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  1. I am also kind of disappointed. Had 2 cruises cancelled by Windstar this year (both paid for)and to rebook them will cost us thousands more, even if I use the extra credit they are allowing.
  2. I believe they are with the alcohol.
  3. Yikes, we're booked on those also, to replace part of our April cruises that were cancelled. And I just made our plane reservations 2 days ago because the plane flight was almost full.
  4. Turned in our non refundable airfare and hotel on January15. Received our check last week.
  5. So we are booked on an affected Star Breeze cruise, already paid in full. The biggest problem is that it was a one-off and there is no other "like" cruise to rebook. ( Miami to Colon). Annoyed that they are not offering to refund our flight to Miami and back from Panama and hotel in full, when there are no replacements available. All are non-refundable.
  6. Wondering if voucher can be used on a future sailing that has already been discounted? Like a voyagers+ sailing or a sailing with a casino voucher.
  7. I believe his stops will be on the Pacific side. The Jaguar Rescue Center is on the Caribbean coast. In December you can expect to see whales in the Golfo Dulce if he's stopping in Puerto Jiminez or Golfito. Whale tours again if he stops at Drake Bay, Manuel Antonio Park if he stops in Quepos is great to see wildlife (15-20 minutes from Quepos).
  8. So here's how it ended up shaking out for anyone interested. Windstar would only honor a price drop of $300 per person (original price paid down to the new price of the upgraded cabin.) But they would take away our perk of $145pp because we booked with free gratuities. So the final offer was $155 pp credit.
  9. So I booked for next spring early this past year. Early last week I received an e-mail saying that we had been upgraded 2 categories. Then yesterday they did a price drop on all categories. My original booking of $2199 pp dropped to $1699 pp. The category I was upgraded to dropped from $2499 to $1899. I know I can ask for a reduction, but which do I ask for? Based on the original I booked, or on the cabin I was upgraded to? Anyone else ever experience this? Looking for some guidance.
  10. We caught an international flight out of FLL at 10:45 am with an early disembarkation from the Yacht Club that put us as the head of the line. Ended up grabbing first cab, cause no time to wait for Uber. We had TSA pre-check which helped at airport. Barely made it under those circumstances. Will not do that again. Too stressful!
  11. Have taken taxi from Airport to Colon, it was $90 for the two of us, plus tip.
  12. What ducklite said. Never been able to log in with my cruise next spring.
  13. Yes, there was a costume contest last year.
  14. A little off topic, but I wonder if the new restaurants on the Star Yachts will also be limited to one per sailing.
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