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  1. I have had 3 cancelled and have 4 currently booked. If our April cruise is cancelled by Carnival I think I will cancel the rest.
  2. bar1068, I am in a similar situation with a lot of money tied up in Carnival gift cards. Unfortunately I can't see any incentive for Carnival to issue refunds on gift cards.
  3. My first cruise cancelled by Carnival was scheduled for March of this year. My second was for September. My third was for October (rescheduled March cruise). Looks like our April, 2021 cruise will be the next to go. Like dominoes falling.
  4. I booked this cruise out of Galveston shortly after it was announced. I am holding out hope that the new normal that will have been established by March of 2022 will closely resemble the old normal.
  5. Good morning. In honor of Veterans and for 2000k 2K4VETERANS2020
  6. Thanks calnev. We must have been posting at the same time. Glad to have you here
  7. I enjoy Key West tremendously and have booked several cruises specifically to go there. On the other hand I fully understand if the residents aren't so thrilled with cruisers.
  8. Good November morning. For 1K SUGARBOWL2K21
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