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  1. It depends on when the charge hit. Depending on the CC issuer you can do It online. It will ask you a series of questions such as have you tried to resolve this issue with the seller, etc. I have always been able to do chargebacks online (I have only done 2) but then again it was within a 40 day period from the charge, so it was easily doable online.
  2. Sadly a lot of travel agencies will go out of business. The whole travel industry is endangered. Publicly held, large companies that are considered critical to the economy, like airlines, will be bailed out. I have no idea how a bailout for a publicly held cruise line would go over. Privately held companies, whether they be small cruise lines or river cruise lines have to be worrying now. Bottom of this list of companies are the travel agencies. Commissions that they were counting on to pay bills and employees are not coming through and it will get worse before it gets better. So sad.
  3. Their announcement states they are offering 115% FCC. It does not say that they will NOT be issuing a refund to credit cards. If they refuse to refund the credit card you can request a chargeback from your credit as what you purchased was not delivered.
  4. AMA has cancelled all European cruises effective thru 4/25/20.
  5. Are they still serving lobster tails at the dinner buffet?
  6. Just curious. Who is giving the credit? Is it Crystal or Chase? When marketing is mentioned is that Crystal or Chase?
  7. How strange. I used the two different offers for 10% off, which I received at two different times and registered for, and within 1 week of the two Crystal bookings being made and paid for I received the credit. Try a SM to customer service thru the Chase website. I have found them very responsive on other issues I had. Good luck
  8. Actually your TA should be checking fares and contacting you to let you know they got you the lower price. Mine does.
  9. Wether you use Dargal, ABSEA Interline or any of the other interline agencies out there, they would (should) know that once you book a full fare sailing you cannot revert this to an interline booking. They all book full fare guests, as well as interline and they know the rules. As an FYI, I am usually able to spot the interliners. Especially the ones that sit in the left seat of the birds. They usually have a bit of a superiority complex and like to tell anyone that listens about what they do and that they are on an interline rate. Yes, it sounds like a broad generalization but that is my experience.
  10. I don’t know why they took away the DVD players. I loved the dvd library selections and we also brought are own.
  11. There was no shuttle in Greenock last year. Took the train into Glasgow and had a lovely day there.
  12. Yes originally I was looking at Barcelona and doing a combo but then liked the idea of just LIS to FLL and so searched that under Trans Ocean. Guess I still had BCN on my mind when i made my post, When I went back to the site instead of searching for area of cruise I searched using month, then ship, then length of cruise and I did bring it up that way. Still don’t understand why Crystal’s IT didn’t include when you search via destinations/trans ocean cruises.
  13. Yes, exactly what I said in my post above. If I book a cruise with Crystal whilst this offer is available I will book thru my TA and charge $6350 to my CSR to get 10% statement credit and the balance to my Amex Platinum to get those benefits. The charge will show on your Chase CC as coming from Crystal Cruises.
  14. The website is horrendous. I just received a small Crystal brochure as an insert in my hime delivery of the NY Times (that must have cost a pretty penny) and decided to look at an ocean crossing in November 2019. There is way too much fluff that one has to navigate thru to get to substance. The annoying counters, counting the ports, and other superfluous information should be done away with. I finally navigate to the area with the cruises and click on Trans Ocean and the November cruise is not there, Wouldn’t Lisbon to Ft Lauderdale with a couple ports thrown in be Trans Ocean, especially when the first 8 days are crossing the Atlantic. There were other itineraries there, such as to Quebec but not the one I wanted. I will look at Seabourn for a fall crossing to see what they have to offer. Even though they also changed their website it is vastly easier to find what one is looking for.
  15. I easily spend 10k for 2 people on Crystal. The max you can charge to receive the 10% cashback is $6350. Anything above that amount does not get the 10% statement credit. You can charge the cruise for 10,000.00 but the max you will receive is still going to be capped at 10% of a 6350.00 spend. The remaining balance just doesn’t get the 10% bonus. It can be booked through a travel agent as the charge Is shown as coming from Crystal Cruises and is therefor applicable. Its a nice savings.
  16. Hmmm. Joe never mentioned he co wrote it. When he held up the book at the first Memoir Writing Class he showed Mama Lee’s and the books of all the Crystal graduates and never mentioned his assistance in writing. Did he also co write the others. There was one by a former London police officer but cannot remember the name. He only said if we get our memoirs published please add his name to the dedication page. Guess its easier to get published if your memoir is co written by an actual writer.
  17. As others have noted this is a targeted offer. I have it on my Chase Sapphire Reserve but not Freedom. It could be on any Chase card. My advice is if you are a Chase credit card holder check all your cards. It may be there, it may not. So if you put a charge up to $6350.00 you will get a credit card statement credit of $635.00. Remember to enroll in this offer otherwise it is N/A and you have to enroll before you make the purchase. If the total price of the cruise is more than that then I would put the balance on my Amex Platinum in order to get the Platinum Card Cruise Benefits. As the Chase offer is a statement credit on your credit card I would think it would be combinable with Platinum benefits but then you never know.
  18. I think its an awful website. Too much with the graphics and it takes forever to navigate the site and find a cruise you want.
  19. People who refuse to leave put the lives of first responders at risk.
  20. Well, now I have to book Seabourn again by the end of the year as I did not receive a pin (nor did I read anything about it in the Herald) whilst I was on the Quest.
  21. It is for a demand for shorter cruises. The 10 day cruises were not selling as well as the 7 day cruises. Take a look at the 2020 brochures and 7 days are the norm. The Danube especially is a 7 day heavy destination for all river cruise operators. I never understood why one would want to stay on a ship in Vienna and have to take a 10 day cruise, which technically is no "cruising" for part of it while you are in Vienna. Younger people want 7 day cruises with a day or two pre/post being their choice. In any case, you will have a great time, I am sure.
  22. I think this first post must be some sort of joke? Why on earth would that be a problem? I echo Henry. What a bizarre first post.
  23. Agreed. I was on the 2016 WC and indeed there was not one empty seat in the classroom. Very well attended at lots of fun during all the days at sea.
  24. When I was on in May I had one reservation on my own and then I joined friends as a third at the table. They also had a separate reservation for two. So yes we both dined twice in TK as did others, Then again, the ship was no where near full and the hostess told me that TK was not full every night. I would guess it varies by demand and how full the ship is.
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