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  1. You can close the borders but does that really help? I very much dout it! The s...... has already hit the fan! How fast it spreads remains to be seen.
  2. The OP can always make lemonade out of lemons- partake in the festivities- it may even do you some good!
  3. That RCI statement is really not a big help- the list can go on and on- one European country - Germany included - after the other reports positiv tested patients.
  4. The WHO just told that a global pandemic is already inevitable! The message also stated that one should go on as usual and be prepared!
  5. No cruise line ever could garantie a 100% safety for it´s passengers. No ship is unsinkable. There remains, whatever precautions we take, a little risk. I could cross the street and be run over by a big red bus... ! I quite understand people who do not want to loose money, while stuck somewhere in the world. The virus is in Italy now and has arrived in Germany with three new cases - all related to recent holidays in Italy.
  6. Since now Itlay is included in the list of countries of which one has not to have traveled from or to before boarding. I guess before long one has to show a negativ test- a very actuell negativ test!
  7. I also have 8 weeks until my TA on board QM2- I almost expect to get myself tested before i board in late April or even fly to New York a few days earlier! I very much dout that the virus stopps in Italy!
  8. CC is the best place to get information about cruising and ships - and very up to date! If I want to know something -CC is my first option of seeking information! Interessting to see which country will be next on the list of who is denied boarding! If that virus spreads around Europe or Amerika I can imagine we all have to have a negativ virus test handy before boarding- a very up to date negativ test!
  9. I just read the terrible news of the two elderly passengers of the Diamond Princess who died of the Corona Virus- such a sad outcame! Hopefully all the other with symptoms are blessed with a speedy recovery!
  10. A fundraiser for the funeral expenses- really? I almost chocked on my first cup of tea while reading that nonsense! I rather would spend a 1000 Dollars for stray cats. They ( the poor little girls family ) seem well enough off to pay for the funeral!
  11. As I mentioned already. The purpose of the quarantaine was to keep the virus to spread into Japan- if that really worked- we will see! That the passengers of the Diamond Princess got infected did not come as a surprise- even David and Sally Abel´s postive test was no surprise- they sat with a postiv tested passenger for two weeks at the same table! I fear we will hear from crewmembers who get testet positiv in the upcoming days, when the DP is free of passengers at last! Terrible for the couple who died- I suppose they had health issues before hand!
  12. NM- Traveller- hilarious- i never heard that song before- when it even exists. LOL! " Pens became Pencils" - yes thats a tragedy never before heard of. The amount of replies of Corona threads are understandable though- people are concerned- some get hysterical. Did you follow some comments that were made...! Sometimes i have just to close my eyes and sent a silent prayer...!
  13. Interessting how many topics go- this one was about the " disslike of Edge"- now it is about christmas music. Very well- nobody asked me, but I will answer anyway- LOL- I don´t disslike christmass music in gerneral- there just some songs which want me to pull out the music equipment of my car and throw it out of the window! One of them is " Last Christmas"- in fact it is on top of the list. LOL
  14. QM2´s bathrooms are in dire need of a lift into the next decade. Those shower curtains... ! Other than that- a new paintjob - of that i am quite sure!
  15. They installed the railing a good distance away from the windows- that´s for safety reasons, of course. The old geezer lifted the girl and so put her in harms way. When it was first repored I felt terribly sorry for the old guy- just imagine - beeing responsible for the death of ones own grandchild. To live with that guilt is punishment beyond words. When i read they sue the cruise line for his own stupid actions all my compassion vanished into thin air!
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