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  1. The bean counters at NCL are trying to see how many of your vacation dollars that they can get a hold of... Hopefully the passengers speak with their wallets by resisting this blatant money grab. I, for one will tell them to keep their precious little shrimp...
  2. Current situation... Packing and adult beverages... I don't know where I'm going, but I can't stay here......
  3. C'mon down to Atlanta... These places are everywhere!...
  4. That entire meal was less than $20
  5. Yes, Vibe passes are available at The Social... Far right side...
  6. It was... I'm going to start eating here more often. Great prices too.
  7. Spicy and flavorful, but not really "hot"...
  8. One love bar at White Bay, Jost Van Dyke , BVI
  9. I wanted to try some things that I've never had here, which was pretty easy with their vast number of choices. I had the Thai chili pan mee, which contains flat noodles, ground pork, mushrooms, dried anchovies, spinach, and has a fried egg on top... Since I was a few hours later than usual eating lunch, I was pretty hungry, so I also ordered some Szechuan won tons...
  10. I also wanted to eat somewhere that I hadn't been to in awhile, so I headed down Buford highway and whipped it into Food Terminal, an Asian fusion restaurant that I really should be visiting more often. They're menu is about 100 pages long, and features full color photos of each item. The restaurant itself is absolutely massive, and was still pretty busy, even though it was around 3:00 in the afternoon when I arrived...
  11. Yesterday, for the first time in months, I took the entire day off... I did look at some apartments online, but that was the total extent of my labor. This morning, I went and knocked out the weekly cleaning at my part time job, followed by washing my car, which has been sadly neglected as of late. Unfortunately, the pollen completely covered it immediately after I dried it off... It wanted to get out for a motorcycle ride while the weather was so nice, so that's what I did afterwards...
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