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  1. Would HAL have any insurance on mechanical failures such as this and the costs it incurs, i.e. cost of cancellation? Thanks.
  2. The more I read about this situation, the more convinced I am that HAL has not been truthful and may be covering up something. I was on this cruise scheduled for Dec 7-21, 2019 and loved the first 7 days. The NA was my favourite ship. I was disappointed when the cruise was cancelled on Dec 15 and I left the ship on the morning of the 16th. It is not easy for those of us to be able to get 2 weeks of holidays near the end of the year and the cancellation was a big disappointment as I picked those two weeks because they offered so many beach days. When the cancellation was announced, I assumed it was for a very good reason; I was also pleased with the compensation package. The announcement from the captain on the ship was that in order to be able to sail, he needed the approval of various regulatory bodies (which all had given approval except for one) and once the final approval was received, the ship would sail. He sounded optimistic. The next announcement stated that the final authority was denied, the cruise was cancelled, and the passengers had to be off the ship the next morning. After reading all the posts, especially the ones from regular posters with technical knowledge, and also the social media censorship by HAL, I am convinced that HAL is not telling the whole truth and perhaps the ship could have sailed with a modified itinerary on Dec 15. Missing San Juan and/or St. Thomas would have been possible since the next cruise sailed only on one azipod. Also, 1. Was the azipod already not working when the docking in Grand Turk was aborted? A similar sized Carnival ship had no problem docking just before the NA's attempt. Could it be that a decision was made that the ship would need extra time to reach Amber Cove and that is why GT was missed? 2. I also am wondering why only one regulatory board would not clear the ship to sail while the other ones (I heard it was at least 4 others) said it was OK? We never were told who said "no". 3. Censorship of opinions on social media and taking the azipod information off the screen on the ship, also makes me think that HAL is not telling the complete truth. I will obviously take the free cruise given as compensation but I may not cruise on HAL again unless HAL provides a detailed explanation of what happened. If they mishandled this situation and did not need to cancel the Dec 14 cruise, why not just say so. When will corporations and politicians learn that the cover-ups are worse than telling the truth?
  3. It seems like the head honchos in Seattle goofed again. Is the Oprah thingy successful? The T-shirts were selling at half price in their little corner in the ship's store on my last cruise. I can just imagine how much getting the Oprah brand cost HAL.
  4. I think most of us loyal HAL cruisers have been asking this question for the last few years. Do these executives and bean counters at HAL even go on cruises with their families on HAL? If they want to appeal to a younger clientele, this will not work, and they will also lose grandparents who love to take their families on a cruise. They shell out money for things like Oprah and CO only to see little interest by passengers. I have been offered CO for $15/day on my upcoming 14-day NA cruise and didn't even consider it. I might have if I was on a Pinnacle ship as it incudes a separate dining room. I'm starting to think that Carnival Corp. wants to get rid of HAL as it perhaps doesn't make as much money as their other brands. I am confused!!!
  5. Me too. Saturday will be my 3rd 14-day cruise on the NA. For me, a disaster would be not being able to afford to cruise once a year or the ship sinking.😀
  6. OMG, I had to play that song over and over for my nephew when he was small. When he was very small and didn't understand the words, his father would replace the word "ear" with another one and sing along.
  7. I'm getting giddy as my NA cruise is 4 days away.
  8. I have stayed in those rooms and they are a great alternative to inside rooms. I travel solo so the prices of these rooms are not that much higher than an inside room. I only saw workers on the lifeboats twice. If your cruise is about a month or so away, I would call HAL and see if they are offering any upsells. I am going on the NA this Saturday (14 days) and our roll call members have been inundated with upsells. I have moved from an Inside MM guarantee to an obstructed cabin, and yesterday I was able to get a VC for a very reasonable rate even though I have to pay double as a solo. First time ever that I've been able to afford a verandah when cruising by myself. The number to call IS 1.888.628.8107 or 206.626.7381. Make sure you have your reservation number handy. They will give you the number of the cabin and you can decide which one is good for you.
  9. I would imagine that the median age of women on HAL is about 60 so going commando, especially braless, would raise a few eyebrows. I definitely wouldn't be able to run or walk fast. 😀
  10. Lovely lady who used to occasionally liked to come up to the Retreat Cabana. Thank you again for the information.
  11. I also have a picture of him giving me the 3 star medallion. A nice man with whom I chatted a few times. Very handsome man with a beautiful wife who was with him. I really should find the picture and scan it. I also remember the hotel director but cannot remember his name. I'm an admirer of Queen Maxima and was standing in front of her picture christening the NA, and he came up and we had a lovely chat. That was 4 years ago and I remember how I was impressed with the ship. I hope things haven't changed too much. Some of the recent reviews and posts have not been kind to the NA.
  12. They saved the best for last. Fantastic sunsets both in FLL and Key West.
  13. Thank you. My first 2 NA cruises were with Captain van Zaane. Is he still around?
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