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  1. I agree about getting rid of those hand dryers. Blowing air around a small enclosed public restroom sounds like a fast way to spread the virus.
  2. I absolutely think it's wrong for anyone with a contagious disease to knowingly expose other people. I also think it's wrong for someone worried about catching the virus to put themselves in a position where the odds are greater that they can catch it. Going to an event where you are not able to social distance puts a person at risk and they are choosing to take that risk. In the end, everyone should accept that only they can protect themselves. Relying on someone else to do it will give them a false sense of security. Anyone who attended a BBQ should have known that they could very likely be exposed to the virus if they got too close to someone. That's common sense. It continues to amaze me that people do things like this.
  3. If you know there are drunk drivers on the road at a specific time, avoid driving at that time. Don't just drive and hope for the best. Anyone who attends a group event and does not keep their distance, is knowingly putting themselves at risk. When did personal responsibility end?
  4. Yes. He doesn't get near any of us. He is extremely high risk and knows the virus can kill him. He hasn't hugged anyone or had any physical contact. He has enough common sense not to attend parties where someone could have the virus and not even know it.
  5. But it's up to my dad to keep himself safe. Unless a person knows every place another person has been in the past two weeks, it's best to keep your distance. People should protect themselves and not blame the actions of others. Anyone who is high risk should avoid contact and not just hope another person doesn't have the virus. Better to assume everyone has the virus and keep your distance.
  6. If someone attends an event with 12 other people, that is the person's choice to possibly expose themselves to a virus. It's up to each person to decide for themselves and keep their distance. If that person contracts the virus, it was because of their own actions. Nobody else is responsible for killing them. People need to accept personal responsibility and social distancing. If my dad attends a party and contracts the virus, it would not be anyone else's fault.
  7. I agree. Now that people have been going out in masses, contact tracing is out the door unless it's a birthday party or closed event. Short cruises are the way to go when they start back. If a person goes on vacation, they could contract the virus at the airport, hotel, uber, etc. I think the best bet for cruises is very short ones, although I don't see it happening any time soon.
  8. My refund came quickly. Carnival cancelled my September cruise, so I rolled my money to a January cruise. Since the January cruise was much less expensive, I was due a refund of approximately $1,000. I just received it on July 3rd. That was fast!
  9. I think the problem here is that people are trying to convey a feeling, which is something another person can't truly understand unless they feel it. The closest you can probably come to understanding this feeling is to replace it with something that brings you happiness. Think of a place where you feel that everything feels right. That's similar to what it feels to be out on the ocean for someone who loves sailing. To me, sailing feels like a way to really let go of my worries. I feel free just staring at an endless ocean. I don't need shopping or a thousand different things to do. Not everyone loves being at sea, but for those who do it's a feeling that can never be replaced with a land based vacation. It sounds like you use a ship more for transportation.
  10. I agree. I rarely have a drink unless I am on a cruise. When I do drink on a cruise, I have to spread the drinks out and never have more than two in a row. My body cannot tolerate a lot of alcohol and I know my limits. This is why the drink package will never work for me. But I think the majority of people drink much more often than I do, so people should always do what works for them. Even someone having five alcoholic drinks a day amazes me.
  11. One of the most peaceful feelings to me is being out on the ocean with no land in sight. I can really disconnect with everything. An appealing part of cruising is disconnecting. Then when I feel like seeing a show or participating in an activity, everything is right there. I love being on a ship and no land vacation can compare.
  12. It seems like a lifetime ago that the biggest topics were things like FTTF, butter, and whether or not the beverage plan is worth it.
  13. I would get it and it's always been worth it to me, but I don't mind paying extra for the FTTF benefits. I like boarding early. I like being able to take my carry-on bags directly to my room because we always travel with carry-ons only. I've been able to board and have everything put away by 11:10 on a cruise. I like being able to go through the express line at guest services. On my last cruise we weren't able to get it. The guest services line was huge and I had no choice but to wait in it at that time because my cabin keys would not work. The express line was short and the crew handled those people first. Anyway, the benefits have always been worth it to me. I should reach platinum on my next cruise, so I won't ever have to get it again. Some people like the benefits and others don't care. It's no different than the drink package. For me, it's a complete waste of money but for some it makes their cruise so much more enjoyable and they use the benefits.
  14. Crew serving the buffet food is the best of both worlds. Passengers who like the buffet still get to choose from a wide assortment of items. Passengers who are concerned about contaminated public utensils won't have to worry about it any more. I hope that happens. I like the buffet, but not so much the thought of dirty hands touching utensils and possibly food items that they decide not to put on their plates. I always wash my hands before getting my food and after getting my food, but before eating. This would save the time of a second hand washing.
  15. Your cruise sounds like it will be amazing! If you like comedy shows, Carnival does it best. On a 7 night cruise, they have two comedians the first half of the cruise and two different ones the second half of the cruise. More often than not, each comedian has several different shows. Each show will have a name, so you will be able to tell if it's a repeat. We love Carnival's comedy shows. The Quest show is one in which everyone participants by forming groups. It's an adult game show, so not for the easily offended. It's hilarious. I have never laughed so hard. You can also watch without participating. The Love and Marriage show is another fun one. Bottled water is super cheap. We always order it online and have it delivered to the cabin on the first day. Carnival has self service laundry available. They also offer a special mid-cruise - $15 per bag. The bags are small, but if you roll the cloths you can fit a lot. It's good for casual clothes. As mentioned, Guy's Burgers is a great lunch option. It's located near the pool and they offer a selection of burgers. There is a toppings bar nearby. Also, Faster to the Fun has some good benefits. I always tried to get it on every cruise. If you don't get Faster to the Fun and want an early appointment time to arrive at the terminal, just make sure you check in online as soon as it opens up. I hope you have an awesome time! I would love to do that itinerary some day.
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