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  1. You are correct. Just had a brain hiccup.
  2. I just (last month) renewed my DL via mail (for having a clean driving record) and was not required. It is already being offered to apply for here.
  3. fair, but 13 months away is not currently. Even in 13 months, I won't need one because I choose the option of using my passport.
  4. I see this with the potential of being one of those threads like 'take your passport off the ship with you or leave it on the ship' At the end of the day, everyone will do what they feel the most comfortable with. Currently the ReadID is really only for International travel. A state issued ID or DL will still work on domestic flights. I traveled for a few years for work. I always had my drivers license for car rentals. My passport was always inside a deep pocket within a pocket in my backpack. If I ever lost my wallet, I was still getting home. I still live by that philosophy.
  5. I'm assuming this is straight from their site. This is probably the best piece of info in the thread. There are 2 ways to read that. Consumer point of view and business 'are we vaguely telling them what they get but not promising anything' jargon. Business POV: nothing in there says movies are free Consumer POV: it says we van enjoy movies and mentions on demand....every other place has PPV movies, this must be what they call them...good thing it separates it so I still have free movies I side with the consumer POV. I definitely think free movies is implied and there is a legit complaint. I also think the only people with a true complaint, are the ones that were affected mid cruise and the ones leaving soon with minimal time to adjust...say 3 1/2 months out so the cancellation window isn't closed if this is truly a deal breaker. Everyone else hasn't been affected to the point where they can't make minor adjustments by downloading movies to tablets/laptops. I do side with the cruisers truly affected. I'm not sure what they could offer in the form of compensation...$100 non refundable onboard credit? I'm sailing in March 2020 and this change wouldn't have bothered me...my my posts a few pages back...but I do see how some may have trouble adjusting on short notice. I will also add a 14 page thread on an internet message board about no more free movies is a bit of an overreaction when you truly put things into perspective. That's why I find this thread amusing. Carry on and remember, I'm on some of yours side
  6. This is true. Anyone that remembers 'New Coke' knows huge business decisions can be reversed.
  7. I actually haven't looked, so you may be spot on. Can you post from X's site or your booking documents where free in-room movies are listed as included in the price?
  8. Just because I'm not choosing this to be the mountain I die on, doesn't put me in the minority. I'm just choosing the path of 'it's an easy problem to resolve'.
  9. This thread is amusing to me...and I say that with all due respect. Look, I get it. I have watched a movie in the room before...more than once. There will be an adjustment. This thread makes it sound like they removed breakfast. It makes sense to be disappointed. Everyone has their routines and comfort zones. There are tons of things that can be a swap for a movie. Read I understand some ships have better libraries than others. E-Readers are amazingly inexpensive. If you're not looking to spend the extra money, most of us have an ipad or tablet of some sort. Kindle has a free app and you can read on your current tablet. White noise to relax many free apps that could be used on your smartphone Music make a playlist from Apple Music or spotify or your own collection of digital music. Relaxing songs...upbeat songs to get the evening going...the sing-a-long songs you both love. Make multiple playlists that are about your destinations. Laptops and tablets I know this is a huge assumption on my part, but the majority of us travel with a tablet or laptop. For work or for entertainment on the flight or whatever the reason...the bulk of us have them and bring one, if not both. Get a thumb drive and load it up with movies. There was a poster that said her son liked to play his switch on the tv......I don't really know how else to say this, but, the Switch is a handheld game system...designed to be played in single player mode or across a LAN in handheld mode. The ability to play on the tv is a nice feature, but is not needed. It's absurdly silly to use the Switch reasoning for being upset you can't access the HDMI ports. I guess what I'm saying is put it into perspective. You're in a floating hotel somewhere in the world where you were not yesterday. Send the emails. Express your displeasure. However, this is a relatively easy problem to solve. Is't one of the cool things about vacation trying new things?
