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  1. It's a big IF I hope you get to go That means my January cruise might be a go.
  2. It seems to me that the only "slightly" safe way to cruise is to have all sea days -- test everyone before they board -- you would need a test that gives instantaneous results It is not completely safe because anyone could come in contact with the virus traveling to the cruise and test negative at boarding. Still ludicrous . .
  3. I had to wait a ridiculously long time for a refund for Silversea because I had cancelled the card the cruise was charged on (due to fraudulent activity ) so the money had to be credited to a different card number. The change in card number requires forms to be filled out (money laundering concerns) and a huge delay. The amount at issue was over 29k. I had paid in full for the cruise and cancelled it when Covid became an issue before the payment date of the bill. I was owed the 29K back so I did not want to lay out the money. Chase was very good about it and never charged me interest. I sent them an email from Silversea saying I was due the refund and my TA wrote a letter as well.
  4. This is one of the most perceptive posts I've seen. If you have to socially distance the passengers, the crew cannot be "caged" in close quarters. The more I read, the worse it gets.
  5. I think if you book a cruise in these times you have to be prepared to lose your deposit. Things can go south really quickly.
  6. bitob


    Iceland is amazing. I cannot say enough good things. You could spend 10 days there. Greenland not so much IMO 3 days is 2 too many
  7. LOL This is not about being negative. It is about not burying my head in the sand. We live in Arizona. The pandemic is raging out of control. It is also raging in other places as well. At this point there is no end in sight. We cancelled 4 fabulous cruises this year. We are very disappointed. Cruising is a huge part of our lives. But I am not booking private shore excursions for my January Crystal cruise.. . .. .
  8. You can always get Crystal to apply the deposit to a future cruise you have booked That's what we have done we our cancelled cruises for 2020. Our deposit is growing . . .
  9. As someone posted, I just read that passport renewals are now normalizing -- although with the uptick in cases who knows how long that will last. I have used expedited services for visas many times when I could not take a chance on relinquishing my passport because of an upcoming trip. Worth every penny.
  10. Do you really think you are going anywhere, shuttle or no shuttle? I'd be more curious about whether the ship will sail than whether there will be a shuttle. Sorry -- this is a forest/trees situation!
  11. I do not think there will be ANY cruises in 2020 The pandemic in the US is out of control It has no signs of slowing down and I doubt this administration will do anything proactive about it (not a political statement; just looking at what has not been done thus far). NY is quarantining outsiders. Europe does not want US residents The writing is on the wall in - in capital letters. Those fall Caribbean cruises are just wishful thinking IMO I doubt my Jan cruise will go and I am so disappointed. I have 2 cruises in March that I am not confident about. I am not trying to burst anyone's bubble. I am not a pessimist. I am just looking at the facts. I am so looking forward to cruising again -- some time in the rather distant future.
  12. Perhaps on the smaller ships where there are only owners suites and vistas above the PH level I can see the argument. If you want the space you only have 2 choices. However, IMO, on the larger ships, the Oceania Suite has no downsides as all. It is huge and better laid out. I think it's worth more than the VS (don't tell O)
  13. I love all your optimism Given where we are now with respect to Covid 19 I cannot imagine any cruise will sail in 2020 and I am fearful that my January Crystal cruise will not sail either. I am as much in cruise withdrawal as all of you, just more realistic in my thinking. I hope I am wrong. Example -- The American Contract Bridge League cancelled ALL tournaments across the nation and in Canada through the end of the year. A VERY big deal, especially done so far in advance. Hundreds of tournaments, thousands of players, lots of money lost. As with cruising, there is no way to effectively social distance at a bridge tournament.
  14. With Crystal just staying on board is a great experience. I would just stay on board and be in Crystal heaven. I'd take a 47 day all sea day cruise on Crystal if offered. I think most people who love to cruise (especially on crystal) understand that when you have no other choices, ANY itinerary is better than no cruise at all. The folks who are booking these cruises are the victims of cancelled cruises to far more exotic places. They just want to get back on board a Crystal ship. I get it.
  15. I would not believe ANYTHING on the website regarding waitlists, gtys etc. It is unverified. If you read other boards, most of the cruise line information regarding bookings is misleading. All we can do is guess. I suspect even the cruise lines do not know when their ships will sail again. We do know that cash flow is a huge problem and that making preparations to sail in view of the pandemic is a challenge. I tend to be an optimist but I see nothing that persuades me that there will be any cruises in 2020. Crystal just announced some bargain basement priced Caribbean cruises Sept Oct. The prices are low because that had to revamp itineraries and had no bookings at all for the new itineraries. Crystal regulars are booking. I was tempted even though the Caribbean holds no appeal for us. I don't see how anyone can be sure those cruises will go forward.
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