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  1. Hi all, I asked HAL about this...received this response: Thank you for your recent correspondence with Holland America Line. We apologize that an unexpected increase in email inquiries resulted in a delayed response time. We certainly understand and appreciate your concerns. Please know that we take our environmental obligations very seriously and our commitment to doing the right thing is a top priority in the company. Without pristine oceans and beautiful destinations that our guests want to visit, we would not have a viable business for the future. We make significant investments in our people, in our training, in our systems and on our ships – spending nearly a billion dollars across Carnival Corporation over the last three years on environmental initiatives. We know there is more to do and we are dedicated to continuing to improve our fleet operations, ensure regulatory compliance and to be best-in-class with respect to environmental responsibility. We have done these things not just to meet requirements, but because all of us deeply care about the world we live in and the more than 700 places we visit. And we will continue to do more. Regarding the recent media coverage, it is important to know our cruise lines self-reported any possible issue on every ship in the fleet over the course of the past year. There were some incidents identified, but being transparent in the process is an important part of our larger efforts that are driving improvements throughout our fleet. Carnival Corporation and its nine world’s leading cruise line brands continue to keep Environmental Compliance and Sustainability a top priority for all our brands and every employee. If you’d like to learn more about Carnival Corporation’s environmental efforts, you can read the most recent Sustainability Report at www.carnivalcorp.com. As a valued guest, we sincerely appreciate the trust you place in us, and we look forward to serving you and your family with great cruise vacations for many years to come. Thank you for contacting Holland America Line. Please feel free to contact us if we may be of additional assistance or visit us online. We look forward to welcoming you onboard in the near future!
  2. Aruba and HMC are lovely! And I totally agree with your Jamaica comment.
  3. Depending on ability level, we stayed at the Augusta Lucilla Palace in Rome. It was a short walk to the train station and they included a good breakfast with the rate. From there we walked to the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. I'd suggest you narrow down the sites that are must see for you in Rome when selecting which area you stay in.
  4. I'd suggest going out further like the Courtyard at Boynton Beach and either rent a car or find a shuttle.
  5. We're both vegetarians (no seafood). 😀 We leave for Alaska in 17 days. I imagine we will be eating primarily on the ship. 😂
  6. This post confirms my point. 😂 Enjoy your next cruise.👋
  7. Caps are the equivalent of screaming. I understood your point but I disagree with much of your original post. You're trying to dictate how others view issues. You own your opinions and I'll own mine.
  8. This post is exactly why some people get turned off from asking questions or commenting on CC. Vent all you want but if this topic frustrates you then read something else. Luggage size and weight is valid concern regardless of what you choose to pack...unless your OK with paying excess baggage fees and dragging around extra luggage. A sportcoat does take more room in a suitcase than a polo shirt. In my opinion a tie is not comfortable and I wear the correct shirt neck size. If I wanted my neck to feel pressure l could also wear a scarf or a turtleneck. Ties are an accessory most men could easily live without. Extra layers (i.e.undershirt, dress shirt, tie, jacket or sport coat) are not comfortable....unless maybe if it's cold. I've never worn pantyhose, heels or any other fashion contraption that women choose or feel obligated to wear but ultimately if they wear it, it's their choice to do so. HAL's policy is clear and reasonable. Finally, I'll blame airlines, suitcases, dress codes, snobs, slobs or whatever/whoever else I feel like.
  9. We cruised on the Koningsdam in 2016 and never felt the Lido was overwhelmed with passengers. Our worst experience was the MSC Orchestra...when you have to wait to be seated in the buffet for breakfast AND lunch almost every day you soon realize how well the other lines manage passenger flows.
  10. It's our first to Alaska but as we live in Nova Scotia we're used to constantly changing weather 😂
  11. Which LGBT travel and cruise Youtubers are your favorite and why? Have they influenced your decision to take a particular cruise or go to a specific destination?
  12. 😂😂😂 It's overcast, damp and dreary here today....and we're going to Alaska... while you're going to Hawaii (we've been to Oahu).... so excuse me me if I don't feel your pain 😂😂😂 makes me wonder if the countdown counter can break four digits 🤔😁
  13. Me not so much 😂 I'm already packing 😂
  14. Great idea! We've collected various Christmas ornaments on our adventures. Looking forward to buying some Alaskan ornaments 🎅
  15. Definitely going to visit Sam McGees! Although I won't bring any Alaskan moose poop back to Nova Scotia 😂 Thanks for the suggestions! I'll be looking for Alaskan theme cufflinks.
  16. We're also taking our first cruise to Alaska in May on the Nieuw Amsterdam. We have picked anytime dining to give it a try. With the daylight hours being so long in Alaska we wanted flexibility with dining. The more we cruise, the less we like the set time dining.
  17. 🤔😒 Is there a description for Step One Stages on Day 6? we're on the same ship next month. I don't think we've seen Humanity but the rest is 😴
  18. I'm not a dinosaur 😉 but I'd be thrilled with disco, soul and Motown which is why BB Kings is a favorite. The success of Mamma Mia/ABBA is evidence enough to demonstrate that people want to dance! Boogie with Earth, Wind and Fire, dance to the Bee Gees, mess around with Ray Charles and jump with the Pointer Sisters 😁
  19. Thank you for the explanation! I've read the other comments after this and I looked the style up on Youtube - I'll pass. 38 days until our cruise and I suspect I'll spend more time looking at the scenery than I will enjoying the entertainment but as the ship will have Lincoln Center and BB Kings, I'll be happy. As we are both in our early 40s, I cannot help wonder how the entertainment changes on HAL will affect their chances at attracting more younger clientele.
  20. I'm not familiar with Post Modern Jukebox but the rest sounds awful. BBC Movie would be fine but I can watch those at home.
  21. These recent experiences really make me wonder what we will see on our upcoming cruise in May. I hope the guests that have been disappointed with the entertainment (or lack thereof) are communicating that back to HAL.
  22. For what it's worth, when we cruised on the Koningsdam we were across the hall from N4024 as we were in a balcony cabin, VB4022. We didn't realize the ship had cabins set up that long way so we took take a peek in when the steward was cleaning and N4024 looked quite roomy.
  23. The episode makes me want to go to Norway! it was funny to see the captain looking down from the bridge onto the cabin we stayed in which had a large balcony that guests from above could see too. ☺️
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