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  1. FOLLOWING! We are going March 15th. I'm trying to curate all of the excursions at the various ports. Seems like in some places, there are not a lot of choices. Thanks to all who have added such great information on FP in the past!
  2. Hi Terry, We are booked on the March 15th sailing of the French Polynesia and are very excited! I'm interested also in hearing about your experience booking flights through Oceania. I went ahead and booked ours privately, as I wanted control over the seating, flights, etc. I am curious about the financial differential. Thank you for your wonderful posts! Karen
  3. Following and booking the March 15th trip on Regatta! Thank you, TLCOhio, for starting this great thread. I so appreciate everyone's great input and reviews. It's a bit of a bummer to read some of the negative reviews on Regatta, but we have only had super positive experiences on Oceania. Thank you! VeroKaren
  4. I will also chime back in to give more specific examples compared to other cruise lines I have experienced. The food was MUCH better than Regent, or the Coastal Kitchen of RCL, i.e. fresh sushi, fresh cut fruit at every meal, interesting, well seasoned sides and salads, a fresh roasted turkey and suckling pig, and almost any meat you can imagine freshly grilled. The bedding and linens were much higher quality. Room service seemed more thorough. I also loved the "free" room service, and enjoyed my coffee being delivered to my room first thing in the morning. The Entertainment? Who cares! There was some very nice classical music provided by the quartet, and we enjoyed the piano music, although wished there was more of that. The comedian was funny enough, and we enjoyed the trivia games immensely. I had read on these boards how "crazy" embarkation could be at 11:00am, but we showed up there nonetheless, and were promptly guided on the ship with no line whatsoever. We had to disembark early, and that was simply amazing. Just guided off outside, where we waited for maybe two minutes for the ship to clear and passengers to be allowed off. Oh, and that was after enjoying a full, fabulous breakfast buffet while cruising into Manhattan. Hope this helps!
  5. We were on the port side, more aft, in cabin 8048. Extremely quiet and great butler!
  6. I was also on this cruise and just posted a quick, separate review. I totally concur with Brad! Wonderful ship, crew and cruise! As a side note, we really did enjoy the bar service in Martinis, but could see where they were probably favoring the paying alcohol guests.
  7. All, I am one day post the sailing from NYC to the New England/Canada coast line and then on to Bermuda and back. It was our first voyage on the Oceania line, having been on Regent, and in the Owner's Suites level on two RCL voyages. I wanted to share our thoughts this morning as DH and I were so very impressed with the Oceania experience! From embarkation to disembarkation, the service and efficiency was so impressive, but not overbearing or obsequious. The Insignia staff was warm, friendly, attentive and speedy. We absolutely loved the passenger size, and never were bothered by crowds in any venue, including the pool area on sea days! The food was all it is touted to be, although we did think the service in the MDR was somewhat slow. The choices were broad for all meals, and I felt like any special requests would have been delivered to any venue, including your room. We were particularly impressed that they opened the dining rooms early on disembarkation day, and offered the same, cheery breakfast they did on all of the prior days. Speaking of disembarkation, I wanted to note too that we asked to be one of the first ones off the ship as we had an earlier flight out of Laguardia. We walked off the ship at 7:32am, and were AT OUR GATE IN LAGUARDIA at 8:30am, leaving us 3 hours until our flight. Unbelievable! Some of the posts here mention the rough seas from Bermuda to NY. Indeed, we did have a couple of rough sea days. I tend to be prone to seasickness (grew up in FL and spent many a bad day on the ocean), and did have to take a Bonine on two days, which helped with the queasy feeling. The staff was also prepared, and when I mentioned that I was a little queasy, they offered diet ginger ale (my request), ginger candy and sliced green apples (their suggestions). We did opt to upgrade to the penthouse level, as I had read the bathrooms were smaller on the lower levels. Our room was lovely, and very efficiently laid out. Although our bathroom was smaller than any I had experienced before, the water pressure was fine, and the space was laid out well. They cleaned it twice a day, and we had no issues whatsoever. The cabin was silent at night, with nary a rattle or other noise heard from the upper decks. My hat is off to the Insignia crew and Oceania in general, and we did book another cruise while on board. We were able to totally relax and disengage, which was amazing.
  8. Thank you, Dave. So far, we have not heard anything from United.
  9. Yikes! We are flying out of PBI into Newark early morning on Monday. Should I try to change flights? Hope our 9/11 museum tour that afternoon will not get cancelled.
  10. All, Sadly, I must be prepared to do some work on board and need to bring my PC. We are staying in a PH, and from what I have read and can tell, we should get free WiFi all day. Does anyone know if this is the case, and if so, how strong it is? Thank you in advance!
  11. Regarding the afternoon tea, do you need to make reservations for that?
  12. Thank you all for your replies!! Hopefully, DH will win a little something. ;););););)
  13. Thank you for your wonderful posts and information. We will be first time "O" cruisers as well on the August 14th sailing. Very helpful information- keep the reviews coming! I am also nervous about the alleged rough seas in Bermuda.
  14. My DH enjoys his black jack, and especially enjoys the smoke free venues. Does anyone know how we can get a copy of the Oceania black jack rules? Thanks so much!
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