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  1. Give it some time. It took about two weeks from the time I cancelled until the refund showed up on my credit card. I just stopped looking after checking nearly everyday. The minute I just forgot about it, low and behold, it showed up. Go figure!
  2. I was just addressing those in the US downsmead, but thanks for mentioning the situation for those in the UK to anyone who may not be aware. One of the reasons I stay away from Royal Caribbean is that depending on the room category (suites), your deposit is automatically non-refundable. In those cases it's so hard to book out ahead to get the best rates because you never know what kind of curve ball life will throw at you. I do hope X will refund those in the UK their FCC in a timely manner.
  3. I could even see companies like Carnival dropping some of the cruise lines they own. Carnival is taking a real beating in all of this through Princess.
  4. I agree. That's why I book refundable and I got my cash back within two weeks of cancelling my June cruise with X. I'm not interested in credits I may not be able to use.
  5. Excellent point! I'd rather have my cash in hand than worry about all the stipulations X could put on how and when that FCC could be used. I got a full refund last week and I'm happy I got my money back. I can now wait and see what happens with the prices. I have a suite booked for next year, so I can apply that money to that cruise.
  6. I cancelled online and received an email from X a few days later. You'll hear from them. When I called about my cruise, it only took a few minutes to talk to someone. The agent was very understanding when I voiced concern about the trip. He answered all my questions and didn't attempt to rush me off the phone. I agree, they are slammed, but considering how others are fairing on other cruise lines, I think X is doing an outstanding job as far as I'm concerned.
  7. I cancelled my June 12 night Canada/New England cruise on the Summit. I got a refund of every dime. Plus X refunded and cancelled the shore excursions as well. It took about two weeks from the time I cancelled until I got my refund. I didn't want any FCC credits, so I'm happy I got all my payments back. I really hope X and Royal Caribbean as a whole can weather this storm. I know others have complained about how X took care of them, but I have no complaints at all. One thing I will say, NEVER, EVER book a non-refundable trip! I cancelled my trip before the 18th final payment date (right after the State department said not to cruise, but before Canada shut down all their ports until July). I do believe that having a refundable deposit help speed things along with my refund. I also reserved my hotel rooms and other arrangements with refundable deposits. I had no problems getting all of my money back.
  8. Lots of people will be noticing the same thing when they attempt to rebook using FFC.
  9. If you want that kind of security, then you have to be willing to pay a bit more money and go with the bigger, more established American cruise lines.
  10. The UK is saying it may going into 2021. This isn't going away any time soon.
  11. I agree! People need to for the cash instead of the FCC. FCC isn't worth it! They are going to restrict how and when you can redeem that FCC so they can recoup as much money as possible. Get the money!
  12. Exactly! FCC is worthless. They are going to put a bunch of restrictions and stipulations on those vouchers. Get your cash and get out while you can.
  13. Cruise lines like Princess have also had much worse publicity over this than Royal and Celebrity. Princess is going to have to offer the moon to get people to trust them again and forget about the people who were trapped in quarantine on ships.
  14. Smart move! People think they are gaining so much by getting FCC. If and when this virus blows over, the major cruise lines (if they survive this) will be seeking to get their money back. People have no idea what type of stipulations and restrictions they can put on the holders of FCC vouchers. The cruise lines will do their best to lure people back to cruising. Those will cash will be in the best position to get great deals, and not just on cruises. The travel industry as a whole is taking a beating. Cruise lines could offer excellent deals to those with cash, while telling those with FCC that they can't apply their credit to the new sales. If you can, get a cash refund and wait this out. Don't make the assumption that things are going to get better in time to salvage the summer cruise season. Get your money and wait this out.
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