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  1. We are sailing into great fun on the Horizon (again) at the end of May.
  2. I know this topic is addressed within various posts but when you have this option, would you be kind enough to let me know why you chose or will choose the one you did? Thanks in advance! I just discovered a post with this same title. Please excuse me.
  3. The photo is used in the MSC for Me app, but as others have said, it isn’t required to include it there.
  4. Thank you! I now have a strategy.
  5. Thank you for a great review! Did I understand correctly that you can order bar drinks by pushing a button at your table in the buffet? Or, is that a YC perk?
  6. Thank you. I’m not a big drinker but I get myself agitated in lines.
  7. Thank you! That is of great help.
  8. I sometimes read how difficult it is to be served due to long lines at the bars. Does someone have advice on the best bar to to get quick service? Any chance of just walking up and getting a drink without much wait?
  9. Thank you for an excellent review! Lots of things I wondered about you addressed. Thanks!
  10. Would someone knowledgeable about the soft-serve ice-cream please tell me how, where, when we can get it? Someone said there is very limited availability. Don't yell at me for liking that stuff 😛
  11. Are there any specialty coffees from Venchi Cioccogelateria & Coffee Bar included in the Easy Package?
  12. Yes. There is nothing like it in the world, which makes it special.
  13. That's a great video! It's real! Thank you.
  14. Yikes! You must have had a bummer of an experience.
  15. Exactly! I need to wait until June but I can read the reviews until then.
  16. I love the idea of food trucks! I can imagine all kinds fun grabbing a snack as I continue my adventure. Can’t wait!
  17. Excellent news for guests!
  18. I'm expecting this to be my favorite port on our June cruise. Can’t wait!
  19. Is there a tax per drink with a package or just tax on the package price?
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