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  1. Good morning. It's freezing. For 2K HELPFULHOME2K
  2. All refunds are in the same form as the original payment. The part paid in gift cards will be refunded as a gift card.. Amounts paid by credit card will be refunded to that credit card.
  3. You have to pay at the time you book the excursions, drink packages, specialty dining, etc. If you want to pay with your OBC you have to wait until you are on board to purchase. It might be reasonable not to pre-pay your gratuities, letting your OBC cover them, and to pre-purchase drink packages at a discount and pre-book excursions if you are worried about availability. Happy sailing.
  4. Yes it can be used for gratuities. Simply don't pre-pay your gratuities. They will be charged to your on board account, and the $600. OBC will be applied against them.
  5. It has been my experience that any portion of the cruise fare paid for by credit card will be refunded to that card, and all amounts paid for by gift cards will be refunded with one new gift card. Pre-paid excursions including FTTF, and any Fun Shop purchases, will be refunded in the same way.
  6. Fourth quarter sounds possible to me, though it seems opimistic. I couldn't go so far as probable. But I'm definitely hopeful. After living through raising three teenage girls into adulthood I've learned to hedge my bets.
  7. I loved our cove balcony on the Breeze. Lots of breeze and protection from the sun. I would not book one aft of the midship elevators. Under the dining room is ideal.
  8. I took a refund for the first time on my recently cancelled April cruise for many of the same reasons. It is sad.
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