it isn't. Cruising is a vacation. Vacations = Indulgence. Most of us eat more, drink more, relax more, and experience more while on vacation than we do in our normal daily lives. Having said this, having a mound of bacon w/ 3 eggs and multiple pieces of bread on a daily basis is not what we do daily, or at least me anyway. But while on vacation, I might if I'm inclined to do so. No one is advocating that one take more than they can eat and toss the rest away... that isn't manners and it also isn't about being properly educated. It's called common sense. So while I'm on vacation, what is on my plate is my business using my commom sense and what is own your plate is your business using your common sense. All in the name of proper manners of course.
  5. IDK, this concept may work in an effort to ease the crowds and especially a time factor such as disembarking on port days. Of course it wouldn't be for everyone but I can see people would 'Grab & Go' a breakfast plate as an alternative for those in a hurry. The same concept could be used for a lunch as well. 'Grab a Box lunch'. Again, I understand that it would not be something to be used for every breakfast by everyone, but I can easily see this working for quite a few actually.
  6. More 'cafeteria' style than a grab your own food buffet. Growing up in houston we had several chains of these. Wyatt's Cafeteria, Furr's Cafeteria, & Luby's,
  7. Please don't tell us that's what you got from this.
  8. So people are dying to get re-opened? Literally? If so, I guess it's good for them. Being it's a personal choice, their body and all.
  9. The future is unknown. Whatever he says today most likely will change by the time his first ship pulls up anchor. It's too early to hold him to the fire yet. Too many unknowns.
  10. I should have added to this earlier... there are many restaurants that still have not re-opened. They are struggling to find help. Wait staff etc are actually being paid more to stay home (Pandemic pay $600/week) than they can make by working. These payments expire at the end of July. So I suspect by then Houston will be fully opened and rolling.
  11. The new norm is that Come in we're open" but I drive all over the city of Houston and facemasks are being worn. Social distancing is happening. And folks in general are following protocols. I do think that nno matter what we do except to stay at home forever or a vaccine, more cases of Covid-19 will occur. I mean every year this country faces a severe flu season. I expect the same w/ CV.
  12. SPB for us as well. They were mazing. We set up through our roll call a small group of 8. And it was nice. Very professional. On time etc. We actually asked our guide to take us somewhere less traveled. She asked where? We all agreed to spend about 25 minutes in a grocery store. LOL. We all enjoyed it and had a great two day tour! Try to convince your wife to use SPC. She'll be very happy.
  13. Today's world of Covid will be long gone by the summer of 2021. It'll be a completely different vibe, look and feel of many things, including cruise vacations. Post Covid will be taking shape. Life with resume. We recently booked a cruise for July 2021 to the British Isles. I have confidence. I respect it all. But I fear very little. I can't wait to order my first Martini on that boat.
  14. I would have to agree. But if the concern is so great that masks are to be force to be worn, then the cruiseline should not open until it's safe.
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