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  1. I would scrap one of your choices and have an all you can eat extravaganza at Pincho Tapas... ($7 upcharge, but unlimited items)
  2. Looks like they finally found the breaking point of "cost" vs "selling out" Vibe every single sailing... I have enjoyed Vibe on all the away and away plus class ships, but I would rather throw my money towards the new premium plus upgraded beverage package than fork over two hundred something bucks for a better chair and a less crowded bar...
  3. It's only 6% alcohol, and most wine is between 12%-15%... It's worth a shot, but you'd get more bang for your buck with actual wine...
  4. Wow, I'm not even sure if I want to jump in the middle of this one... I've sailed about twenty times, switching back and forth between Carnival and NCL... I've found the food to be overall pretty good on both lines, with CCL having more included lunch options, and NCL having a greater variety of upscale (for fee) dining options. NCL ships are a bit more elegant in their design, while CCL tends to be more basic. You can have just a good time on either line if you go into it with an open mind... My two cents...
  5. If you like margaritas, head to Mezcalitos... If you want a truly unique margarita, Miami Bar (AKA: 25 hour bar) they also have the best mojito on planet Earth...
  6. Hasn't been mentioned yet, but my favorite specialty restaurant on the Breakaway was the Raw Bar... Seven dollar upcharge if you have the SDP, and you can eat the entire menu. Also, Wasabi if you like sushi... (Same seven dollar upcharge, or Al a carte at either restaurant)
  7. Nice review so far... That's a pretty poor business model they have going at Jamie's in Costa Maya... Getting people drunk all day, and then accosting them on the way out the door... One way to assure no repeat business... I can't wait to see how the cruise turned out...
  8. Nice review, slugg... I can't believe I got a mention in the very first line!... (The laundry comment, that is)
  9. Depending on demand, the Chef's Table can occur on several different nights... I usually just make the reservations for the specialty dining in advance, and if the CT conflicts with it, then adjust plans as necessary... You could also visit the table that they set up for the steakhouse on embarkation day, and inquire / request certain dates for each.
  10. I'm thinking about setting up a go fund me account to bring back the app... Please, Cruise Critic, bring back the app!...
  11. If you have the SDP, use a credit at either Wasabi or the Raw Bar and eat as many items as you want... (*With $7 up charge) Also, the themed lunch each day in Moderno was a welcome change from the regular items at the Garden Cafe...
  12. A second vote for Crescencio and Black Hat Cozumel... Send a message on Facebook, and he'll have you set up in no time. He will be waiting for you when you exit the ship...
  13. As far as Wasabi and the Raw Bar, you pay the $7 up charge and order as many items as you wish...Up to, and including the same item twice if you really like it...
  14. I believe that Vibe has gone up to $209 for a 7 day sailing... I paid $159 for 10 days, but that was prior to the newest price increase... In the MDR I have on a couple of occasions been asked if I would mind sitting with others, and did a couple of times... (It probably ended up being more awkward for them than me...)
  15. I've sailed the "Away" class ships, and I found the Breakaway to be a perfectly fine ship to sail upon... Although I like the Escape and Bliss better, that's only due to some of their additional dining choices and features. I would go back on the Breakaway in a second...
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