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  1. This is from our local newspaper regarding the border closure. Task force formed to examine re-opening U.S.-Canada border, but it still may be a while https://www.bellinghamherald.com/news/coronavirus/article247432605.html I will be booking a cruise for 2022 to AK soon (refundable deposit of course). And I am hoping that things will improve so I can cruise to AK in 2021, but AK is looking iffy right now, vaccine or not , for next summer. I really hope I'm wrong.
  2. Our local paper (Bellingham Herald) reported 2 days ago that the border closure would be extended through our Thanksgiving, and most likely to the end of the year. Personally I believe it will be till spring, or a viable vaccine is in place. Do I miss the traffic this past summer or the lines at Costco gas? No, but I do know our county businesses miss all the tourist and cross border $$$. Do I want to cruise out of Vancouver again next summer? Absolutely!!! But I do support the closure as difficult as it is - we must get serious about slowing this virus.
  3. Ditto. Full refund this morning for my May 31st AK cruise. Relieved and hopeful for a Covid vaccine so I can cruise next summer.
  4. First time this morning that I used the chat feature and got an informed reply and not a standard canned message (4th try today). Long story short...sailing to AK May 31, cancelled by HAL April 14, requested refund via Big box TA same day and official cancel acknowledgment email April 15. Agent advised my refund was in a process group June 19, and depending how long it takes for my CC to post it, hopefully see it in the next week. I didn't do a CC dispute, but had contemplated that. I will be very pleased when I see the money show up, and still trying to decide what to do about next s
  5. I should be off Vancouver island heading towards Victoria on the Oosterdam , wrapping up another wonderful cruise to AK. Hopefully next year!
  6. Waiting for my May cruise to AK to be cancelled and will wait, and wait it seems, for a refund. Priced out next year's AK cruise, same ship, suite, date, and amenities- 1,600$ higher plus I would lose $800 OBC. No thanks, will wait and see how things unfold and weigh options.
  7. It was an easy decision. I don't need to buy stuff in the onboard shops, we already had prepaid gratuities, and DH doesn't drink and I don't drink much, and I could see the possible ( at that point) shutdown looming and knew how hard it will be on the crew.
  8. This is a quick review of our Oosterdam Mexican Riviera cruise. We booked this cruise a year ago to replace our cancelled Cuba cruise . And just barely squeezed this one in! We almost cancelled due to Covid19, but decided to go, and glad that we went as we were able to unplug a little from the virus craziness. The ship did not sail full, 500 less passengers, and it made for a very uncrowded ship with no lines. The ship - first time on the Oosterdam for us and we had SB5191, a corner aft suite and loved the balcony. We had a lack of hot water for a day that took mai
  9. In Mazatlan today on the Oosterdam and having a great time. Cabo tomorrow. Loving the weather. Hopefully the Mexican Riviera ports don't go the way of some of the Caribbean ports, so hard to guess as the virus situation changes quickly.
  10. Docking in Mazatlan now..NCL Joy is also here. We were in Puerto Vallarta yesterday. Only 1450 onboard but having a wonderful time
  11. An update as promised. All checked in for our Oosterdam cruise and waiting to start boarding in 30 minutes. Painless check in, a form asking about recent travel history in regards to the virus . A separate station set up to pull people aside at security that appears to be for temp checks but didn't see anyone being checked further. That was it, actually the quickest check in for years for us. For peace of mind, thermal scanners would be appreciated!
  12. True, not sure how they would separate out WA residents. I will not be surprised to go through additional screening at embarkation.
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