  10. I think there is a lot of assuming going on. I would venture to guess none of us know the terms of the contract to show the movies. If it is a contract like used for a movie theatre, X would pay a higher price. Movie studios pay theatres to show trailers to promote upcoming movies. Theatres also rum local ads on . the screen to make money. Then the movie studios take anywhere from 60%-80% of the gross profits for the ticket sales of the first week. X isn't showing trailers or ads....they have nothing to negotiate with. If the contract is more like a public venue purchasing a PPV event to show...say a sports bar is going to show a PPV fight...those contracts are based on number of people that can see the show...say total occupancy.This could be a large number for X if it's based on passenger count. I'm not a contract negotiator, but I would be willing to bet whoever negotiated AA's contract made some comment to the effect of...' we have a captive audience, we average X number of views which get's this or that movie talked about or draws interest in a director or a theme such as Marvel...just as an example. There was a story from 1987 saying AA was able to save $40k/year simply by eliminating 1 olive in each salad. That was 1987 and not major movie studios. I can easily see this as savings of $5M-$10M a year.
  11. we will be on Millie in March 2020 and just looking for some additional suggestions for hotels before we book We are sailing out of Hong Kong....we are monitoring the protests and situation carefully. We will be flying in a few days early to see the city...and maybe adjust from some jet lag. We were recommended Kowloon Hotel and from what I have seen is a nice hotel. Any other suggestions for Hong Kong? We are finishing the cruise in Shanghai. Same as above; we will be staying a few days to see the city. I was told Les Suites Orient Hotel was a good choice here. Any other recommendations for Shanghai hotels? Also, many hotels in the US offer free or low cost shuttles to/from the airport. It it the same in these cities or should I also be looking to book ground transportation to/from the hotels to/from the airports? TIA
  12. We are not east coast, but still were looking for Hong Kong flights from Chicago. We got fantastic reviews for Cathay Pacific, even continued in this thread, so we went with Premium Economy on this line. One airline I was researching before buying was FinnAir. They offer flights taking the north pole route with a stop in Helsinki. I'm kind of dreading the 15 hour flight so their route interested me. Chicago to Helsinki - 9 hours.....6 hour layover....Helsinki to Hong Kong - 9 hours...it just broke the flight up into more manageable chunks if you're not one looking forward to the 15-16 hour flight. I didn't go with them simply because there were no flights available when I was needing to travel. From the research I did, they are pretty highly rated and I would have no issue using them in the future.
  13. Lots of great feedback in a pretty quick timeframe. I genuinely thank you all. I do understand I was asking for subjective reviews so I do try to take both the good and the bad and try to find the middle ground. I have researched online and read reviews but was just looking for I guess more a first hand experience. Looks like we will go with the Premium Economy on Cathay with the good reviews here.
  14. Most of my travel has been domestic in the US and aboard the 3 main lines (AA, United, Delta...mainly AA). I did fly on British Airways from London to Rome on the second leg of a flight from Chicago. Looking to book flights to Hong Kong and return from Shanghai and and simply not as familiar with some of the lines that way. I found a good flight with no stops on Cathay Pacific in Premium Economy...just not familiar with them and not looking to spend 15 hours on a bad flight. Just not wanting to be surprised with something like Spirit Airlines. Are there any that you avoid or that are your "go to"?
  15. This may be true, but what if I don't want to chit chat. It's an uncomfortable situation for an introvert. Maybe we just found out we are pregnant and we are having that fun conversation where we think up names and we don't want input from the mayor of the restaurant that wants to tell me nautical facts he learned on his deep sea fishing excursion. Yes, I know. I painted that a bit extreme. My point is, not everyone thinks dinner is time for chit chat with strangers. Over a cocktail at The Martini Bar...or any bar for that matter or the blackjack table. Know your audience. I also would like to reiterate, we have sailed Aqua and ate almost all of our meals there. The tables are close, but at no time did I feel my conversation nor my privacy being encroached on. We loved the food as well as the ambiance. This was on the Reflection about 5 years ago. We are booked Aqua on Millie a year from now and I expect to find a similar experience.
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