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  1. Ah, the optimism of youth!😉 I hope you are correct.😎
  2. It will look odd to see all these cruise ships anchored near US or other ports. They usually spend as little time as possible in their home port. We canceled a cruise on the Grand Princess in February due to my daughter's illness, not the virus. Then we canceled our scheduled cruise on the Star out of San Pedro because of both the virus and my daughter's illness. The latter ought to be fully over by then, but I'm much less sure about the former. We are missing cruising! Our last in Nov 2019 was on the Crown, and it was truly one of the best of our nearly 40 cruises. It was also our third cruise on a Crown Princess ship. Doug
  3. Thanks for all the information. Good to hear the cruise line is trying to make the forced "outage" as bearable as possible. I assume the ships are operating with a "skeleton crew", meaning few if any dining room staff, stewards, etc. Some looks to me like the ships are one step above "moth balled", which makes sense. Hopefully the ships will be out of operation for only a few months. Doug
  4. Interesting. Thanks for the replies above. I forgot I had that site bookmarked....haven't looked at my "cruise stuff" much in the last couple of weeks......getting <more!> forgetful. I hope cruise lines can survive. I know their operating highest cost is fuel, so hopefully that consumption will be as low as possible while the ships are passenger-less. Doug
  5. Sorry, but I could not find the answer anywhere..... Ships don't have a regular docking area except when they are in their home port to disembark/embark passengers. So where are all the ships located while Princess (etc) is not sailing with passengers? Anyone know? I imagine there is a scramble to find a suitable place to dock the ships during this outage. Doug
  6. Thanks for that information, I'll check into that for our Jan 2021 cruise. Doug
  7. Can one still buy CFAR insurance from Princess so late? I thought it needed to be within a couple of weeks of when you booked the cruise? Doug
  8. Yep. When I was in the Navy, there were little placards on the mirrors in the heads: "This is the person responsible for your safety!". Well said. I believed it then, and I believe it now. I cannot control many of the things to keep my safe, but I am responsible to do what I can to attempt to stay safe. We have a 10 day Mexico cruise scheduled in about 10 months. No plans now to cancel, but I'm glad I have a refundable deposit and that's all I've paid so far. For a variety of reasons when I book this cruise a few months ago I did not get insurance. It's far to late to get CFAR insurance, so if we go we will get the best medical and evac we can get. I do not expect it to be cheap considering what's in the news. Hopefully I will have much more information about the virus before the 'final payment' date.🙄
  9. Yes, that's one of the main reasons I stopped even considering a tux. Sure liked to when I still did, but it just was not practical after reaching a few years. But I never considered myself a "complainer" (in spite of the 'redundancy' above 😉). Heck, I looked even better than him (in my mind at least!) Doug
  10. I bet you meant to say "Never PRE pay unless"......
  11. Our issue with tuxedos and formal dresses was it required a lot of luggage room, and we just can't manage extra suitcases now we're a bit older. We both enjoyed going formal 30 years ago, but now we're with the majority in the MDR on "formal nights"; for me a conservative sports jacket, dress shirt (no tie), nice slacks, shoes. I had considered renting a tux after I quit taking my own, but by then they were hard to get and expensive, so I just started bringing my own jacket and dress shirt for formal nights. Everything else I would have with me anyway. Ah, we looked very good in our formal attire, but those days are sadly behind us.........😪 Doug
  12. I agree with that above, if not with the rest of the post. However, I strongly would encourage those who feel their service was above and beyond do tip above what the cruise line collects. In my 40+ cruises I have never felt I received poor service, but many times I've received exceptional service. Almost always it's the steward who gets the extra tip, usually the wait staff, but rarely anyone else; the latter probably because I don't usually interact with them. Doug
  13. At least with Princess I have to wait until 330 days prior to the ship's return to port to book. I expect HAL is identical since they are both under the CCL umbrella and I'd expect their "Flight Ease, EZ Flight, etc) to actually be the same program. Doug
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