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  1. Thanks! What a nice surprise when it yielded 2,000 points.
  2. I am totally confused by this. Last I knew AARP offered only e-gift cards for Carnival, no physical cards. The card and pin numbers were e-mailed virtually immediately upon purchase.
  3. To oldpeoplecruising, there is simply no way to know. For a cruise that far out there's a reasonable chance port changes could be announced in advance, unless inclement weather interferes at the last minute. Then you might not know until embarkation day. Even so it's really a crapshoot. Follow your plan to watch closely prior to final payment. At that point you can walk away or roll the dice. Congratulations on achieving a major goal! I think a cruise is a fine way to celebrate.
  4. I have never experienced a problem. Price drops prior to final payment simply reduce the amount due. Price drops after paying in full have always been posted immediately as OBC.
  5. We had this same experience on the Breeze. The noise level was annoying. I don't know where it's held on the Legend but that would be a consideration.
  6. If you want somewhat intimate I'd suggest the Steakhouse. We have had excellent service there except one time when it was squarely between disappointing and mediocre. We chalked that up to a crewmember having a bad day. The food is subjective of course. I didn't find the beef was consistently high quality. After my second tough fillet mignon I never returned. My companions were generally quite satisfied with their entrees but not to the point any ever asked to go back. This sounds like a "bad review" but I don't mean it that way. We have enjoyed ourselves every time and though I probably won't go back I would actually recommend it for a special occasion. The chef prepares one of the best examples of steak tartare I have ever had.
  7. Seven day Vista was $109.95. The first time I bought it was in 2014, a seven day on the Magic from Galveston, $49.95. It's the goose that keeps on laying the golden eggs for Carnival. It's a lifesaver for my back.
  8. Jetsfan, the recycling issue would be huge. It isn't that most cruisers might not be so inclined. It is an issue of how the trash has to be separated to stay in compliance with disposing of trash at sea. There's a reason you don't see many trash receptacles on the Lido deck. The cruise line doesn't want passengers separating their own trash. I appreciate all ideas for getting us back to cruising sooner and safely.
  9. The idea leaves me cold.. I don't cruise for picnic boxed lunches. Would they be served in cabin only or ship wide? Room service doesn't come fresh, it comes lukewarm. I can see the mess all over the outside decks. Strict rules regarding separating trash would make it impossible for cruisers to dispose of their own leftovers, utensils, etc. Just my opinion.
  10. Last year they seemed to release it by home port over a period of several days. My home port is Galveston. I did not see it directly under Excursions. The first item at the very top of the Cruise Manager opening page is a link for Categories. Scroll down and one of the last choices is Faster to the Fun.
  11. As of this morning FTTF is being offered on the April 2021 Vista sailing. It may also be available on other ships for winter and spring.
  12. On Dream class ships the spa balconies on deck 12 are not covered. I think noise and privacy would not be an issue, but wind that far forward would be. I would much prefer a deck 11 spa balcony, a bit farther back. The spas on the Dream class ships are the best Carnival offers. The T-pool alone is worth the price.
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