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  1. After publishing these new 2021 May sailings for just two months, it seems that Crystal Cruises have to cancel them again. Today, all 2021 May sailings of ocean / river / yacht cruises are closed ("call for availability"). For expedition (i.e. Endeavor), May to August sailings are closed. I expect a cancellation announcement to be made in the coming week.
  2. June 12 is "sold out" now. In addition, all May sailings of Serenity + Symphony + all river cruises are also closed now.
  3. That means the rock climbing wall has been removed, and possibly the rope course (but I believe it can be re-installed)?
  4. Then it is likely that they will announce on Monday.
  5. I believe either Asia or Australia. But more likely to be Asia because she is listed on certain Asian port schedules.
  6. Excuse me, who get the link for the social media activity that can be shared here? Thank you very much.
  7. Not correct. It does not matter whether Oceania cancels "before" or "after" the balance deadline. If you have already settled balance payment, then you will have the option to choose either 100% refund or 125% FCC. In other words, if some passengers really wish to take the 125% FCC offer to use in their next planned voyage, then they must settle the balance payment before Oceania makes the cancellation announcement. Once Oceania announces the cancellation and if only deposit is settled, then the deposit will directly be refunded with no other options.
  8. In recent years the "real" world cruises are mostly on QV, or sometimes QE. QM2 so-called world cruises recently spent too much time in Asia and visited the same port twice, probably because they want to make more shorter segments (or even a roundtrip) to attract Asian passengers.
  9. Points from December activities have already been added. I have 7 points. - Survey on wishlist cruise, 2 points (done) - Apex webinar, 5 points (done) - Book a veranda cabin on 2021 cruise, 5 points (not participate)
  10. Bear on Quantum: Felicia Giraffe on Anthem: Gigi Pandas on Ovation: only has Chinese names at the beginning, not sure if they have any English names after the ship left from China
  11. I don't think there will be big changes. After a few months sailing in the Americas, she will be back to Japan again in summer 2022. Yes, there is the "Kai Sushi" (sushi bar) on Diamond Princess. And note that Diamond Princess is the only ship in Grand Class that do not have the International Cafe in the atrium.
  12. This was also the offer from Princess in recent rounds of redeployment cancellations. Yes, it is $15 per person... lol
  13. Europeans, especially the non-English speaking passengers, seem to love the local brands (Costa/MSC in Italy, AIDA/TUI in Germany) more than the American cruise lines such as Norwegian or Royal Caribbean. I believe Norwegian and Royal Caribbean also have had much research on this, and get the conclusion that it is not profitable to deploy a ship to Europe solely relying on European passengers but without passengers from other continents.
  14. Thank you for letting me know. Both of you should be correct. I didn't realize this in my previous dinner experience in those specialty restaurants, as the server just told me to choose one item in each course. It's a pity that I only had the soup but missed out the salad. Really need to keep a copy of the policy in my pocket next time...
  15. For Italian restaurant (La Cucina), French restaurant (Le Bistro), Steakhouse (Cagney's), you can choose 1 appetizer + 1 main course + 1 dessert from the a la carte menu. Some "premium" dishes may require surcharge.
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