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  1. I would throw in one other factor, at least for me, that would be important: viewfinder real-time refresh or black-out-free view, like the A9...or at least the live refresh of the A6300/6500/6400 where you get a stuttered view but showing a current still. The A7RIII and A7III to me still have a more noticeable lag when trying to burst-shoot and follow faster or erratic subjects, both being worse than the A6300 for me, and far behind the A9. My hopes for the super-APS-C camera was a mini-A9, including not just the amazing tracking ability but also the blackout free viewfinder and fast full-electronic shutter scan rate. I can't see the new A7RIV having the full scan rate of the A9, and nothing indicates in the early specs that the viewfinder can achieve the 'live feed' view during bursts...that would be a pretty critical feature for me.
  2. I still hold hopes for a compact APS-C body with high performance, however, the 61Mp sensor res definitely makes this the first full frame camera that is within my consideration, with that crop resolution of 26MP. I could use it in crop mode if wanted/needed, or use it in full res and do my own cropping as needed. I've got good glass to use with it for my long-lens shooting, so no real worries there - though I do wonder how handholdable it will be at full-res and 400-600mm with that many MP - looking forward to seeing more on that. Of course, it still stands to be seen whether that real-time tracking is up to or close to A9 abilities at 10fps...if it tracks like the A7RIII, it wouldn't be all that impressive for me and the high-speed targets I often shoot - but if it's more in line with the A9, or even A6400 with that much more resolution, it could be a real killer camera. I think I still want to hear for sure what the other 3 new cameras will be - one is certainly an RX, the other could be the A9 sequel...maybe the 3rd could be that APS-C beast.
  3. I agree! And thank you for the congrats. I always see cars in different colors and think how nice that stands out - but it really becomes apparent in parking lots. In dozens of rows of hundreds of cars, it's amazing how 95% of the lot is black/grey/silver/white...and the few cars in color mixed in stand out like light bulbs. That's when I determined it was time to get something with color again - I had too many blacks and silvers lately and needed an infusion!
  4. My contribution for the weekly thread are a few phone pics from last night. "Monty, I'll take door #3" Monty Hall: 'Show us door #3...it's...A brand new car!": I just picked up my new car last night. In eye-ball-searing Kurkuma Yellow...because I've had so many black and silver cars that I just needed a dose of color in my life (that's my black wagon parked next to it that I traded in). Yay! New car smell!
  5. That time frame also works for me - waiting a bit - I just bought a new car last night, so I've already amped up my bills/spending for some time!
  6. Fingers still crossed it incorporates the FZ battery, A9 processing engine AND EVF with full electronic shutter and read-out speed, and has MR modes on the dial...side-hope for IBIS and front & rear control dials.
  7. I got out for some shooting both on the 4th of July early afternoon, as well as Saturday this weekend, out at my local wetlands...here are a few of the critters captured: White peacock butterfly: Least bittern male, puffed up with his wings down: Red-shouldered hawk flying over: Smiling alligator, waiting in the middle of the levee for an inattentive jogger or photographer (actually, just joking - gators get a bad rap, and would scurry off into the water if someone approached): Black-bellied whistling duck flying by: The lovely female wood duck - not as colorful as the male, but still a nice looking duck:
  8. Finally got around to sorting through the weekend shots - a combination of shots from the wetlands, and a few from my backyard: A rainy wildflower: Closeup of a black-bellied whistling duck, from about 6 feet away: A male cardinal, avoiding the raindrops out in the wetlands: Another very closeup closeup, this time a cormorant sitting on the rail a few feet away: A mourning dove flying quickly past me while I was cooling off in my swimming pool: A neighbor's cat, sneaking along my backyard wall behind my hedges, thinking he can sneak up on my backyard birds (I sushed him along after snapping his photo):
  9. Late to adding some shots from the last weekend - but I braved the 98 degree temp, 86% humidity, and heat indexes approaching 120 degrees to walk the wetlands and see what managed to stay alive in that weather: Red-winged blackbird female mom guarding her eggs from the direct sun, taking all the heat herself: A raccoon up a tree, looking for little fruits, took a peek at me through the branches: Closeup with a green iguana: A basilisk, aka 'Jesus' lizard, chilling out in the shade on a tree stump: A curious female cardinal sitting on the bottom rail of my patio deck recliner, watching me in the pool after that hot day: A very relaxed squirrel, with his own patio lounge recliner...an overturned pot:
  10. Good point on the defrag - I guess I'd be confident on the SSD drive. Considering that it's mostly going to be a boot drive and just have basic programs installed, with all my actual data elsewhere, replacing shouldn't be too difficult if it does start to go, and from what you say, they don't often simply crash and fail, but show degradation more gradually where you should have enough signs that you need to replace.
