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  1. A little nugget I learned on a trip out there for the Space Needle. They, at the time, were charging $25 for the trip up to the observation deck. If you were going to the restaurant, the trip up was free as long as you were eating. I had a $25 burger(way overpriced but better than a $25 elevator ride), and got to head out to the observation deck at no additional charge.
  2. Did a 14 night transatlantic on her a couple years ago, and loved every minute. Radiance class ships are my favorite. Plenty to do, not too big, outdoor windjammer seating.
  3. I don't ever remember them requesting my dessert order when taking the apps and main course. I'm not typically a dessert eater, but do enjoy an after dinner drink, so i suppose this doesn't bother me at all. Overall i've been happy with how they run the MDR.
  4. I spoke with Royal about a very similar situation i'm in with my kids, and was assured that since they are minors, they must be with you during embark/disembark because they can't board by themselves. Your older son would be the wild card here because he is no longer a minor.
  5. The best prices i've seen lately for any of my cruises is about $45/pp/day +18% gratuity. I know it is usually about $65/pp/day or more if you buy on the ship.
  6. Thats actually very helpful. Looks like they just put pedals with cages and i only need sneakers. One less thing i need to pack! Thanks!
  7. Nobody in here has done a spin class?
  8. I'd take the Jewel. Sounds like you get the same amount of port days with a few extra sea days to rest, plus the Jewel has the enclosed solarium. I'm not sure what time of year you are talking, but if these are Baltic cruises, i don't imagine they are warm so the indoor pool would be nice. Plus I am very partial to the Radiance ships.
  9. Can anyone that's taken a spin class on a Royal ship lately tell me what kind of pedals the bikes have? We will be on Serenade in March for 11 days, and i'd like to bring my bike shoes if they have the correct pedals for my cleats.
  10. Sushi Class....The new below water line suites on Oasis? Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  11. 9050 is above the exposed lifeboats. If you look straight down you are looking roof over the top of the boats(they're on deck 7). Not really a big deal IMO. Many of the balconies on this class of ship have this "obstruction". On deck 7, the issue is much more noticeable because you are even with the roof. Up on 9 you shouldn't notice it much at all.
  12. noise from the centrum on that side is certainly more of a concern than the starboard side of the ship, but timing is everything. If you go to bed early, the noise could definitely cause a problem for you. If you are awake until 11:00 or 12:00 at night, the centrum really quiets down at that point.
  13. I created a new thread yesterday on this subject regarding a current booking i have. DW and I are traveling with our 3 kids April 2021 and saved $2600 with the KSF promo from what i originally booked at. The promo does work
  14. I'm assuming it has a lot to do with the price when you book in the first place. If you book under and actual sale vs the every day sale Royal is always running, there may be less to save. I'm just thrilled that it worked heavily in my favor this time.
  15. I recently booked a 2021 spring break cruise with my family in a 2 bedroom grand suite, and was a bit uneasy with the price. I knew the 2020 KSF promo was running and was hoping I would actually benefit from one if they actually ran it for the week we are traveling next year. Checked today and found that the promo was running for spring 2021, and my cruise was actually not blacked out. Saved $2604!!!!!(we have 3 kids under 12) If you have a cruise booked for 2021, check to see if you can save some money!
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