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  1. I am also quite sure Apex will be a clone of Edge- if sailing X I will stick to M- Class or S- Class! You are right S- Class has also less bars and lounges with a view! Al Bacio does have a great view though- as has the Martini Bar. I never cared for Cellar Masters or Gastro Pup or with whatever name they came up for that dungeon. I am pretty sure though, that I would like Eden as I loved the Sky Lounge! I am bit confused though, what smell are you refering to...? HC-a sunset verandah would be nice in Edge- I agree- with that verandah of the olden times- of the golden times...! LOL!
  2. Thank you so much for sharing you wonderful pictures and experiences with us and taking the time to post them for all of us! All those Edge pictures have underlined my aversion against X- s new offspring! Those balcony´s are more like little- LITERALY LITTLE wintergardens. An outside cabin with the possibilty to open the window- nothing more nothing less! So many lounges with now view out to the sea- except for Eden- which looks stunning! I fear i have to stick with Cunard for the time beeing! I dout they will change Apex to my liking! I was a huge huge X- fan and sailed them for almost 15 years exclusivly. The Elite Plus perks are nice- but do not lure me back anytime soon.
  3. That was one of the reason I turned my back on X- loud, blasting, canned music all over the place! No one there to see to things- so to speak. I switched to Cunard- they have canned music in places too- but not loud and not all over the place! The overall experience with Cunard reminds of the X of the former days. The hit their goal and attracted passengers who love that loud blasting music!
  4. Colin - thanks great videos- and nice set off for QM2 - 15 years back. I would not dream of booking the maiden voyage on board a ship I have no idea how it looks. If our worst fears are realized and they got rid of their trademark prommenade deck- I will stick to the other 3 Queens!
  5. Sad to see Gradneur go, but that´s the way it is- i suppose. Grandeur will be always special- the very ship that get me hooked. She was still in her inaugural season in Febuary 1997- and I also still have those books of the Vision Class ships I sailed! " Vision in train"- ! Back then they were considered Mega- ships- or Mega- liners! Stunning view´s - very connected with the sea from every twist and turn. Those wonderful views out to the sea seem to have gone out of date with RCI and some other Cruise Lines! For me - my time on boad RCI ships ended with the Voyager Class- even that seemed to big for my taste! My favorite´s are the Vision and the Radicance Class! I will be back on a RCI ship next year- just to humor my partner, who wants the " Biggest Ship in the World experience" for once! Maybe I like- maybe not- one should go with an open mind- but I have my fears...! LOL! I will try to sail Grandeur for a last time under her given name- just as kind of a farewell!
  6. Very interessting review. I did just the same this year- after around 20 cruises with X- jumped ship to Cunard- and then tried HAL. I agree with most - but what I found totaly lacking with HAL is the self service in the Dutch Cafe ( I was on board NSTDM). Dutch Cafe of course compares with Al Bacio- very strange! I sailed Zuiderdam once and the the new NSTDM. Absolutley not my ship. There was really not much i liked about this brand new ship. To dark, to much " indoors"...! The so called Prommenade Deck- a joke really! The service- if provided was excellent! The food - as the OP mentioned compareable to X and Cunard. HAL again? No certainly not!
  7. eroller- i still have hopes for a propper prommenade Deck- as slim as they might be! As the saying goes- Hope dies last! If it took- as they state- them years to plan the new vessel- then hopefully someone came with an idea how to keep with the traditon of a prommenade deck- thats worth it´s name. LOL!
  8. Those places you all mentioned are wonderful for High tea- no question about it! BUT- for me- what makes the QM2/QV/QE - AFTERnoon tea so special: IT IS ON BOARD AN OCEAN LINER- CRUISE SHIP- whatever you may call those Cunarders!
  9. eroller- so do I - seeing those old chairs from the Verandah Grills calmed my " ruffled feathers" so to speak! LOL! The should stick with the basics- a propper prommenade deck, for example and built around the rest- with a nod to the past and a look forward, too! Nobody wants to go back to " bathrooms and loo´s " not available in all staterooms...!
  10. Oh well since I can not afford my own ship- i am stuck with what is on offer out there- and have to ajust to the flow of passengers- however good or bad they behave! As I said- even on a Transatlantic this year it was no problem to get a seat in Al Baccio- even at peak times. The staff there was extremly friendly and attentive. Also i never came across card players or others who did not order anything- just sat there. What i found- lounges- bars- are all the more popular the more they offer a view to the sea- at day- i mean!
  11. eroller- yes indeed- a walkway- thats exactly what it is on KD and NST- no chairs - no view- very unappealing- as the whole NST was for us! Dark inside- very little connection with the sea! The Queens Room looks more like a dungeon! As for the name- I suppose since it is listed as Queen Anne it probably will be named Queen Anne! I would have prefered Queen Alexandra- but still- whats in a name?
  12. Well, that is not a yes or no question- some may pass through without purchasing something " to go"- some come back later! So yes- maybe- and no maybe not! On my last TA on board Silhouette in April this year I always found available space in Al Bacio- no problem there- not always my favorite seat by the window- but there were always seats available. When a table for four was taken by just one person- i politly asked if i may take a seat- not once was i turned down. Same when I sat there alone- i met so many interessting and nice people who joined me- or visa verse! I sit there for at least one or maybe two hours- have tea- have a hot chocolate whatsoever- if one beverage is gone i order the next- so yes they make revenue with my drinks there- and therefore I sit there as long as want and ORDER something! LOL!
  13. From Cunards renderings it does no look like we get a propper Prommenade Deck- almost a Trademarkt for Cunard ships. Same as it was for HAL- but the new ships like Koningdam and Niuew Amsterdam lack a Prommenade Deck- more´s the pity! Let´s not drown the cat before it is even born and cross fingers- Cunard does a better job than HAL.
  14. Thank you, OP for your long review. If you are used to smaller ships and ships of the high end of the cruise market it does not surprise me, that one QM2 experience is enough for you! You review was very balanced and a good source for those who seek information about the last ocean liner! KC- well that is a story for itself! I ( and many around here, I bet) knew the old KC- before the 2016 refit. The new layout - well the new buffet areas- are a real bonus. I find KC a good place to eat when you are in a hurry- as many wrote. The food is all right- nothing special- but much better than many buffets i now of other cruise lines! For me it is the dinning room - for most of my meals. Breakfast in Cafe Carinthia, if to not too hungry- is a great alternative. They have nice choices of little bits and pieces! Freshly made and " jummy" AND they serve your tea there- high Quality tea. Bourdon- I agree- Cafe Florian and F&M are a different story- and a different price range, I might add. I love both for high tea. The tea they offer is great. F&M is also not to be missed on a visit in London. Both are almost " trademarks" or " landmarks" for the City they are located in! A great experience, both of them. Afternoon tea in the Queens Room is special, i love it! No other ships than Cunarders offer it on that scale! I find it a triffle unfair to compare the QR to a cafeteria..! It might be quite obvious - QM2 is my favorite ship out there- by fare and long. Both QV and QE are next.
  15. I hope and cross fingers that ALL bathrooms get a makeover- those shower curtains are awefull! As for the carpets in the corridors- some like them - some not- but with all the passengers traffic in said corridors it is likley that they will be changed. Wifi- should be taken care of soon- yes- and I don´t see a need for a drydock for that purpose! Glad that they keep the QM2 shipshape.
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