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  1. Disney resort sunset: Epcot sunset: Early sunrise morning on the lake: Caribbean sunset crepuscular rays: Sunrise over Glouchester, MA - red skies at morning...sailor take warning:
  2. Thank you Roger and Dave - I got both of your e-mails with the Topaz Denoise 6 install. Glad I didn't have to wait to hear from Topaz as they STILL haven't responded...now I can get the new computer up and running in the next day or two and get all my necessary programs back.
  3. Very cool. Thank you both - nice to have a community that helps out! Looks like messaging is deactivated on this board as it says "you're allowed to send 0 messages per day. Try again later". My e-mail is sflavwaudigtg@aol.com. Either or both of you - a copy of Denoise 6 will be appreciated. Topaz still hasn't replied to my e-mail/support request.
  4. Very cool. Thank you both - nice to have a community that helps out!
  5. I want to get Denoise 6 again. I use it quite a bit - I found it had improvements over Denoise 5, and could work as standalone. I have played with Denoise AI too - but sometimes I can get better results from Denoise 6...and for some reason, it's not on their legacy list! If you can get the setup EXE file to me, that would be great.
  6. My new computer arrived yesterday. But it's only gotten as far as taking it out of the box. I started my projects yesterday to clean up my photo archives before backing up - I usually wait until year-end to go through and clean out old photos I never processed and don't need anymore, but this time I want to do it before putting everything on the new system. I also needed to do backups and saves of iTunes music, documents, presets and workspaces in PSP, etc...then back up all data to external drives. Plus, find old disks for programs to reinstall, or find passwords and account numbers for software to download online. I hope to wrap up all of the backups tonight - the photos will be running for a few hours at least. I'm waiting for a reply from Topaz on one of their software programs no longer listed on their legacy download site for some reason - and it's one of my most used plugins...otherwise I think I have most other programs figured out that I'll be putting on the new machine. If all goes well, Friday/Saturday I should be able to plug in the new machine, do all the initial setup, hook up to internet, and start downloading all personal files and data as well as start reinstalling key software (PSP, iTunes, Topaz suite, Office).
  7. Some of our Florida wetlands activity yesterday - the day started with a light drizzle and stayed overcast, but the bird selection was great. Really seeing a lot of migrators, and a few of our winter birds are back too. All shots at Green Cay Wetlands: American redstart juvenile or female: A pair of juvenile wood duck siblings hanging out in a light rain: A juvenile boat-tailed grackle: A common yellowthroat female: A female painted bunting: Eastern pondhawk dragonfly in flight: The American bittern is back for winter - this one flying far off in the distance against the tree line: A green heron, puffing himself all up and chattering to himself: Ruby-throated hummingbird, chilling out on a branch in the shade:
  8. OK - thank you. It comes to a bit less than what I was able to build with the XPS system, and seemed to have a few advantages as well - and the only things missing didn't seem like too big a deal...I can add Office anytime, and an external burner is cheap and easy. I guess I may have found my replacement computer. Then, I just need to deal with the data transfer and reinstall of necessary programs. Fun!
  9. No worries on wood storks - I'd say your chances are very high of encountering them at Wako by December. They nest heavily there starting in January, so by December, large numbers of them start gathering. I've already been seeing them at Wako and Green Cay the past month or so, regularly. Sandhills are a little harder to pin down - but Peaceful Waters is probably the most reliable local spot for them. I've run into them pretty much every year there - but just never know if they'll be out or around on the day you go. Daggerwing is a small park behind a large county sports park - it has a nice little nature center, then a short boardwalk over pine scrub and wetland, maybe 1/4 mile. It can occasionally get a few decent birds, but can be completely dead too...just a matter of luck. It's not going to be anything like the Wakodahatchee experience - if you do run into a good bird or two, it may be out of 5 - 10 total birds you'll see there. It's not a densely packed or nesting spot. Okeeheelee is similar - often dead, but can get a good rarity. Also has a nature center...the feeders behind the center and to the left if you go the right time of day can attract some of the desirable birds such as painted and indigo buntings, and there's a wide, stretched out dirt trail network through dry pine scrub forest with the occasional pond...much of the time, you'll be walking through pine scrub with not even a peep of an animal sound...then might get lucky and run into something. It's also a large sports park complex with the nature center tucked deep inside. I'd consider Peaceful Waters the best alternative to Green Cay, with Wellington Wetlands and Arthur Marshall as the next best...Daggerwing or Okeeheelee would be the occasional pop in once or twice a season just to see if anything pops up, or if there's a report of something there.
