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  1. All I can say is if you aren't on a snorkeling trip in Bonaire, you're missing out. It's a the best we've experienced in the Caribbean.
  2. This is already a 4 page thread. Which to me means that many of us are 'expecting' a good Black Friday sale. Which also means that RCL doesn't need to discout as deep. But having said this, we're hoping for a good ULD price for our 9 day cruise on Explorer.
  3. Good point. But in addition, flying to SJ for us out of Houston is quite expensive. We'd rather give the money to RC for the extra day on the ship and fly out of FtL.
  4. Once you schedule the show dates...and if you have MTD or have purchased a Specialty Dinner package, I suggest that you print off these show dates w/ times then once on board, go to the MDR to schedule the dinners around the shows.
  5. Halloween night fell on formal night and that was pretty fun too. The ship, Independence was dressed up really nice. They spent all night decorating and on the morning of Hallowwen it looked really nice. A nice passenger parade throughout the promenade occurred. It was a fun night and big party after the parade. Enjoy it! Definitely take a costume.
  6. You should be able to watch my Astros beat your Yankees. ๐Ÿ™‚. All kidding aside, the playoffs were televised two years ago! I'm thinking they still are.
  7. I didn't purchase. It was kind weird seeing peeps take off their 'watch' bands to pay for drinks. Or pass it to a waiter at a show. Strange. Some like them, some don't. I felt they were somewhat clumsy. FYI... the sea pass cards are water proof too. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. We had the 3 nught Specialty Dinner package as well. Pre-boarding price of $89 ea. I also am reading a lot of posting of 50% off regular price. My question is what is the regular price? 50% off is a relative figure in this sense.
  9. I felt less crowded in the pool area on Symphony vs the smaller ships. But in all fairness, those pics are deceiving. Your Freedom pics looks like something is happening around the pool such as the Belly Flop contest. No one is in the pool, everyone is standing, no one is sitting and everyone is staring in one direction.
  10. Hey buddy! Looking forward to seeing it. I never knew a review had to be reviewed? LOL Why not just post it here?
  11. I would think the organizer. It's deserving for sure. BTW, we've split even or thereabouts as well.
  12. This thread just goes to show how different each of us are and how alike we are when it comes to cruising. I could not tell you anything about the Windjammer on the Symphony as we never stepped foot into it. We ate breakfast at two different locations and lunch at the Solarium Bristo & the Park Cafe. We never had to wait in line. Although, as the cruise went on, we did notice the Bristo was getting a tad bit more crowded by the day.
  13. Getting out was easy for us. Standing in line for an Uber was a hassle.
  14. We had reservations for 8 at dinner & shows every night. We went to the maitre'd as soon as we got on board and matched dinner reservations (including 3 Specialty Dinners) to our shows times. I big time suggest this be done. And at each show there were people lined up to get in that didn't have reservations. We walked right passed these folks and sat right down. The line w/o reservations were not allowed to get in until 10- 15 mins before the show started. BTW, while at home, when we go to a movie and buy an online ticket, even then we know to arrive early.
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