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  1. Yep, about 12 ounces. But that's enough for me for about 4-5 nights. I am a light drinker. And of course, one can order more than one of those "very small bottles". 😉 Doug
  2. Thank you very much. I guess I skipped over that when I started reading the thread earlier.....good thing it wasn't a snake in the grass!😳 Doug
  3. I'm concerned about this also. We're platinum, and I already purchased a 1 device package for our 10 day cruise for $100. However, other than here on the CC board, I can find no information on the 50% discount about which folks are talking. Has anyone found anything in writing, officially by Princess, that I can site if others have problems with their 50% onboard discount once on board? I think I saw it once, somewhere, but haven't been able to get much done at Princess.com lately - keep getting error messages. Please don't even mention the Medallion app! 😳 We don't sail until Feb 2022, and I don't plan on working on this particular issue until we've boarded. I have other issues, like trying to get a couple of .375 ml bottles of scotch ordered for cabin delivery. Always before I've ordered that via Princess Cellars well before we sailed, and it was never a problem. But I cannot find that option under Princess Cellars for the last 4 months, including yesterday. I figure I will get on the phone a day or two prior to final payment and tell them my payment is contingent on getting my scotch ordered! maybe that will work, eh?😉 Doug
  4. That is a shame, we've had similar things happen, but rarely thank goodness. We are sorta loners and don't really need comments from others commenting on our breakfast, choice of evening beverage, etc. My wife is really sold on a tub, so that limits where she is willing to stay. Anyway on HAL (just about), but most Celebrity cabins (that we can afford anyway) don't offer a tub. Doug
  5. Those Caribe balconies are some of the best on the ship, that's for sure. We used to always book them, but my wife likes having a bathtub, and I like the extra room in the mini-suites, so that's what we book usually with Princess now. We use our balcony 90% for our morning coffee and evening beverage, and much less for laying out in the sun......our wants and needs changed as we got older. 😉 Doug
  6. I believe that is the Caribe deck....if memory serves that is deck 10. Balconies there are larger and about 50% uncovered. Doug
  7. Holy cow! Ten minutes past midnight, bet that will not come cheap! 😎
  8. Très chic! Actual paper menus I see in this thread! Oh MY!😎 I hope that continues, and that all things we used to get on paper, like the Princess Patter, continue to be available as such. I really do not want to carry that danged cell phone everywhere I do....lazy I know. But there is something more enticing about drooling over an actual menu on the table as opposed to squinting to read something on my phone, dammit!😉 Doug
  9. Thanks to all who supplied information, it is very helpful. Enjoy your cruises! 'Bye Doug
  10. I'm confused. Earlier you said "No social distancing on the Magic, Mardi Gras, or Horizon. Tables are just as close together as they have always been...", but above you said "There was plenty of space around us in the MDRs of all three ships, quite a bit more than in the specialty restaurants.". I am easily confused sometimes.........🤔 I understand the Lido is always an option, and it's being considered as we make our decision about adding a Carnival Valor cruise in the next month or two. However, we'd prefer something a little "nicer" for our evening meal. I don't recall using a specialty dining room on a Carnival ship before, but on Princess the "social distancing" was decent. Not a big thing either way, we will make it work whatever we decide to do. Doug
  11. I am assuming your refer to the MDR, which I understand offers little distancing. Do you have any information on the specialty dining rooms? Doug
  12. We've sailed several Carnival ships in the past. Seating distances for the typical "table for two" we always request are very close to the next table. ...like around 14 inches! I'm wondering if an admittedly paranoid person can expect much farther distances between diners in the specialty dining rooms? We normally have not used those, but as a paranoid person, maybe that's a good option?😉 Heck, maybe this is a good excuse to dine in the those specialty dining rooms more often, eh?😎 Doug
  13. If you had insurance, yes. I believe that would apply to any insurance, from Carnival or another company. However, if you did not have those cruises insured, you will likely forfeit your payments made so far. However, check on your deposits paid; some may be refundable even if you had no insurance on that cruise. I'd also suggest a call to the cruise lines and ask a supervisor about your loss and option for your payments. In any event, sorry for the loss. Twenty six years is a long time. Doug
  14. I don't know. Like you I've only had this issue the last couple of weeks. For me using Firefox, if I don't see a "Submit Reply" box after clicking to reply, I just log out of CC, then immediately log back in, and then I am able to see the Submit Reply box and can successfully reply. Still it's a pain, I agree. Doug
  15. Thanks for the link, but that's not from the Princess site, at least according to the html address. I always like to see that on the cruise lines "official web site" just for security. I did some additional digging around and found it on this page if anyone else needs that: https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cruise-health/frequently-asked-questions/us-cruises/ You'll need to click on the "Is the Self Test Acceptable" on that page, then click on the link "Order Your Test Kit Online"; which is the link Jeter02 kindly supplied above. Wow, another $70 per person hoop through which we need to jump. But it beats not cruising, eh? If some sort of test is still required for our cruises next year, which is looking likely, we will try something locally and hopefully less expensive first. But good to have a backup just in case. Doug
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