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  1. Yes, we always bring them. It's nice to get a better view when on the ship at different ports and also to see things in the distance at sea.
  2. I would much rather get the butter squares with tongs where people can just drop the square on to their plate. That beats the current way where people use the same butter knife, stick their hand into the crock, get butter all over it and their hand, scrape in on their plate, and put the butter knife back in the crock. I'll take tongs any day over people getting their hands all over whipped butter. That's just gross. The up side is that I will save the calories I would have eaten for a roll with butter and use them getting some soft serve.
  3. I would not pay that much for a balcony. We can usually find a nice place on the ship to relax with plenty of ocean views. We rarely use a balcony when we get it. I usually book inside cabins when we cruise during school breaks and the prices are high and a balcony cabin when the cruise prices are low. It's nice to have, but I can take it or leave it. Some people practically live on their balconies, so for them it's worth it. That's a lot to pay for a balcony and you can use that money elsewhere.
  4. We take $100 to $160 with us when at the ports. We never use our debit or credit cards while cruising. We usually tip a total $10 per person for tours, such as $10 for the driver and $10 for the guide, which covers both me and my husband. These are for group tours and not private tours. We aren't big spenders, so we usually return to the ship with most of our money. We take our driver's licenses and ship cards with us and leave our passports in the safe in our cabin. As far as going to the beach, we either take a beach bag that locks or a small locking safe. The beach bag we have is made by Kyss and the portable safe we got off of Amazon. The safe is a Safego Portable Travel Lock Box with key and combination and was $45. Both of these can be locked to beach chairs. With the safe, I put it in a regular beach bag and lock everything to the chair. I would never go to the beach or pool and just leave stuff in an open beach bag. My husband always takes his phone and we always have cash. I believe some places where you can swim with the dolphins have lockers, but I am not positive.
  5. That reminds me of one cruise my husband and I were on when we were sitting facing the atrium. Two girls around 12 years old spent about 1/2 hour riding one of the glass elevators up and down. As the elevator was moving, they would dance if nobody else was in it. It was funny.
  6. I have cruised on Carnival many times and never witnessed a fight. It's not the norm, just like most events that are shown online. If a situation makes you feel uncomfortable, simply walk away. The ships are large and there's plenty of room to leave and go to a different area where you will feel more comfortable. Fights can happen anywhere. Leaving the area is the easiest thing to do.
  7. My husband puts his medication in the weekly containers. He brings two weekly containers whenever we travel. I also have a picture of his medication bottles.
  8. We mostly keep to ourselves and enjoy spending time with just the two of us. However, we also enjoy meeting new people for casual conversations. We never spend enough time talking to people for friendships to develop, but I wouldn't be against it. I think it's great that people meet other people on cruises and like each other enough to plan future cruises together or just keep in touch. Good for them!
  9. Yes. I try to get it every chance I get. On my last cruise, I walked straight in with no line and then waited with the FTTF group. I carried my luggage on the ship and was unpacked by 11:10 am. They were calling zone A1 as the FTTF passengers were boarding, so it's good to check in online early in case FTTF is sold out and doesn't open up. But if someone can get FTTF before online check-in, that's the best way.
  10. I would choose the Magic, which includes HMC. I like the Dream class much better, but we don't cruise with young children. I've been to HMC twice and really loved it. The weather was wonderful both times. Your kids are young, so I think they will have just as much fun on either ship. I think teens might like the Horizon better. If looking at just the schedule and not the ship, I would still choose the Magic.
  11. I would recommend that she tries to get FTTF and also checks in online as soon as possible. That way she will get the earliest appointment time. For my past two cruises, I have been assigned a boarding zone when doing online check-in. For my cruise in September, I was able to get an appointment time of 11:30 to 12:00 and boarding zone A01 by checking in online as soon as it opened. If she does that or gets FTTF, you can always hang back 10 minutes and all board together.
  12. My husband and I have pre check. Every time we are at an airport with a huge regular line, we always comment that it was such a great decision to take the time to sign up for pre check. It's definitely worth it to us.
  13. I am not sure what time we docked, but I recently cruised on the Magic out of Fort Lauderdale. I had FTTF and went to the theater at 6:30 am and was off of the ship at 7:30 am.
  14. I think it would be a great solution to have the squares of butter in a tub and tongs. Great idea!
  15. I am saying that when people use the same butter knife to get their butter, they get butter on their hands when they reach in to get it. There is butter all of the way to the top of the crock. I saw one guy use a butter utensil, reach in to the crock to get his butter, get butter on his hands, wipe his hands on his pants, and then reach his hand (using the utensil) back into the crock to get more butter. It's not like on a plate where you can get it easily. It's in a crock where people can get their entire hand in it while using the butter utensil. I have seen it happen and it grosses me out. I eat at least two meals a day at the buffet and have never gotten sick on any of my cruises. However, I draw the line at getting butter that has touched people's hands.
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