  11. Cool - thank you. I'd been leaning that way anyway, but it's good to hear. I have an SSD drive in my work computer, as most of what we do at work is on network drives on servers that we access - so the SSD doesn't need to store much more than the operating system and a few program files. It's about 2 years old though, so I haven't yet had the experience to know how long it will last. I think if I get a good size HD spinner for storage/editing/access of all photos, music, video, etc, and leave the SSD mostly for the programs, that should be a good combo for speed and maintaining lots of storage. I definitely need to get a 2TB for the main storage drive, as I've filled about 80% of a 1TB drive already...though that took 7 years and includes OS, lots of programs, plus all my media. If I strip it out to just media, it's more like 500GB - 600GB...most of that being photos. If I needed to, I could add another drive for storage, on top of the backup drives I already keep (I've got my photos on 3 separate drives).
  12. Dave, What's your input or opinion on using SSD drives as the primary operating system drive - I'd use a spinning HD for actual storage this time around...my question/concern is: are there any finite limits on reusing SSD drives over many years where they may eventually fail? I know they're pretty secure in general, and fast - and having them as the boot/OP drive is often recommended - but I think about other older SSD uses such as flash drives and memory cards, and there does come a point when reused constantly, deleted or formatted over and over, where they can have limited read/write cycles and I often hear quotes of 5-7 year lifespans. Since I've kept my current computer that long, I'm wondering if I'd be more likely to have a hard replacement limit on an SSD drive vs HD drives, which can fail randomly almost any time but also can go for over a decade if you're lucky.
  13. Monday June 10th was my last day of vacation up at Disney, and I spent that day at Epcot Center. The day started out raining: I honestly didn't mind as it kept the crowds down a bit. Then as the day went on, the rains cleared out late in the afternoon and the sun started to poke through the haze - near sunset it produced some interesting skies and colors: Face the other direction, and despite being about 7:30pm, the light was warm and the skies blue where the storms had come from: I had dinner at one of the very few places in Orlando, leet alone Disney, that knows how to make a 'proper' italian pizza - at Via Napoli, they have wood-burning pizza ovens named after three of Italy's most active and famous volcanoes: Despite the rainy start, the evening after dusk became quite lovely: I enjoyed the late night walk around the World Showcase, doing some handheld night shots of the pavilions while others waited for the big fireworks/laser show, leaving the pavilions fairly unpopulated:
  14. Finally got around to sorting through my vacation photos from the weekend of June 7th, just the family summer trip to Disney World. Some random shots from Friday through Sunday of that week: The resort where I stayed - Wilderness Lodge...specifically I was in the Boulder Ridge DVC villas section: Nighttime scenes around the resort - this is a glimpse of the boat dock out on the lake behind the cypress trees: the largest vulture species - the Nubian vulture, here having a rest on the ground and trying to figure out where to put those 10-foot wingspan wings: They're not 'wild' - but they are free-flying and not in a penned area - Disney's Animal Kingdom has a few demonstration shows with macaws of different types, and when not in the 'show', they fly around the park, yelling, playing, and goofing off in the trees: A cute baby giraffe, watching the safari truck pass by: Male lion sitting on top of his rock outcrop:
  15. I have considered - actually even before the 200-600mm announcement...it's tempting, especially at the lower price, but I'd still feel like reach-wise, I'd be running to stand still - I'm at 600mm now, I spend $3500 for the camera and $2,000 for the lens, and I'm still at 600mm. While the A9 is undoubtedly better overall in focus, buffer, speed, etc - it won't really gain me too much in wildlife and birding as the A6300 is quite adept already for me - I don't miss much in-flight action now. If I had the much denser 42MP sensor on full-frame, that would partially make up for the lost crop factor. Whereas a new APS-C sensor with A9 performance and upgrades would give me the same 150-600mm range I have now with the 100-400mm lens, with at least 24MP if not more, AND the ability to add something like the 200-600mm to up that equivalent crop to 300mm to 900mm, PLUS it's compatible with the 1.4x TC I already have, so now we're talking 1,260mm with 24MP...or depending on what Sony does with the next APS-C sensor, maybe 28MP or 32MP. If no A7xxx comes along at the next announcement and it is indeed another full-framer, I think I'd be leaning towards an A9 over the A6400. But I'd definitely be leaning A7xxx over an A9...so I'm still hoping.
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