  10. OK - so went back to Dell site to try to build back the system I listed above and see what it came to...the XPS version was still around $1,899, or $2,099 with Blu Ray and Office 360 added. I noticed they were advertising sale on Alienware gaming machines, so I tried picking the Aurora R8 and changing a few specs to what I'd want, and get the following: Processor 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 9700 (8-Core, 12MB Cache, up to 4.7GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology) Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit English Video Card AMD Radeon™ RX 5700 XT with 8GB GDDR6 Chassis Options Alienware 850 Watt Power Supply with High Performance Liquid Cooling Memory 32GB Dual Channel HyperX™ DDR4 XMP at 2933MHz; up to 64GB (additional memory sold separately) Hard Drive 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (Boot) + 2TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage) I'd be missing a BluRay/DVD drive, but can always plug in an external...and there's no Office added at all. BUT - it's got the same processor, 10 Pro, a high performance video card, similar 32GB memory (though seems to be faster memory), and same 512GB SSD boot with 2TB HD. And the list price comes to $2,409 as built, with a sale price of $1,749.99. I don't have any experience with Alienware or gaming machines and I won't be using it for gaming, but with the fast memory and video cards and liquid cooling, it sounds like it would be a good graphics machine. What do you think? Better to go with the XPS as I previously listed, or is this Alienware build and sale a better machine for a good price?
  11. My backup spots this winter, when Green Cay closes, will be Peaceful Waters, which is west of State Road 7 off of Lake Worth Road, and Arthur Marshall Wildlife Refuge, a little farther south off State Road 7 near Boynton Beach Blvd. Both spots aren't quite as bird-dense as Wakodahatchee, but still can be good, and can net some occasional birds you won't see down at Green Cay. Peaceful Waters often has spoonbills, big American pelicans, sandhill cranes, the rare occasional snail kite, and some wintering ducks that you rarely find elsewhere (scaups, shovelers, green-winged teals, etc)...it's usually best in the early morning or late before sunset...it can sometimes be dead in the middle of the afternoon especially if it's still hot weather. Arthur Marshall can be rewarding, but is a much bigger, wide-open space and you can walk for miles out there to see just a few birds - the birds are also often a little more skittish around people than at Wako. Another outside choice which wouldn't be too far for you from Singer Island is to head west on Southern Blvd all the way out to Flying Cow road, then turn south until you hit Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Wellington Wetlands. It's also a big, wide open park that's a few miles around at least, but also can deliver some of the more rare wintering ducks and birds that don't like to come to the more populated eastern parks. Do keep an eye on Green Cay just in case - they were originally scheduled to close the park in August, then delayed to September, then early October, and now mid-November. So there's no guarantee they may not change their schedule again and actually be open when you come. It's so close to Wakodahatchee that it's probably worth just swinging by the entrance to see if it's open - if not, just head 1 mile away to Wako.
  12. Some lovely bottom of the earth birds and creatures this thread! Nice to see I'm not the only one shooting the wildlife around here. Also enjoyed the look at bora bora, and some nice flora to go along with the fauna. I'll add to the fauna for this thread, with my weekend shots from my local wetlands again - on a very cloudy, overcast Saturday: A wee pied-billed grebe making his way through the calm waters: A male common yellowthroat - returned for winter here in Florida: A blue darter dragonfly on a dead leaf: The very very tiny white peacock butterfly, close up: A big male green iguana, showing off his orange mating colors: A juvenile basilisk lizard, crawling up a broken chip of wood on a stump to get a nice overview of his surroundings (ISO 5,000):
  13. Cool - the workspace save is great to see...I have Photo X4 which is right in that picture in the header of the article, so I think I should be able to save those. I do know where the plugins and tubes folders are as well, so should be able to save those as well. I may do the plugin of the old drive and get a SATA to USB3. As you mention, there could be some little file or folder somewhere that I didn't include in the backups and forgot about, so as long as the current drive is still working fine, might be best to transfer directly from there. No matter how I work this, I'm sure to wipe out a weekend getting the new computer set up, everything loaded, everything transferred, everything registered, and so on. At least Windows 10 isn't something new or unexpected even though my current desktop is a Win 7 - because I've had Win 10 on my laptop and my work computer for years now.
  14. Gotcha. Might just be better than to do the build with card already included - sounds more cost effective buying it at the build based on the prices you mention for them, plus the saving of time and stupidity installing something without real knowledge of what I'm doing...and possibility of some mis-match. My other question is: What's the best-easiest way for data transfer from old machine to new? I presume most of the software/programs need to be reinstalled on the new machine, so the rest is just data...I do have backup drives with all my personal data (music, photo, video, documents, etc), so I could go off of those - that would be USB3. But it will probably take a very long time, with nearly a TB of data. Would another method of transfer, some kind of cable to go computer-to-computer, be faster or better? I've been dreading this move mostly because of trying to remember all the different programs and software I'll need to reload, finding old disks, and/or install codes/keys to download, passwords, etc. that I haven't used in years...and then there's all the customization of various programs like PSP, where with a clean install, I'll need to rebuild all my menus, toolbars, screen scale, shortcuts, plugins, etc.
  15. Sounds good. I did completely overlook the graphics card omission. The one I built to spec at Dell site was essentially all the same, except BluRay, and now that you pointed it out, graphics card - I had added NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 6GB GDDR6. The Dell build actually came to $1,949.98. I had also included Office Home and Student - so the price can drop if I stripped that out and went to the subscription version. So the next question - better to buy the full build from Dell, or the one I listed above from Amazon and then just buy and add the graphics card...and how hard is it to add a graphics card to a non-tech-type?
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