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  1. Thanks, oh my you are well informed- I did not know that. X could addopt the juice bar of Tui Cruises- I am sure that would be hit! I loved it!
  2. Thanks I did not know that. So she had passenger on board- great! I hope to meet her one day on cruise - I wanna see Bug naked!
  3. No it is not impossible. Tui- Cruises started two weeks ago, without any problem so far. I just came back from a 4 nighter to Oslo and back- no shore excursion allowed. I wrote in Detail on X board- " First ( my) cruise in the midst of a pandemic" . It is not just possible to cruise without a vaccine- it has been so great to be back on board a ship. Esp. when sailing on board a ship usual sailing with 3000 passenger and not with a little over 1000. It might be different without a vaccine but NOT IMPOSSIBLE.
  4. I have two vouchers for FCC, due to two canceled cruises- one Cuanrd on X- I canceled- so there is no chance to get any money bag- fine with me. I do not plan any cruise for 2021- before the restart , whenever that will be. I know now what crusiing is all about with the Pandemic still around. My short break on board Mein Schiff 2 was wonderful- and I felt very safe sailing with them. I booked, payed all 10 days before the sailing date- and so I will go on. I hope the keep offering a few 7 nighters all through fall. I would go again in a heartbeat. Cruises to and from the US- that outlook is rather dire from todays point of view and considering that all cruise lines canceled all through October - even November.
  5. Kind of sad- Capt. Kate was so looking forward to get to the helm of the Flagship and as far as I know - not once did she sail with paying passengers. I just on Insta that she and bug naked left the ship also.
  6. So he just changed ships - well almost inside the company , since RCI owns 50% or so of TUI´s shares.
  7. Half a week back now from my first cruise in de midst of the pandemic. Wearing a mask worked pretty well- of course I did not like them at first, when we all started wearing them in April or late march- I already forgot excatly when. One get´s used to them- at least I do. Tui Cruises had special trained securty officers on board. When we all gathered around the open decks- for the meeting of five ships of the fleet- it was really packed- thats the only time I saw security take " action"- they walked the open decks- and asked passengers not wearing masks ( not mandatory outside, if social distancing could be maintained) politley to don their mask, since social distancing could not be kept with all ( I think i must have been nearly all) 1000 or so passengers on the upper decks. So for the time beeing, when the United States allow ships to sail again- to and fro- if you want to go on a cruise- the mask is mandatory. Either that or no cruise at all. Again as soon as sitting in a lounge, bar ( not directly at the bar- the seats there were offlimmits and corded off) or restaurant the mask could come off- as IN EVERYDAY LIFE now.
  8. They dinos were not able to change to the new circumstances. Cruise Lines will- must- otherwise- they really go the way of the dinos.
  9. Oh yes- that was the captains name. I did not even now that he sailed for RCI . Very sociable and outgoing.
  10. A cruise with just Germans is still better no cruise at all. LOL. I am sure the Mein Schiff´s would also to the liking of our American friends- except maybe for the relaxed smoking policy.
  11. Thanks steamboats- those Baltic cruises seems to have vanished. I am very very tempted to book one of those 7 nighters... I hope they are doing more of those after August. A bit early to go back on board in four week. LOL
  12. Hi Miaminice- exactly how it happend on my cruise a few days ago- social distanicing worked perfect. LOL. I remember them so well. I am not a big fan of these skyscarpers lining the beach either - after 4 pm there is only shadow to get on the beaches of Sunny Isles- behind those biggies anyway. They should rename it to Shaddy Isles. If they have left the Pan Am alone I sure would book there - however run down it might be by now. They kept it nicely until they broke it up. In the last year I think it was no longer a hotel but kind of a country club. Largo di Grada- always a good choice. Quite lovley there- the parts around Limone are my favorite ones. On the contrary- I wasglad you helped out. The Internet was really not quite stable. So I have to thank you! For you, too- safe travels and Godspeed.
  13. Oh no those ships a far to small for my taste- some or all- i am not quite sure- more like post ships. If you can get the time off for one of the blue journeys, Miaminice- just go for it. I am sure you will like it. It helps to come over the cruise withdrawel. Tui Cruises offer a nice prodcut- and is really a lot like X- foodwise and so on. Oh how I would love to stay in Sunny Isles for a week and then take a cruise out of Miami or Ft. Lauderdale for a week....! I know you mentioned you live in Sunny Isles partly. The prices of my favorite Hotel there rised up to the riddicolous - the Aqualina- former the Pan American Ocean.
  14. You have a good point there. I was thinking the same - I delibertately kept to myself. Usualy, when I cruise on board X or Cunard I love to meet and mingle- up to a point- I love to have time for myself and still can stand my own company. LOL: Withing a few days one meets the same people at same bar- so conversations are flowing- THAT I LOVE! So interessting to meet people from other parts of the world- with different views and so such things. I had some nice and sometimes even funny chats in front or in the eleveator. There were only four people allowed in one elevator- so that made for a few nice missunderstandings. One Lady was waiting along with me for her ride up. The car arrived and we both looked eagerly inside- if there was still room for the both of us. The good Lady tried step in and came right back out. I only saw three people in it- so I asked- wasn´t there room for one more- oh no there were already four people in it. No. 4 must have hidden in the corner so I could not see him. So I said- Oh and I thought you did not like the faces of the other three. So we had a good laugh about that on our way to deck 14. I mean , nothing against my fellow country people- but for me it does feel I am at home and meet people.
  15. Thanks to all of you. Sorry for the slight missunderstanding. Mein Schiff 1 has offered - via E- Mail- I am now in their mailing system- LOL- a 7 nighter going to the Baltics and praises the wonderful sights in St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg- really- i thought- Rusia - Covid riddled Rusia- a sightseeing tour there... ! I rather would go on one of those 7 nighters without going ashore.
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